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My Universe

I have always been fascinated by the superhero world. Spiderman and Supes made my childhood. Batman made my teenage. Like Bill would say, "I find the entire mythology surrounding superheroes fascinating."

Then I started researching more, and I found out about Thor. I loved it. I loved the way they turned a Godly, divine character into a comic book character. With his own limitations, vulnerabilities, and nature. It's admirable. Since then, there arose a new category of comic books. Divine entities. Multiversal creatures. Like the One-Above-All, the Beyonder, the Living Tribunal, the Spectre, the Presence, Morningstar etc and so on and so forth. It was interesting to see these characters shape up. Although I still prefer super-powered beings with limits bound in their own world, aliens, mutants etc, reading about these characters attracted my interests.

It made me wonder-why not create a Universe of my own?

Now, India may not be the best place for comic books to flourish. It's not, trust me. but I am an Indian. And I am a comic book fan. So, it's obvious that I'd like to introduce superhero comics to my country as well, in a way never seen before.

And since I have been reading about entities and God-like characters recently, I thought I'd start with characters based on them.

I have designed a few characters, totally based on Hindu mythology. I am gonna share them with you. I am sorry I don't have any sketches-I am a horrible artist. but still, I'd love it if I could hear it from you guys how I may imrpove my characters, potential stories.. It'd be divine if I could actually get a sketcher to help me.

Here's a list of my creations. :)

1 Lord Kalki

So, the concept is that like the all-powerful sentient beings like the presence, LT or Beyonder, we have three such characters in our universe. Lord Shiva, the God of Creation and Destruction of the cosmos. Lord Brahma, the Ultimate creator. And Lord Vishnu, the harbinger of balance between creation and destruction. They are all powerful, and untouchable. There are other Gods, who are still not upto their level. Now, these Gods have incarnations on earth. AVATARS. Kalki is the re-incarnation of Vishnu of the present time.

Imagine a guy wearing a black armour, with a peculiar emblem resembling the radiations of the Sun on his chest, with a divine sword, battle blades, and a bow that has arrows that can, if focussed, be Universal. He rides a bike-white, with the head of a Unicorn, provided with canons, guns, auto-pilots and Retro-reflective panel system. He has lots of weapons, explosives etc. and almost a lifetime of combat training. He is like the Batman of my universe. He has trained under the greatest fighters of all time. He rides in the darkness of the night, and hunts down evil demons, demi-gods and monsters and aliens. Yeah, he is technically a demigod. he is, say, a class 10. he can lift about 5 tons without exertion. However, his strength is variable. His durability is also superhuman. He can heal from serious injuries fast. He can run faster than humans, almost as fast as a speeding car, can scale great heights, and is a perfect athlete.

Being the avatar of Lord Vishnu, he can summon the God for powers, weapons, or advice. Vishnu communicates with him via telepathy. Kalki's origin is unknown. But it is known that he is one of the most feared demi-gods on earth.

Being a demi-god, Kalki can, in times of great need, bind with the entity-Lord Vishnu's powers. When he does, he becomes nigh-omnipotent, nigh omnipresent and nigh-omniscient. He can, however, increase or decrease his powers at will. For instance, while fighting a great galactic force, he may become migh-omnipotent to crush them, or he may reduce his powers to give them a fighting chance.

All these make Lord Kalki the ultimate weapon against evil. His headquarters is at Mumbai, a great metropolis of India, although he travels the world to fight threats.

I will make a seperate document on his weapons, and abilities.

This image is not exactly what I have in my mind for the character. He won't have long hair, or a moustache. I am uploading the pic just so that you may get the gist. Credits-Anirudh Sainath

A rough sketch-Kalki
A rough sketch-Kalki

2 Ax-Man (Bhargava Sharma)

Another re-incarnation of Lord Vishnu. However, this avatar was seen before. He was called Parshuraam. This guy is different. Bhargave Sharma was chosen worthy of Parshuram's great cosmic axe. He received super-powers, and hence became the Ax-Man.

He is not exactly a demi-god. Bhargava Sharma has always suffered from anger management issues, so receiving super-powers only make him dangerous. Long, black hair, ridiculously buffed up body, stylised battle armour, a cosmic axe and his alarmingly short temper-this makes him one of the most dangerous beings in my universe. he is kinda like thor or Hercules. He has a strength level near to the Ares of DC universe, except that he is much, much more dangerous. He is super-strong. He cannot fly, so he makes up for that by his leaping ability. He can scale REALLY large distances, kinda like Hulk. He has incredible combat experience, especially with the axe. His strength supplements it.

Now, about his axe. It's one of the most powerful objects on the earth, an equivalent to the Mjolnir. It can cut anything human, even monster, ordinary aliens, some powerful entities and demi-gods. If a cut cannot be made, with each ferocious swing of the axe, a wave is prodced that is really destructive. It cannot be explained that easily. Only through drawings. If Axe-man loses control, Bhargava can actually tear the earth's crust in two.

Like Kalki, he can bind with the entity in times of need to supplement his power. His durability is incredible. He is nigh-invulnerable to human or alien weapons, and to many demi-god attacks. He can survive exploding stars at his most powerful. BEAT THAT.

once again a seperate documents shall be made. :)

Image credit-Anirudh Sainath

Note that this image is a retro but stylised look of Parshuram. The guy won't have any beard. He will not be wearing that armour and that tiger skin dress. Nor is he gonna have a bow and arrows. The image is just so that you may get an idea of the character's appearance-framework.

"You sure you wanna dance?"

3 Thunderbolt (Vasav)

The most powerful of the team. Planet mover. He is the MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Demi-God and re-incarnation of the God of Thunder and the GOd-King, Lord Indra. This guy is a real bad-ass. Born with great powers. Exiled by his family. Considered a freak by all. But that doesn't stop him though. Demon slayer, galactic guardian. The most humane, and the most dedicated hero of earth. Hails from Bangalore.

Thunderbolt is the classic example of a superhero with a heart. Imagine Superman with thor's powers. You will get what the concept. He is certainly a class 200. Can move planets with effort, but without assistance. He is fast. He has got multiple times FTL reaction speed and can fly at light speed, at a basic, if he needs to. He can fight almost as good as Bhargava, and is a great combatant.

His greatest weapon is his control of the weather. Being the inheritant of the thunder God, he can manipulate the weather and bring thunderbolts (hence the name) as an offensive weapon. These bolts are powerful, and if he chooses not to hold back, he can destroy world's with a continuous shower of great magnitude. Plus, he can materialise weapons like swords, tridents, spears, energy blasts, guns etc from thse bolts. And boy, they are really powerful.

And he can bind with the entity (Lord Indra) to become a God-like figure if he needs to. But he is usually good enough to get the job done just the way he is. He can be anything and do anything if he binds with the entity.

Thus, all this makes it obvious that he is the strongest of this world-or is he? ;)

He is not gonna have that big an armour- but something as stylised and modern looking as that. This pic is REALLY cool. Credits-Anirudh Sainath ( he is the man)

"A dragon? Is this an insult?"

4 Kineto (Pavan)

Re-incarnation of the wind-god, Pavan. This man is the symbolisation of speed. Yes, inspiration is taken from the Flash. not including a speed-ster in a Universe sounds lame. Born in Punjab as a demi-god to Pavan Dev, the guy has super-speed as his only ability. he is faster than everything. He is faster than Thunderbolt. He is definitely faster than Bhargava. He is the fastest being on the planet. He can accelerate to lightspeed if he wants to effortlessly, and if he wants to, he can travel multiple times to lightspeed. There is no definite source of his power-it is bounded with him. In fact, if he wants to, he can lend this power to others, which grants the recepient similar abilities. He can travel through time courtesy of his speed. Hell, when he travels at light-speed, he can actually fly.

Now, increase of velocity means change in momentum. That is force. So, greater the change in momentum, greater the force. Hence, although the guy doesn't have super-strength, as he travels very fats, his blows have devastating effect. If you wanna call it that, he can also hit the Infinite Mass Punch. ;) That's how I plan he's gonna beat Thunderbolt in a fight they're supposed to have. He is untouchable. And he is a great guy. Another great thing about this guy is that he is also well-off in martial arts. This makes him an even more formidable opponent. With the deadly combination of his speed, Pavan is a force to be reckoned with.

When he binds with his entity, he becomes the source of all kinetic energy in the Universe. Imagine how scary that makes him.

Pavan is a total bad-ass. And one of the founders of the team with Kalki and Vasav. I don't have any relevant background sketch of him. Imagine this guy with a casual sweatshirt( not what he's wearing here, just check the face and the build, appearance etc) and an innerwear with a big "K" on it. Same face. Credits to Anirudh Sainath again. Please remember that this image is just to helo you understand the basic framework of the character. Don't assume this is how they are gonna look.

"I have a thing with speed,you know"

5 Elemental/Shaktimaan (rebooted) (Aditya Sen)

Yes, my fellow Indians! It's time someone resurrected this awesome characters from the depths of failure, bad marketing and childish storylines. He's back, totally new, and rebooted!

In my redoinf of the iconic Indian character, this man is a legend. He is basically an alien who has forgotten his past. Being humanoid, he has settled in earth, spending almost 10 years in our blue planet under the pseudonym of Aditya Sen. When the world started facing supernatural and galactic threats, he decided to join the fight. And he attratcs the attention of the "other" guys. ;)

Shaktimaan, or as I call him Elemental, has a huge array of powers. He has:

  • Superhuman Speed: He also possesses Superhuman Speed which make him allot faster than a normal man. He can move, react, run, and fly extraordinarily fast. He can movie faster than light and can also catch bullets in mid air before they hit him, or anyone else. He can move more than hundred miles per hour.
  • Superhuman Strength: Shaktimaan Enhanced strength much greater than that of a human and even most superhumans. He can move at superhuman strength no human or even most of the superhuman can catch up to his speed. Shaktimaan can easily hold a building or even a car without any problem, he also has ability to move a planet from one place to another and can also hold a planet. Shaktimaan has also moved a planets from its place in space to save the earth from the destructive comet planned by Dr. Jaikal, he was going to completely blast the earth with the destructive comet and keep the rest living people on another planet spotted by him space. But Shaktimaan changed the planet's position in the space and both of them blasted.
  • molecular division: Shaktimaan has the ability to divide molecules from his body and divide his body in 5 as his body contains million times more molecules than an ordinary human. He uses this power very often, only when it is necessary like when Shakti Punja was stolen by Tamraj Kilvish's men he divided himself and fought against them and even when divya mani was stolen by Naurangee the thief he used this power.
  • Flight: One of his main power is his Flight he flies faster than a speeding bullet and even faster than light. He can fly by make his body lighter than air he can also stand in air and fight also. There are two way in which he flies one as a normal superhuman flies and other by rotating himself like a top. When he rotates he puts his right hand up and turns around and he rotates like a top. When he rotates he becomes so fast that even a bullet can catch him.
  • X-Ray Vision: Shaktimaan also has the ability of X-Ray Vision The ability to see through solid objects, usually with the exception of lead. Shaktimaan uses this power many times. He can also read people's mind and find whats going on in their mind. He can control ones thought erase his memory and even bring it back as seen many times he erased Dr. Jaikal memory when he found out about his real identity.
  • Superhuman Breath: Shaktimaan has ability to release cold and hot air and gas from his mouth. He can release cold air/gas by completely reducing the temperature from his body and releases hot air/gas by completely increasing temperature from his body. This has been very useful as many times a fire is caught at a place Shaktimaan quickly appeared and put out the fire with this ability. Shaktimaan can also release out fire, water, wind etc. from his mouth and as much as he can. He can also release electric rays, fire rays, water rays and wind rays from his eyes and fingers. No matter how much the fire come cannot burn him and he can even stand in sun but it wont make any harm to him. No matter how much strong the wind and water comes it wont harm him. He can breathe and live everywhere and can also breathe in space, underwater, fire and etc. Even powerful weapons such as Nuclear Bomb cant harm him. He also has the ability known as Freeze Breath, and can cool objects to sub-zero temperatures and freeze air moisture solid.
  • Superhuman Eyes: Other than the two eyes shaktimaan has more eyes in his mind through which he can see where a person is in danger and seen him and he mostly uses this. Many times when he is not able to see with his two eyes he uses these eyes to see.
  • Healing Factor: Shaktimaan very often gets wound, so this ability is very often used by Shaktimaan, but when he gets a wound he can immediately heal it with his healing powers. He usually gets wound's because of Tamraj Kilvish and he can easily heal it by the seven chakras of Kundalini attained through meditation.
  • Eidetic Memory: Shaktimaan has a flawless memory and doesn't forget think if he once comes in coontact with and no one can make him forget also.
  • The five elements: Shaktimaan is so powerful that has control over the five elements fire, wind, water, earth, sky. He is so powerful than he can bring a dead person to live as seen when he brought Geeta to life when she died in a space crash planned by Dr. Jaikal. As Shaktimaan loved her, he brought her back to life again using his power which resulted in losing his powers temporally due to his against the nature actions. He can inhale and exhale water, fire etc. at his will. He has sun attached to his chest at the front and the backside which include extremely dangerous rays which can kill his enemies in second. With the help of his "yogic shakti which was natural power" he can vary his size, he can shrink himself into a size of an ant and turn as large as a tower or even more taller. He also has magical eyes by which he is able to see the danger happening in the city. He can also remove his soul from his body and again bring it back. He also release powerful rays from his hands he is able to do this by giving out energy from his body.
  • Superhuman Hearing: Shaktimaan can hear people's voice from far away even from space he can hear if someone calls him or anyone else. Shaktimaan is able to mentally screen out most of these sounds to be able to function normally, even in a noisy environment, and can focus in on specific things, like a person's voice or heartbeat, even if they are in another part of the city. He can even hear sounds on other planets, which makes it likely that his hearing is fundamentally different from that of a human, as sound cannot travel through the vacuum of space. Like humans and most animals, he is skilled at automatically noticing his own name out of the jumble of several overheard conversations, making him adept at quickly responding to calls of distress all over the city.
  • Master Combatant: He is an expert, skilled and intelligent fighter and has fought with super-skilled enemies, he is expert in martial arts and Hand-to-hand combat. He has been trained in every martial arts and can easily use them. He knows all the fighting skills and is master in those.
  • psychic powers like telepathy, teleportation, telekinesis: He also has psychic powers like telepathy which is often used by Geeta his love. She often calls him by telepathy when she is in trouble. He can also teleport himself from one place to another and also possesses slight telekinesis powers.

Shaktimaan’s powers are virtually limitless. He can do practically anything he imagines. The only limit to his powers is his own belief in himself and his knowledge of how to manifest his powers. His powers come from his chakras. (Note: Although we’ll call them chakras in the bible, in the series dialogue they will also be called energy centers.)

The seven chakras in his body which give him power's are:

  • Energy Chakra (1): This chakra gives Shaktimaan super strength enabling him to fly, shoot fire from his hands, emit rays from his fingertips, blow a stream of freezing air, or send out protective force fields which nothing can penetrate (provided he can maintain his willpower and not give in). Shaktimaan’s strength allows him to physically penetrate anything and lift any object.
  • Creative Chakra (2): This chakra gives Shaktimaan the power to manifest things out of thin air, but they can be unstable and comically fall apart or cause other problems if Shaktimaan is distracted and loses concentration.
  • Astral Chakra (3): This chakra gives Shaktimaan the power to control his astral body (a semi-transparent, ethereal duplicate of himself) which can fly, walk through walls, spy on others, see inside objects, etc.
  • Heart Chakra (4): This chakra gives Shaktimaan the power to control the will of others, but only for good. He can will people to do the right thing, see the error in their ways, or simply make someone buy him lunch. This power is most useful when Shaktimaan needs to stop someone who is under the control of Kilvish from doing evil.
  • Vibration Chakra (5): This chakra gives Shaktimaan the power to control all types of vibrations, including sound waves, light waves, healing warmth, etc. He can also use it to hear ultrasonic sounds, and can speed up the vibrations of his own atoms allowing him to transport himself in space or time. This can be very useful for getting out of dangerous situations, or going back to yesterday to watch a TV show he forgot to TiVo.
  • Psychic Chakra (6): This chakra gives Shaktimaan the power of the “third eye” which enables him to read minds and see anywhere in the world at any distance. He can sense impending danger and see things at any corner of the world. Being a young man, this power can be very tempting for Gangadhar who can get into trouble by reading Geeta's mind.
  • Wisdom Chakra (7): This chakra gives Shaktimaan the ability to know what is right and make good choices. It also gives him one of his few super weapons: his white cord of energy. Shaktimaan can use this to grab things and pull them closer like a tractor beam, tie up enemies without harming them, or swing.

No Papamani. In this version, Shaktimaan is an energy battery. He thrives on all forms of energy for his powers. The source of his powers are unknown. He is very powerful to the extent of effortlessly beating Thunderbolt, Axe-Man, and Kinteoin a 3-on-1 assault. He is, like, our Captain Atom.

His rogues gallery will also be redone. I am really sorry to those who feel that the childhood nostalgia is gonna be destroyed by this rebooting of the character. but trust me, if I get this thing right, it will be as exciting and as sintilating as the great superhero characters of the foreign world. I will change it in such a way that finally, our Indian Superman will gain international recognition. :)

A basic famework pic is given below. As usual, this is the traditional pic. There will certainly be developments regarding the armour and the suit to make it look stylised and more modernised. :) Pic credit- Unknown

"This world has been home to me-and it is worth fighitng for.."

6 Krrish (Krishna Mehra)

It's obvious, isn't it? India's second official superhero character. If I do make a universe with Indian characters included in it, I am supposed to include Krrish in it. Yes, the movies were not really good. Yes, I was disgusted by the fat that a superhero dances. But after all, he is a superhero. And if I can, I will make sure it can get in the league of the superheroes.

Forget the "Raghupati Raghav Raja Raam" thing. It was an Indian movie. And for obvious reasons, songs had to be included. VFX wasn't really state of the art. But they did well provided that we haven't yet made Hollywood level progress. Fights could've been done better. But they tried. And its worthy of respect. I mean, the first Superman movie does look like a toy when compared to Man of Stee, don't it? Similarly, Krrish is one of our first attempts. So, let's be creative and respect that fact. Also, since this is my potential comic book universe, it is totally under my tutelage. I will change the character to a full-fledged superhero. And trust me, with the right push and the right storyline, it will be VERY interesting.

Origin will be the same. Rohit Mehra. Jadoo the alien. There will be certain changes, though. No song and dance. Krishna hasn't yet met his wife, Priya. Singapore didn't happen as in the movies. But he has already started his superhero career. He has already faced Kaal, and has his updated power set. He received his powers from his father, who himself received genetic enhancements from his alien friend. His powers include:

  • Krrish possesses superhuman strength, speed, stamina, endurance, durability, and longevity.
  • He was trained into peak physical and mental conditioning.
  • He has immunity to diseases and viruses, and has a healing factor.
  • Has the ability to run, swim, jump and leap to a great extent. Krrish is so fast that he even outran a horse (this indicates he can at least run up to 50 miles at the very least).
  • His vast leaping ability has not been defined yet, but if estimated, then he can leap 1/8 of a mile (201 meters), hurdle a twenty-story building like the Golden Age Superman, or even more than that.[1]
  • Has the ability to communicate with animals.
  • He has special abilities related to nature, such as climbing, fishing, running, and jumping.
  • He has excellent observational skills that allow him to learn, adapt, and improvise whatever he sees, hears, or reads within a few seconds.
  • He possesses a genius-level intellect and an eidetic memory.
  • Master of the martial arts and hand-to-hand combat.
  • He developed telekinesis in Krrish 3 whereas he uses it to be able to fly at supersonic speeds.

He is a minimum of a class 80. He can augment his strength if he loses his cool :D

He is a fellow to the superheroes mentioned above. He will have his own cool storylines. He will have his own rogues gallery. Elemental and Krrish are not my own creations like the ones above. All credits go to Rakesh Roshan and Mukesh Khanna for creating two such characters at a time when India was lacking of superhero characters. We can, courtesy of them, at least take pride in the fact that we do have superheroes (metahumans) with superpowers. Courtesy of them, we can re-create them (with their permission of course) to make them more modern, updated, like superheores are today. Yeah, they take inspiration from certain other characters. That's totally obvious. Majestros was inspired from Superman. Lobo and Wolverine share many similar traits. Their new powers, new careers, and their new lives, totally remade, will be my own humble attempt to get these characters recognition in the International Comic Book Society. And hence, I'm gonna try to do the best I can with them so that they can share the seats of the classic international superheroes who rule the comic-dome. :)

A sketch of how comic-book Krrish can look is given below. No change in costume. Only certain aspects of the character biography :) Credits go to unknown sketcher.

"You lost the fight when you started it, friend."

7 Eagleye

A re-incarnation of Lord vishnu's divine steed, Garuda. :)

The man hails from parts unknown. His origin is unknown. He has no home. He has no specific destination or goal. If you tell me he reminds you of Hawkman, I'll say, "You have good eyes, son." Yeah, he is kinda like Hawkman. But he is even more ferocious. He is even more ruthless.

This man is our signature antihero. He has nothing to lose. And he is no one's friend. His primary ability is flight. He can fly as far as the mesosphere. He also possesses superhuman speed and agility and combat-speed/reaction time, even though he is not as fast as Pavan or T-Bolt. His weapon is his cosmic spear, which is powerful enough to hurt even sentient beings, demi-gods and aliens. He also has immense combat knowledge, and is a close ally of Kalki.

The greatest arsenal that Eagleye possesses is his mood. While he is not as rough-headed as Bhargava, or as cold and calculated as Kalki, he is a little bit of both. Being born with his 'deformity' resulted in him facing a lot of hatred, fear and disgust, which has complicated him. Unlike Lord Garuda, he is not jst a server of justice-he sevres justice any way he pleases. He doesn't hesitate to kill people, unlike Kalki, who kills only if the situation asks for it.

Binding with the Garuda-entity makes him stronger than Thunderbolt or Elemental, greater speed than Kineto, and hsi spear becomes a star-system buster. But as usual, he binds with the entity only in times of great need.

My Eagleye will look kinda like this. But he will have a better armour, and much more stylised spear. He will wear a mask like that to hide his facial deformities. This pic will give you a basic idea of how the character will look like. Credit goes to unnown artist. Great job, whoever you are. :)

"There is only one to whom I have allegiance-me."

8 Big-Trunk

The image says it all. The character is based on the Hindu God, Ganesha, the Elephant-headed one. However, this man is not a God. He is-as he so eloquently puts it-"my target's worst nightmare." But he does take inspiration from Ganesh ji.

An alien whose space-ship crashlanded on earth while on a mission. And it chrashed HARD! There was no going back. So, he senses he has no choice but to stay.

Big-Trunk belongs to an alien race that resides in far-off planet from the same galaxy. It is, however, later found out that the creators of that particular race, it's ancestors that is, was Lord Brahma himself, who created the race as a tribute to Lord Ganesha's achievements. Also, it is rumored that Big-Trunk's eventful ladning on planet earth may not be an accident after all. Trunk is mainly a freelance hunter-a bounty hunter, although that's too strong a term. He hunts bad guys only, and doesn't take contracts that causes harm to good, honest people. He is thus a vigilante; the good kind. However, he is tough. And he is remorseless when fighiting.

Big-Trunk has superhuman strength. However, is is not upto the level of Bhargava. Under ordinary conditions, he is as strong as Kalki. He can lift cars, boulders, at times trucks-about 20-25 tons without much exertion. He is remarkably agile (don't go by the appearance) and is a master combatant. He can also run very fast. His signature feature is his bottomless satchel. He can literally pull out weapons out of nowhere-these weapons include a large array of guns, swords, spears, arrows, bombs, rocket launchers, canons, planet busting weapons etc. His favourite weapon is his signature minigun. It can take down lots of things. The bullets are not ordinary human bullets. They are powerful enough to affect the touchest, including Axe-Man and Elemental. Also, there's his twin sword, which makes him a tough opponent. But he is even more formidable in H2H. He uses his agility and his weight and size to devastating effect.

He has large number of enemies-aliens, creatures, certain human beings, even demi-gods, mutants, mutates etc. And he enjoys fighting them ;)

It is rumored that he can bind with Ganesha-entity to become even more powerful-nigh oni-sceince-potence-presence etc. He even gains his ride-a monstrous mouse.

He is a solo act. No team. :) And he's a badass. Although he is close friends with Eagleye and Kalki.

This pic will give you an idea how Big-Trunk looks like. Pic credit-Anirudh Sainath

"It's time to bring the freakin' heat!"

9 Lionheart (Akshay Teja)

A re-incarnation of Lord Narasimha, the God with the head of a lion and the body of a man. Akhsay was born with the super-human ability to turn into a feral beast at will- a beast resembling Lord Narasimha.

Now, don't confuse him as a werewolf. Werewolves, or NARBHERIYAS as we are supposed to call them in Hindi, are seperate characters in our universe. This thing is kinda similar, yet different.

Fun thing about Lionheart is that although he turns into a semi-lion-semi-human, he retains the warmth, depth and enormity of his heart. He is always the same man-except at times when he is a moster. You can imagine him as X-Men's beast, except that he can hide his other side.

As a monster, he possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility etc. His strength level has never been clearly defined. But he is about as strong as Big-Trunk under ordinary conditions. However, at times of combat or emotional overflow/stress, Akshay loses control, and he goes into a "rage-mood", like Bhargava. When he does, he becomes an animal, thirsty for blood and death. His signature move is to tear open his hapless enemies' hearts. He is well off in unarmed combat. Plus, he is a scientific genius-a biologist, and an accomplished geneticist. Initially he wanted to find a cure for himself, but he later accepted his powers for the larger good.

Aside from his physical prowess, he has weapons given to him by Kalki. They include a divine sword, some battle blades, and a set of handguns which he uses effectively.

However, there's a catch. Inspite of being a demi-god, his physiology is undergoing a constant mutation process which is bound to turn him into an animal permanently. He tries to keep it in check using a serum he developed.

This pic will explain how Lionheart shall look like. Pic credits-Anirudh Sainath

"Don't make me go to the other side, my friend."