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An alert blinks red and blares loudly until Apex answers it in her cave. It's from the JLA moon base and according to the alert, it's just gone dark. That can only mean one thing. Trouble. She's too busy to check this out herself because of the case she is working on. So, she decides it's time to activate her contingency plan. She presses a few buttons as she inputs some quick commands.

A round black drone flies out of the cave and seeks out Knight Hunter. When, and if, the drone finds the hero, then it immediately activates a holographic image of Apex. "Knight Hunter, I am Apex and I have been keeping tabs on your activities. Your doing good work. I'm sorry I can't do this in person. I know this is on very short notice, but I have an emergency that needs your special talents. The Justice League Alliance's base on the moon has gone dark. I'm too busy to check this out myself, so I need you to go up there and see what is going on. If the JLA need your help, I suggest you help them in any way that you can. One last thing: This is also a formal invitation to join the team as one of it's members. If you accept, just grab the drone and it will do the rest. If you refuse, you'll be given temporary access to the moon base, long enough for you to help. I have already sent my endorsement of your membership to Superion, the team's leader. Good luck. Apex out."

The hologram shuts off and the drone floats there waiting for Knight Hunter's response. Should he response by grabbing it, then the drone makes a beeping sound before trying to envelope the hero in a beam of light as it attempts to transport itself, and Knight Hunter, to the Moon Base. The very room with the hole in the ceiling is the one he might end up in. Through the hole, the battle can be seen up there. The drone tries to surround Knight Hunter in a force field as it tries to take him to the scene of battle. However, if Knight Hunter can do it on his own, then the drone let's him. The force field also serves as protection from outer space and provides a breathable atmosphere. But again, if Knight Hunter doesn't need those things, then the drone does not provide them.

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  • Plot/Writing Induced Stupidity.
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Anti-Social
  • Knows how to survive, but doesn't have a clue how to "live".
  • What? Personality quarks and trauma can't be my nemesis? ~_^
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Pulling out of this RP. That's my last post. Sorry if it seemed like I godmoded or metagamed or anything.

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@grimmwald: @the_silkworm@assassinatrix

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.Apex is far from unbeatable, far from perfect. She'd be the first to admit that. She just possesses a range of skills and knowledge that few others have. But even with her level of skill, even she can make mistakes. She's already made plenty this night. Apex should have been able to find Grimmwald. Even the Orochi have an origin point. No one and nothing can come from everywhere and no where. Leg caught and forced to the ground, Apex's mind is in full battle mode. She's already thinking of all the possible scenarios being on the ground means for her and for her opponent. Tactically, there is a number of ways this can go down. The direct approach is too predictable, but a feint might not be.

Apex has yet to expose her claws, which is getting to be a rarer thing for her to do as time goes by. So far, she's used her gadgets and skill to carry her over in this fight and with the Orochi. But now, she uses her claws, hoping it'll surprising her opponent. Her left hand pops two claws to defeat the stab of the vibranium blade coming to her left, her right hand pops two claws to swiftly cut the arrow before an attempt is made at stabbing the woman in the throat. Depending on Fury's capabilities, this move could prove fatal or detrimental enough for Assassinatrix to capitalize upon the move and make sure Fury suffer her feared defeat.

Succeed or failure, the moment Fury jumps up to avoid a kick from Assassinatrix is the moment Apex leaps to her feet, even as an animalistic hiss escapes her lips.

But to finish the fight, it is not meant to be. The Blaze Rider suddenly arrives on the scene. The Urban Legend come to life, a horrofying nightmare made real. Blazing with the fury of fire that seems to burn as hot as the sun, but somehow doesn't. The roar of his motorcycle engine is heard long before the Blaze Rider himself can be seen. At last, the nightmare himself appears as if a monster coming to life in someone's worst dreams. Chains that encircle his arms like slithering snakes come alive and move on their own accord. Lashing out as if angry, the chains wrap themselves around Apex's neck. As the Blaze Rider drives by, the woman known as the Apex Predator is snapped off her feet and dragged behind the blazing motorcycle before at last, both the rider and Apex disappear over the horizon to parts unknown. Apex's fate...uncertain.

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@the_silkworm: @grimmwald: @assassinatrix:

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For the second time this night, Apex chides herself for being a little too distract with her duties in the Justice League Alliance and not paying enough attention to the goings on in Gothic City. Otherwise, she'd have picked up valuable clues, pieced them together and found the leader by now. As it is, she only hopes someone else is there dealing with the heart of the problem. If they fail, Apex will not rest until she deals with said leader herself. She refuses to let Gothic City die and it won't as long as she draws breath.

But now a new player enters the field. The Orochi know they cannot win against her, so they send someone else. Someone who tries throwing something inside the car. The good thing about enhanced senses is enhanced perception. Things can look like they slow down to a crawl and this is what happens with the grenade being thrown in her car. It's unlike anything Apex has seen before. If it was an ordinary grenade, she'd simply grab it and throw it back. But this is an unknown device and it could have unknown trigger mechanisms. A simple touch could activate it.

Using the ejection system, Apex launches herself high into the air just seconds after the grenade explodes and ruins the inside of her car, rendering it impossible to drive for the time being or remotely control. While this new woman is attacking Assassinatrix, Apex uses her cape to glide before landing on the ground. Upon looking at the woman's blades, she recognizes Vibranium when she sees it. Finally! A real challenge.

With the new threat distracted with Assassinatrix, Apex makes absolutely no sound as she sneaks in behind the mysterious woman who is fighting Apex's would-be ally and attempts to deliver a roundhouse kick the head that has enough force behind it to shatter concrete.

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@rosso said:

I get the darnedest feeling I'm gonna get home and be instantly annoyed because of something my roommate did and/or didn't do.

*LOL* Are you hard to please?

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Alright, posted. Originally, my post was meant to be longer, but I must have pushed the wrong key board combination because it got erased! HATE it when that happens... >.<

I didn't want to type ALL that work again, so a short post you guys got.

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@assassinatrix@the_silkworm: @grimmwald: (OOC: Up to you if Apex succeeds in the attempt to find the source of where the Orochi is coming from, Grimmwald).

The Orochi don't have time to use the acid as Apex flees the scene in her car. She uses her on-board computer that has a satellite link up with the computer in her cave. She brings up satellite imagery that is current in an attempt to see where the Orochi are coming from. There must be a converging point of origin. If she can pinpoint it, that might be where she needs to go to stop the man, or woman, behind this all. Apex knows that the further out the Orochi are, the thinner the number. But the closer they are to their origin point, the thicker the number and the most likely spot where they are coming from. For a man to gain this many followers, he'd have to have his base underground somewhere. But where?

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As Apex drives away, she spots someone within her peripheral vision who might as well be a sitting duck. The Orochi are thin here, which explains why she's probably still alive. She stops her car and the back of it opens up to reveal two chairs. She opens her canopy and speaks to the stranger, "Your a sitting duck out here. Need a lift?"