ApatheticAvenger's Random Picture Theater!

Welcome to my new weekly blog post, The Random Picture Theater. Here, I post four absurd pictures from my collection that I have acquired over the many hours wasted in front of my computer screen and discuss their profound meaning. All for the enjoyment of you, the sad and lonely viewer!

Let's get started, shall we?

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Here we have a rather industrious cosplayer, who has decided to combine his eclectic love of steampunk, the X-Men, and Daft Punk into one wondrous concoction. There's also a dude that looks a bit like Nicholas Brendon (Xander from Buffy) in the upper right next to the guy in the Death Star t-shirt.

Now for picture two!

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Next up we have the, um, lovely Beyonce Knowles doing her best spider routine. So, is Doctor Octopus truly the "Superior Spider-Man" here? Yeah...

On to picture three!

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I... uh... I need to minute to digest- I mean process this.

Let's just move on to our last picture.

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Why? Just... Why? Were you drunk? Lose a bet? Were you being held at gunpoint? Someone threaten to cut off your gonads and feed them to ravenous wild boars? Please tell me it was one or all of the above...

Ah hell, that concludes the end of this weeks entry of ApatheticAvenger's Random Picture Theater! Join me, ApatheticAvenger, next week for another foray into internet madness that will no doubt entertain as it makes you question your faith in the human animal!

Play me out Barrowman (feat. Beyonce)!