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Name: Alexandra Ashworth

Age: 23

Weight: 115

Height: 5'8

Hair: auburn

Eyes: Chocolate

Species: Mutant


Pure Sight: similar to some speedsters her eyesight transfers imagery to the mind without delay. There are no frames per second for her it's constant a fact that much to her displeasure ruined movies and games. It did however encourage her newer way of life. Her sight is made better by an almost limitless range perfect night vision and able to see in 360 degrees. Lastly it can not be disrupted no amount of fog or smoke etc seems to disrupt her vision. This mutation lends itself to being one of the most accurate individuals around. Her aim rarely ever failing. This gives her some aid against speedsters and other metas but ultimately it's simply been a part of survival.

Teleportation: she is able to create a rift to allow transportation from one place to another. If she's seen it she can go there, be the memory or image old or new her teleportation doesn't faulter. It is however bright and luminous. It's radiance lends no help to stealth as such she uses this ability sparingly. While not particularly limited it is confined a bit by exertion. Vagueness of position and distance play a factor in the fatigue.


Skellie (Maverick Hunk) Power Armor:

A lightweight portable exoskeleton. The most common variant of powered exoskeleton among Mav troops. IT amplifies a soldiers abilities beyond that of an ordinary soldier, amplifying the base user’s strength as much as 15x for a human being. Giving a fit soldier such as Alex sufficient strength to not only flip, but even bench press cars with ease. Alex through this can lift up to three tons. Able to often easily kill regular people in a single punch. The exo doesn’t slow Alex down allowing her to freely move at her top speeds. Unlike all other armors, this exoskeleton variation is capable of being portable in it's lightweight figuration making it ideal for Apex's preffered methods of combat. It can be folded, stored and even fitted in a carry on dufflebag and has a battery that can last for two days of reliable use. EMP hardening is standard, with each model using Silicon carbide hardened systems and not relying on openly accessed connections, making them also unable to be hacked wirelessly without some line of direct connection, such as a wire, to it. Making it generally difficult for technopathes to simply seize control of. The exoskeleton does not provide much armor on it’s own, leaving much of the body still exposed. It does however survive protection in the way of support and a joint locking feature. With the soldiers own skill in rolling and bracing oneself to distribute impact for to the exo rather then the body, Apex like many other users can endure surprisingly well. Lastly and most pivotal this aids Alex in her allready profound marksmanship.

The maximum accuracy of an archer is determined by the draw weight of the bow. So greater strength, regardless of it's source would increase accuracy and speed. Having strength beyond human limits lends to accuracy beyond human limits as well. It would also increase range and power because the projectile would be imparted with more energy. Alex could fire larger and heavier projectiles which could carry a larger payload. This also puts a lot of the strain on the armor instead of muscles leading to less strain on the body while also sharpening skills as well. An Olympic athlete often uses almost child like bows to train, Alex is now able to train with the apex of her abilities. Honing skills with heavy weights instead, and little exhaustion. And perhaps above all else it crafts in field machine like consistency. Making her body as reliable as any weapon.


Pistols: the Maverick P-12

Propellant: Electromagnetic. Energy: Upper Kilojoule. Weight: 12 lbs. A fully functional, helical railgun handgun. The weapon uses the very latest and greatest in Superconductor loop and nanoflywheel technology, storing large energy denisities into a small compressed package, for a weapon meant to be able to thoroughly pierce the hides of high grade body armor and metahuman alike. Muzzle energies and velocities for the weapon can become very high, able to out-do some assault rifles. The weapon can fire numerous munitions of monogamous and even be used to electro-thermally ignite cartridges, sending some rounds roaring forth at speeds of mach 10, and hitting with up to 27 kilojoules of kinetic impact (10 tons). Well enough to blow through body armor, penetrate APCs and even blow back metahumans capable of withstanding such combination of armor penetrating rounds.

However, such allows for increased complexity in the gun's workings. Not only does one need to replace the magazine, but it's power supply. Lest then this, the gun is much more vulnerable to wear tear, and overheating than it's chemical counterparts. Electromagnetic waves traveling through the gun and the high velocity can also serve to inhibit ammunition types used for it. Limiting it to armor piercing rounds exclusively, as the gun fries electronics located in homing bullets. To help compensate for this Alex wears them in vibranium woven holsters thanks to her time in the Shogunate.

Pick Axe: Vibranium aquired from some of the fallen Orochi that had invaded Gothic was crafted into two weapons for Alex. The first being her bow, the second this axe it's rare metal and monomolecular edge make it well suited for taking hold of any surface while climbing. And of course is great for melee combat as well.

Mav Tech Upgrades: A device that allowed for a form of "R-Telepathy." It was essentially an invisible tattoo that sent signals andvibrated the skull, making for completely silent, but discreet communication. This was a key item to allow trained personal to essentially have "Telepathy" through these devices.


Before addressing the arrows quiver design or unique arrowheads an archer has to have a bow befitting of them. Given the ever rampant arms race just having a bow would never cut it, sadly the classic is Stone Age in comparison. Entering Maverick Alex worked quite extensively with their weapon and tech experts to compose the best bow they could conceive. Predominantly the compound bow is made of flash banite steel. This unique metal making it light weight yet fascinatingly resilient and durable. While also handling the draw no matter the pounds of pressure. Meanwhile the strings are composed of cords of graphene. This took some time to fabricate but through it was crafted a bow that could handle nearly any drawing force placed on the bow. While Alex averages a seventy pound draw the bow could take several times more. Additionally taking design from bows like the Bears Siren the bow makes little noise and is comfortable to fire for extended periods of time. Located on the bow is a retractable lens housing visionary aid akin to the goggles and so on implemented through Maverick. This scope is acompanied by a x2 zoom, thermal, x ray vision and more. While it can also be retracted as goggles should the environment demand such usage. Finally as a good conductor of electricity do to it's components the bow is equipped with a electrical current near the grip at the spot where an arrow rests. This allows to create a shock based addition to the weapon. Limited to the arrow itself the duration of shock is only able to last up to ten seconds. It's ideal for stunning and nonlethal tactics. Lastly through a gas powered system akin to the popular grappling hook Alex maintains her Vibranium rope arrow of before. Able to be used as an arrow head, or a zipline it can fire both forwards and backwards and has a rapid retraction. It's designed more for traversal but that's not to say it can't be used in a combat situation.


Expert or novice on the field it's important to have ammunition to get by despite the situation. For an archer that falls upon the quiver to house ones arrows. Alex preffers a light weight 5 pound quiver. The weight comes more from the technological inserts throughout and the armor. Laced in gun metal black colored Kryon the quiver is unlikely to be harmed or have an incident with the ammunition. The design is predominantly simple holding up to twenty one arrows. Twenty rest in waiting while one is in the predominant draw slot. This slot is where arrow tips can be changed accordingly. Such a change is done by the bottom of the quiver which houses all of the arrow heads. A device both on quiver and bow makes alternating ammo swift and fluid. Once the arrow is withdrawn a new one is chambered, meanwhile a past arrow can be slid into the quiver for later use. The quiver itself is a harness more so then say a belt this is for optimized position. Quivers are often either on the back or near the hips. Normally however an archer of modern times simply goes for the back. Where as a Alex thanks to this for lack of a better word harness can jugle between which is best for the situation. Back quivers are ideal for movement, they don't hinder motion and often can be fired slightly faster. Once an arrow is released the hand tends to go back by the head/shoulder meaning one can draw and fire, and already be mid draw almost immediately. Meanwhile the hip position is greater for stationary shooting and keeping tabs on ammunition. Meanwhile pouches are more accessible on the hip variety, often Alex will store sniper ammunition in these pouches for when such a weapon is desired on a mission. Lastly the quiver has mounting drills, so that if desired Alex may remove the quiver entirely and attach it to a wall or the ground. One tactic is to have similar yet expendable less stocked quivers scattered around a battle field. Creating moments where she can move from position to position drawing from the mounted and ready quivers rather then slow down or be stationary.


Shaft: Carbon tube speed based arrows are Alex's prime choice of shaft for her archery. Given the growing influx of archery with vigilanties and the technological innovation and powers provided to some of them it's hard to say what the ideal arrow is. Similarly it'd be hard to label an archers layout as the best given the list of users and options in the competition. However Alex benefits from cost, her arrows a brand easy to replenish in his department. Even the added Maverick additions are little in expense. These arrows can travel at 350 feet per second, approximately 238 miles per hour. Their speed and piercing potential on average can usually go deep within the trunk of a tree. Additionally Alex equips each arrow with a sensor which sends it's signature to a receiver 'watch' on Alex. Through this she often can teleport her arrows to return with minimal strain. Secondly each arrow is equipped with the same hardware as the targeting systems of Maverick ammunition. Allowing Alex to guide the arrows mid flight to an extent. The more movement the more deduction on the arrows velocity. Through keen eye sight speed and technology however the arrows in use are easy to replace yet swift and versatile on the range.

Basic arrow tip: piercing power is an ideal focus for arrows, with the growth in armor and the durability in super humans it's important Alex try to have a contending arrow to try and match it. For this Alex uses obsidian arrowheads customized to scalpel like efficiency. An obsidian scalpel is three nanometers thick, even under an electron microscope the edge appears smooth where even the sharpest knives tend to be jagged under a conventional scope. Many times sharper then quality steel the arrowheads in use have potent piercing power and again are efficiently easy to replace, obsidian not an uncommon material. Sharp enough that with her incredible accuracy Alex could sever arteries with surgical precision. Additionally with the standard arrow Apex will focus on this rather then attempting to breach armor. Looking to exploit gaps in armor to increase the allready efficient arrow.

Additional Arrow Heads: at the base of the quiver is housed a surplus of arrow tips. Do to this even though Alex spears limited in her arrow count, retrieval and arrow heads make for a much larger arsenal then expected. These arrows are listed here and might be expanded upon at a later time.

Able to often retrieve arrows or obtain more with ease her quiver has few arrows only twenty or so. What it does pack though is a surplus of interchangeable arrowheads. So far those below are all fairly well stocked at any time.

Depleted Uranium is known for it's heft and density and as such is ideal for armor piercing ammunition. Combined with her exosuit Alex can replicate it's effects efficiently despite an unorthodox weapon. This arrowhead is ideal for when durability is more then her standards can breach.

Nanocrystalline Tungsten Carbide Arrows are armor piercing material as in compressible as diamond and much more strong, it is as in compressible as diamond. Arranged in a way so as to be much stronger than steel and as hard as diamond, the rounds find themselves being able to tear through nearly any possible material.

Ultra-Hard Fullerene Arrows use some of the hardest materials arround. It's made from a class of C-60 compessed into something harder than diamond and capable of denting it, it will penetrate most any material.

HEAT Arrows, functioning akin to the anti tank rounds and the like. It's basically a shaped charge, sending a small jet of copper, propelled by an super explosive at speeds of mach 25 or greater. It enables it to punch through pretty much anything if it hits it directly. But it won't have an explosive radius.

Hafnium Arrow more powerful then ordinary explosives, a Hafnium based explosive is several orders of the mangitude more powerful then conventional. A simple gram of Hafnium releases an energy equivilent to some 1330 megajoules. A grenade of this, will atomize anything rigt near it for example, and kill or incapacitate other targets not durable enough through heat and blast waves alone. It is more akin to a fissionless mini nuclear bomb. Alex has two one grams but is reluctant to stock hire. This is do to it's yield such a potent explosive could prove difficult in combat outside of long distance a distance she might not have. Energy from this arrow is in photons x-rays and gamma rays.

Nano-thermite Arrows are still explosives, much more potent then other bulk-based explosives. Using these tips is safer and easier then the potent halfnium and more in stock. Rounds of this have reached temperatures well in excess the melting point of steel, and in excess of any element of the periodic table, at 9005 Degree Fahrenheit. Around 1000 degrees short the surface of the sun. Reactivity enables it to caustically melt any metal barring indestructible substances with ease.

Superconducting Explosive or, "plasma explosive" Arrows. These arrows use superconductors as means to produce High explosives. The carbon based superconductors are stable at approximately a temperature of 160 Degrees Fahrenheit, after which, they will explode violently. The energy density of the explosive is put at a maximum of 50 MJ per kg. Compared to TNT's 4.7 megajoules per kg. This makes Superconducting explosives over ten times more powerful.

EMP Arrow a small sphere is attached near the arrow head replicating the EMP grenade. Intent of disabling enemy electronics and disrupting technopathic abilities. These 'grenades' have an approximate radius of 15 meters.

The latest batch of arrow heads are derived from Maverick's melee centric weaponry. Arrows being possible for a melee standpoint Alex had some designs emplemented to her repertoire of potential armament.

Frequency Arrow: these broad heads vibrate at a level where there very movement is microscopic. These weapons can generate remarkable heat afflicting targets on a molecular level. Operating on the right tone it may even trigger combustion, more often though as it can damage on a sub cellular level it can literally explode molecules. Going so far as potentially disrupting nano machinery.

Arc Arrow: an arrow coated with supercapacitors channeling electricity through them to disable their targets or at higher intensities, generate plasma and immense amounts of heat. The frequency of which, can also be varied to best choose how to tackle differing organic and inorganic targets of metahuman variety or highly advanced synthetic. At higher intesities, these can often very well seer their ways through most materials and opponents, able to flash melt steel in fractions of a second at best.

Repulsor Arrow: using the superconductor can be used in very strong electromagnetics to create very strong magnetic fields. The main use of this is in manipulating and often, deflecting away attacks based on plasma. Blades or even blasts can be deflected through this weapon. Often harmlessly Intercepted if the plasma does not bleed off it's thermal energy into the air, using it's efficiency against it often times. Also magnetic are most types of charged particle beams.

Such magnetic apparatus also have a niche use in the form of self destruct mechanisms that consists of overloading a superconductor loop power source. Doing this would cause a huge explosion. On the verge of 50 MJ per kg. Compared to TNT's 4.7 MJ per kg. This would make a superconducting explosion more than ten times more powerful than conventional chemical explosives. Such an explosion is also much hotter, capable of producing temperatures greater than that of the sun.

A superconductor is naturally a much better conductor than water, and can make electricity want to enter it. Arc arrows as such, can be used to absorb energy from electricity manipulating mutants, superhumans and machines when in direct contact with it's power source. Some have even found uses when consistently combatting enemies of this type by powering their own armors or by taking energy from machines by connecting said machines to their weapons and thus, their armor.

Optical Phased Arrow: this design is one allowing the weapon to functionally manipulate light. Skill becomes very important with such weapon there is definitive versatility. Alex's common use is making the arrow invisible, such weapons being very good for laying traps against all but the most durable of speed based opponents. Optical invisibility can make it difficult for anyone to gauge where the arrow is coming from including the user himself. Or it would if not for a mix of technological innovation and Alex's sight.

Another use of optical phased arrow is to project illusions, making it rather dangerous in the hands of a skilled user, as they become capable of warping the apparent position of the weapon itself, making it difficult or even impossible for some to actually gauge where indeed the arrow is.

Another use is the manipulation incoming light, most notably lasers and other types of electromagnetic weapons. Such advanced phased optical arrays, can shield most any electronics that might be located within the weapon, deflecting it completely away. However, a weapon can only be 100% reflective, absorbant or otherwise to one electromagnetic spectrum at a time. However, multiple layers can remedy this problem. Often times, the technology has to be self repairing, as repeated clashes and impacts can otherwise damage the technology or make it less deficient.

(Disclaimer this wouldn't look half as good or be half as thurough if not for Maverick 6 assistance)