The top 10 most powerful MCU CharactersHon'ble mention:

I'm not going to include anything from agents of shield in this for obvious reasons. So, we have hulk movies, Iron Man movies, Avengers movies, Cap movies, Ant man movie, THOR movies.

This list is not based on strength alone, but overall power and how dangerous are they.

Honorable mention - Thanos and Odin

They have no feats but they definitely are the most powerful characters shown so far in MCU barring one character.

Honorable mention : Celestial

It was only there to show the power of the power gem, so I won't include in the list.

Honorable mentions - Groot , War machine , spiderman

Not enough to sneak in the top tens.

List items

  • Ronan with power gem is the most powerful MCU character by quite a lot. None of the characters below can even hurt Ronan.

  • Ultron is physically more powerful than hulk, strong enough to manhandle Thor like a kid. He has vibranium body and can survive damn near anything. He can create an army, but the most dangerous part about him is being able to exist on internet & control it.

  • I am putting Thor above kurse, because the only thing kurse has is brute physical strength, while thor going all out at full power has too many powers. He can summon winds, electricity, can strike hard enough to take a huge landmass down, can fly at immense speed etc.

  • He manhandled Thor really bad. Need I say more?

  • The supposedly final form of ultron, he is near indestructible thanks to being made of vibranium. He has the mind gem itself, and is worthy to lift Thor's hammer. He can turn intangible and phase through things.

    He is one of the most powerful avengers.

  • Another strange decision? Not really. Loki is far more dangerous than anyone else here due to his cunning alone, plus add in mind gem and he can control most of the beings easily.

  • The most awesome and amazing MCU hero, the billionaire playboy in a suit. The tech genius has done enough to let him be put above powerhouses like hulk (like hulkbuster).

  • She can use telekinesis and telepathy. Despite being really weak physically, her telepathy makes her one of the most dangerous avenger, as she has manhandled every one of the avengers.

  • Who is the strongest avenger in brute force? Who can ounch the hardest? Who can SMASH beings more powerful than him and win? The answer is obviously hulk - because he is always angry.

    You have an army? We have a hulk.

  • Ant man can turn giant and become physically stronger than war machine. He can throw cars, trucks etc easily, can shrink his opponents etc.