A guy that is anti mutant and meta human.

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This movie Is Really bad... 0

This movie is a inconsistent mess.The plot holes are so big that you can swim in them.This what happens when you try to shove multiple story arcs in one film.TDKR has the same problem as X-men Last Stand.X-men Last Stand had two arcs shoved in. While the The Dark Knight Rises had a at least four arcs. It could be more arcs shoved here.I really don't know. The movie took things all over the place. Its not a consistent story.Batman moves slower than ever before. Not to mention Christopher Nolan ha...

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A big mistake 0

Catelyn Stark makes a mistake by arresting Tyrion with little evidence that happens to be a hunch.You don't arrest people for barely any evidence.Not only that Tyrion saves her life, and do to her stupidity. Catelyn does not see it.She made a mistake.She could brought Little Finger as a witness,and exposing him as a fraud.The plot falls nicely with a coincidence. The story does what it wants, just like a Honey Badger.This will lead to a pointless war that will lead to more melodrama. The good th...

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OMG...... 0

The only good think about this movie is fight scenes, and Darth Maul. Nothing else is good.The story is boring, and the characters are bland like my toast is. Darth Maul death is PIS, because Obi Wan had height advantage (in star wars episode 3). Just like Darth Maul did, but Darth Maul was cut in half. This movie is predictable, because Obi Wan is in Star Wars Episode 5. I went in this movie as expected....

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This movie is bad.. 1

George Lucas produced one of the worst film ever imagined. This is worse then Star Wars Episode 3. The bad guys repeat the same mistakes they made in Star Wars Episode 5.This time the Death Star is built with a huge design flaw.In which a fighterjet can fly into the Death Star, and fire a torpedo. This is got to be PIS in a epic scale. The funniest thing the emperor approved of this stupidity.Not mention the Ewoks can kill storm troopers with no effort. The storm troopers have the worst aim. The...

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The Dark Knight... 0

The Joker appeared to be unrealistic pseudo omniscient god.Even the Joker's appearance with the mob is laughable at best.Not one of them shot The Joker on sight. Christopher Nolan has poor understanding of the mob.How does organize crime works generally? This never became FBI matter, when dealing with the Joker. If this movie was "realistic". The government would had hired Deathstroke snipe The Joker.No one was able to track or find who Bruce Wayne is.Joker is insane because he fell into the che...

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