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Name: Rose and Calamity GoGo the "Antidoll" sisters

Age: 19

Hair: Red (Rose) Blonde with black and red highlights (Calamity)

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 120 (Rose) 110 (Calamity

Height: 5'5

Powers: Calamity

Umbrakinesis: the ability to become manipulate and generate shadows and darkness. Using this ability she can often travel unlikely surfaces using the shadows cast along a wall as a platform. It's also been known to help speed her up not by much but like running or driving over ice instead of asphalt. It can be used also for crafting constructs, Calamity favors the scythe or mallet as a construct. By becoming entirely composed of shadows she can teleport between visible shadows the more matter she has to convert however the harder this is to perform. Lastly she can use darkness to heal often times just bleeding an inky smoke rather then spilling carmine fluid.

Motion Dominance: Cal has the unique ability of being almost impenetrable when in motion. She's been known to drive through glass and walls with no harm. To charge a blockade of squad cars and gunfire without a scratch on her. It is important to know however that she is still bound by the laws of physics. If she hits something she can't plow through she likely will be thrown back. A strong fist will still send her backward. She can still be moved it's just that she is the 'dominant' force in motion reducing harm to almost nothing.

Powers: Rose

Plant Elemental: Rose while usually spearing human is composed of flowers and vines. Her skin as soft as flower petals but muscles strong as tree branches. This allows her to extend grow and shrink her body. It provides her with additional durability and strength. She can use plant life for additional sensory perception and can create and manipulate plants. From making simple roses grow to creating monstrous fauna. Because of all this she can also heal and create toxins and drugs with simplistic ease. However she's young and can't use plant life to an extreme like that of say the avatar of "the green".

Powers Both:

Insanity, do to mental instability both can be hard to read and have a strong resistance to telepathy and manipulation.


Calamity's Bat (Daedulus Tech):


He raised the bat towards Calamity, taking care to keep both hands on it, and backed away slowly.

"The first thing you'll notice is how light it is. Specially designed metal alloys combine into its foundation materials, making for an end product of near-limitless lifespan and durability. But there is so much more. See the rings on its handle? Those double as grips, yes, yet their primary purpose is much more important and absolutely devastating,"

The Technological Taskmaster indicated for Calamity to twist the first series of rings, and he explained each one. In total were twelve of these miniature devices, every single circle responsible for drastic changes in the bat itself:

(1 + 2) The surface exploded into a series of razor-sharp nail-like protrusions, coated with a supplemental choice of either plasma or pulse weaponized fields. These allowed penetration of just about any form of protective casing or defensive protocol.

(3 + 4) Instead of nails, the bat roared to life with a vicious dragon-toothed chain blade that also possessed options for either field, plasma and pulse.

(5) A flamethrower popped out of the crown.

(6) The bat split into three different sections much like a triple staff.

(7) A further split in the crown of the bat indicated a spiked flail attachment.

(8) Continuing onto the core of the bat itself, if Calamity twisted this dial and flipped the weapon in half, it exposed a powerful automatic firearm within - compatible with all of Daedalus' ammunition types.

(9) With number nine, a fork opened on the base: literally a miniature slingshot also backwards-compatible of Daedalus' specialist ammunition types, the idea being slightly more gimmicky. Yet a slingshot capable of shooting 40mm steel balls filled with slightly radioactive chemicals capable of melting flesh is nothing to ignore. Besides, he thought Calamity would like it.

(10) Jet engines opened up on one side. Literally jet engines. With this, Calamity could swing in one direction at up to Mach 4 in less than a second. Limited fuel, though, because it shared it with the flamethrower addon.

(11) Vice grip, a terrifying way to go. Imagine fighting against someone bat-to-bat and all of a sudden their weapon opens up into a giant pair of hydraulic jaws that breaks your only means of offense in half. Their biting strength of over 30,000 newtons shreds anything caught between their two parts.

(12) Finally, when all is said and done, Daedalus really loves his weapons. He likes to watch them work. With a camera installed into the bat, the idea was to see the progress of just how much havoc Calamity could cause. Besides, she could take some badass selfies with it.

"The best part? You can use multiple functions at once."

Bio: nobody is sure if they are twins or just friends, they do share a lot of similarities but do also have there differences. What is known however is that it was Calamity who had her name changed to Calamity and that they both have the last name of GoGo. Not much is known where they come from, though most assume their parents however are somewhere in the GCPD or it's upper echelon of families. This is because they've never been arrested despite a behavior record of criminal actions. And because little has yet to be done about them despite their fangirlism for super villains.