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Super Name: Apathy

Real Name: Unknown

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Brown (can vary)

Weight: 445 lbs (Due to cybernetic parts)

Age: Unknown

Eye Color: Brown (can vary)

Height: 6'1

Known Aliases:

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Project Apathy

Purpose: To build a stronger, faster, longer lasting, and overall more efficient soldier.

Overview: With Raven Corporations creation of Automatic Regenerating Cybernetics (ARC), along with research in development in area's such as automation, robotics, mechanical engineering, and weapons engineering, the best way to improve a human was determined to be the mechanical route instead of the organic route. It was also determined that no living human being would survive the procedure to be converted in to a coexisting being of organic, mechanical and electrical parts. Therefore, it was decided to experiment with military members who have been declared "killed in action" in some conflict throughout the world.

Procedure/Specifications: Once an appropriate body was found, the procedure began. All human parts were "stripped" with the body, minus the brain, and the body was build from the "ground up." First, the chassis was constructed from mainly ARC material, combined with other metals for optimum performance and future regeneration. It should be noted that the skeleton is the only part of the chassis with Vibranium.

The metal endoskeleton of the is a microprocessor controlled, fully armoured combat chassis and is constructed with frictionless bearings in its joints, and a servo-actuated control system. Its limbs are controlled by axial drive motors and clavicular trailing links, allowing it to manoeuvre with exceptional speed, as bursts of speed of up to 22 mph will not threaten the joint assemblies.

Next the chassis was outfitted with the CPU. The CPU