I know who you are... (CVnU)

Apex speaks after spitting out a mouthful of blood, "I know who you are."

The Shadow Broker approaches him, a calm demeanor about him as his holographic form looks upon the restrained Apex Predator. "And normally that would present a problem. But this time, it does not. See, I have access to a beautiful piece of technology. Nanotech."

The Shadow Broker gives a command and a robot stabs Apex in the neck with a needle, eliciting a surprised grunt of pain from the vigilante. "I just injected you with a batch. These nanites are designed to travel to your brain. To put it simply so your tiny dullard mind can comprehend, they will seek out those memories where you know my identity. And like humans eating food, the nanites will consume those memories, process them and then convert that energy into something they can use. The end result is that you will forget all about my true identity."

Apex whispers something and the Shadow Broker has to tell him to speak up so he does and Apex says, "Activate Protocol Mindscape."

"Mindscape, what is...?" Then the Shadow Broker's holographic form begins fading in and out. A surprised look on his face as he looks at his holographic hands, "What...what did you do?!"

"To put it simply, your nanites belong to me now! I've taken control of them." He slips free from his restraints and flees. He hides from the pursuing robots before making his way up a stairway. Once he opens the door, he runs straight into Nemesis's hand, which begins choking him around the throat. She has a rather evil look in her good eye, her mechanical one glowing a bright red as she smiles maliciously, "You made it further this time."

Apex was a little confused, "This...time...?" Then, it dawns on him. It was right in front of him the whole time, "I'm in a computer simulation, this isn't real."

Nemesis smiles delightfully, "Bingo! And now we will start all over again until my master breaks you and erases those pesky memories."

"NO!" Apex yells, trying in vain to break her grip. In a flash of light, the scene changes. Apex is once again restrained and he spits out a mouthful of blood, "I know who you are."

The Shadow Broker approaches him calmly, "Not for long." He smiles slowly, deliberately.

To Be Continued...