The Funeral of Theron King (Apex). (CVnU)

Disclaimer: The events of this blog post take place after my Setting Things Right Event.

Apex touched more lives than anyone anticipated
Apex touched more lives than anyone anticipated

Superion is surprised by just how many people showed up to Theron's funeral. The man had no real family, no brothers and no sisters. Parents were dead and any extended family hadn't been seen in years. Most of these people seemed to be family members of those who were lost in the destruction of Suicide Slum, plus those who Apex saved on the Moon when Nemesis set her trap. Apex saved a lot of lives that day and every single one of them came to Theron's funeral to pay their respects.

But it wasn't all sunshine and roses. There were those who were more than happy to see Theron in the ground, glad that a man who was supposed to protect Suicide Slum was dead because they viewed him with hatred and malice, blaming him for failing to save the ones they loved. To a lesser extent, those people even went so far as to blame Superion and his sister for their failure to save those lives as well. But, surprisingly, those were in the minority.

The black ops team known as the Justice League Alliance was in attendance. The world did not know they were a team, working behind the scenes to save the world. The loss of their friend, Apex, weighed heavily on each soul. He may have been suspicious of them, even viewing them as potential threats if they ever went bad. But in the end, Superman and his teammates viewed Apex as part of their family and a friend. Theron never mentioned it, but he viewed them in much the same way even if he never mentioned it. Originally, he had only become a member of the JLA to make sure these dangerous super-humans never crossed the line and to stop them if they did. But over time, it became much more than just keeping an eye on them. They each became a friend to him. But Theron never mentioned it, never had the chance and now he's gone.

The lives that Apex touched, they all got to say how much Apex's sacrifice meant to them. Ordinary people who got to see their families again. Even law enforcement officers came forward, men and women who were ordered to arrest Apex. Even they had things to say, claiming Apex saved their lives without a second thought. Not all the cops were as generous. Some denounced him as a dangerous vigilante who got exactly what he deserved. A few times, Superion had to excort these people off the premises.

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Finally, the JLA themselves get to say how much Apex meant to them even though the public still never knew they were a team. When Superion went last, he began to say how much Apex meant to him as friend. He chocked mid sentence before a tear slipped down his cheek. But he continues, "I'll never forget our first encounter with each other. He had anticipated our first meeting so he created a force field that would react to my dense cellular structure. If I touched him, a bomb would go off and kill an innocent person. That night, I helped him take down one of his most dangerous enemies. In the end, I asked him about the bomb endangering someone's life. He took off the explosive, deactivated it and tossed it to me. The only life he was putting in danger was his own." Superion smiles sadly at the memory, "That's how Apex always was. Putting his own life at risk and always protecting the innocent. He was always suspicious of me, of what I could do if I ever lost control. And I was suspicious of him because of what kind of man he was and how he operated. But over the course of time, we became friends. I'll miss you, Apex."

Apex's coffin was lowered in the ground and buried. Slowly, the crowd dispersed and the JLA leave as well.

Epilogue: The Streets of Gothic City...

A lone black man is wearing rags, his face bearded and shaggy and his hair puffy because of overgrowth. This man has no memory of who he is. He stumbles over a brick, stubbing his toe as he trips and falls. In the mud puddle, he sees his reflection but doesn't recognize the man that stares back. He slaps the water as if to get rid of something he doesn't like seeing. Shakily, he gets to his feet and continues to stumble his way into an alley. A few gang members surround him, intending to kill this poor homeless man. Something inside the man snaps when the gangsters begin pushing him around before pulling their guns and knives on him. The man snaps a wrist here, breaks an arm there and disarms the weapons from these men before they can even think of reacting. Fighting seems to be an instinct for this man, like his body remembers but his mind does not.

With the gang members down and moaning in pain, the homeless man continues to stumble away and mumbling something under his breath, "Apex...Apex...gotta find Apex. Who's Apex?"