In case of emergency, break glass... (CVnU)

Apex is a planner, making moves and steps ahead of most others. He makes back up plans and contingencies, but even he cannot plan for everything. Suicide Slum is gone. He has failed his mission as it's protector and deliverer of justice. But now Apex has a new mission: To hunt down Nemesis and make her pay for all the lives she took. He knows it was her, not Paragon.

Unfortunately, Paragon has gone into hiding and even though Apex could find her eventually, he doesn't have the time. He needs to free the others and he cannot do it with his normal equipment. His cave is gone now, having been destroyed along with Suicide Slum. Good thing he made a second home and moved some equipment there.

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It is in this second cave that Apex walks up to a safe, opens it up and grabs the small object hidden inside, plus the power battery. Hal duplicated his ring and gave Apex the copy in case of an emergency. Apex knows this day counts as such an emergency. He dislikes relying on such technology, but he must. He puts the ring on and charges it by putting the ring up against the power battery. Once Apex's ring is fully charged, a Green Sentinel Symbol appears on his chest, his bat symbol and cape turn green. Armed and ready, Apex flies out of the cave and heads into space, under stealth so he is not detected. First, he is going to rescue Superion and then he's going to free the others. After that, Paragon's name will be cleared and Nemesis will pay for she has done. Oh yes, she will pay most dearly...