Hey, guys, help me out here. I am looking for artists who can sketch up some character concepts that I have for a comic book Un...

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Need sketchers for my Universe

Hello, my fellow zViners, brothers and sisters.

My name is Anurag. And it means "love", so before saying anything, I'd say I love you all.... :3

Now, business.

I am a 16 year old comic book fan with a lot of dreams and very little resources. I have innumerable ideas in my head. the recentmost idea that my brain has rendered, is creating a Universe of Indian Superheroes.

I have created some 8 characters, that are titular. I have posted a blog on the RPG forum, called "My Universe", where you can read about it in detail.

Those who have given it a read have asked me to carry on. There's just one slight problem. I cannot paint. I am a horrible drawer. So, I cannot sketch down my characters the way I see them.

Someone told me that there are several good artists whom I can find in this section who can help me on this. I have been doing progressive work, and I am in hopes that some of my contacts may be able to get me to Indian comicbookpublishers, like Raj or Virgin comics, so that I can present my ideas. But what good are ideas if they can't see them in colors? That is where I need your help.

I need you to sketch down the characters mentioned in the blog. I will be there to assist you (not in the drawing, I'm sorry but I'm incapable) in explaining how these characters are supposed to look like.. Apeearance, physical attributes, suit etc.

I am in dire need of aid. The artists who are out here-please help me.