Hey, guys, help me out here. I am looking for artists who can sketch up some character concepts that I have for a comic book Un...

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Who will win????

Zod is thrown into an alternate timeline (that of Marvel Universe).

Yellow sun, so Zod is as powerful as he can be.

No Superman or JLA, so he decides to tear the city (NYC) down.

But someone stands in his way. And he is called the "Spiderman".

Who takes this fight?

PS- They don't have the slightest ideas regarding each other. Morals off for Zod. If Spidey survives first encounter, he gets time to prepare against Zod for round 2.

And here's the new catch. If you think Spidey can take round two, or live through it, he can call Thor for help.

What's the endgame, Viners?

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