My top 15 dragon ball villains

From the very beginning of the series, to arrival of raditz, through the adventure on namek, earth and kaioshin planet all the way to end all the threats with the help of goku and dragon balls, here is a list for the best villains in order (what I feel like) movies included.

List items

  • Who else could be the #1 villain in the series? He destroyed planet vegeta, planet namek and planet earth.

    He caused the very first Super Saiyan transformation. He killed dende, vegeta, Krillin, piccolo etc.

    With training, he achieved god levels of power.

  • The father of piccolo, the demon king is pure evil. He did a thing which no one can even imagine - killed the shenron himself! His son killed krilin and various martial artists. He encountered roshi, who died trying to imprison him.

    He had the power to wipe out cities with a wave of his hand, and he said he could destroy the world at once if he wanted to.

  • Vegeta, after his debut till death was an evil force - a dangerous one. He gave the Z fighters by far the hardest fight of their life, nearly destroyed earth, nearly killed goku.

  • In various forms, the magical demon was one of the most dangerous beings goku & co ever fought. A powerful demonic character sealed away for millions of years, too dangerous and powerful, able to blow up planets like nothing , chaotic and destructive.

  • The bio-android made by dr gero had one goal - to achieve his perfect form. He was able to outsmart piccolo once, outsmarted vegeta and trunks, and achieved his perfect form to become the most powerful being in existence. He was killed by gohan as a super saiyan 2.

  • The only reason piccolo is so low is because he was villain for only a short time, and was just a clone of his father in that time.

    However, he was a dangerous, emotionless demon who had overcame all his weaknesses, surpassed even god and nearly killed goku.

    It is worth noting that he is the only character that ACTUALLY killed goku.

  • The best minor villain in the series by far. What makes him that good is his backstory and the way his arrival extends to the universe adventure

  • The legendary assassin tao killed bora , the guardian of karin land and nearly killed goku.

    Later, he is revealed to be the brother of Tien's master and he comes back stronger than ever as a cyborg, however, easily defeated by tien.

  • The "real" demon king, he was enslaved by Babidi and he is one of the major players in buu arc. With a great concept and design , he could've used even better, but falls victim to being underused.

  • Broly's concept is alone good enough to put him in this place, but due to an improperly utilized backstory and implementation he fails to get any better rank.

  • The son of bibidi, the creator of buu. He is responsible for revival of buu and teaching him to destroy everything.

  • A massively underrated character. The backstory had a lot of potential , and so had his character. However, he was wasted as being a generic tough guy villain.

  • Dr gero, the mastermind scientist responsible for creation of androids and cell, the one who's responsible in making future trunks' life hell, who wants to kill goku, gets a 13th place here.

  • Nappa manages to reach the list barely thanks to the fact that he slaughtered all the Z fighters alone, with ease. He is indirectly responsible for deaths of Tien, Yamcha, Chiaotzu and directly responsible for piccolo's death.

  • With a nice backstory, cooler gets last place in the list.