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Man of Steel- A flashback


I am going to be honest. I have become a fan of this character after seeing this movie. Of course, it received poor reviews, and many critics panned it. But I loved it.

1. Acting- Not the best part of this movie, but not the worst either. The version of Superman they wanted us to see in this movie is not the "good-guy-smiling-saving-the-world" one, but the more "scowling-responsible-hardcore" version, and I didn't think it was bad. Henry Cavill did his best, but his portrayal of "Superman" was better than his portrayal of"Clarke Kent". Of course, we didn't get much of Clarke Kent here. Hope to see a much more refined performance in the sequel.

And in any case, I loved this new version of Superman. The age has changed. And a badass version of America's finest superhero is nothing short of a treat..

Amy Adams did well as Lois Lane, although I kinda missed the "grumpy Pulitzer-winning journalist" in this movie.. Lois is more relaxed, daring(as usual), and.. Well, she is Lois Lane.

Shannon played one hell of a General Zod. Nothing else to say. Other roles were played to perfection. Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as Jonathan and Martha Kent-sufficiently good.

Laurence Fishburne as Perry White was fun. Russel Crowe as Jor-El was quite good. Antje Traue as Faora was good as well.

2. Direction- Vintage Zack Snyder. Full-on action. Entertainment for all ages. Action, emotions, romance.. This movie has it all, courtesy of his screenplay. Of course, character development could've improved, and in some parts, the narrative was slow. And confusing. But at other parts, it was perfect. Especially the fight scenes.

3. Music- Not bad. Missed the classic Superman theme, but better this than nothing.

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4.Visual Effects- Awesome. Use of VFX doesn't get any better than this, man. Every building in Metropolis was brought down to ashes(kayfabe). The spaceships, UFO's, fight sequences were portrayed successfully. It was, as if, the COMIC BOOKS had come to life. The fight scenes were freakin awesome. I mean, this is SUPERMAN VS ZOD, and it can't get better than the way we were shown.

ALl that said, I rate MAN OF STEEL 7/10.

And ya'll know who the sequel to this movie features

Looking forward to Superman vs You-Know-Who at July...

And those who think that Marvel Cinematic Universe is owning the Superhero movie market..

Ya'll better hold your socks and lift your crocks..