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Real Name: Anthony Stark

Alias: The Mechanical Maestro, Mechanical Merlin Merchant of Death, Technological Titan, Utilitarian Ultra

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Alignment: Morally ambiguous

Height: 6'1"

Age: Unknown

Affiliation: None

Species: Enhanced mutant

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Varies

Weight: Varies

Birthplace: America

Relationship Status: Single

Gender: Male

Occupation: Owner ofPeak International, officially, in a consultant role. World renowned scientist, intergalactic traveler

Identity: Public

Family: Dexter Stark (Son) Assault (Brother) BloodDiamond (Daughter) John Stark (Son) Joseph Stark (Brother)

History: For Anthony Stark's History - Click Here

The Stark Legacy

Anthony Stark, more than a man, for Stark, is a titan. Seen as some as a despicable, murderous terrorist, to others, as a virtuous hero whom was corrupted by power and greed, and by others, an apathetic individual which allowed the United States of America during his Presidency to descend into an abysses of chaos and despair. The Stark Legacy is a one of perception, a one of belief, so perhaps the most important question is, what do you see Stark as?

Anthony Stark, reborn

Since his apparent destruction at the telekinetic hands of Mercy, one of the worlds most vaunted, and esoteric assassins, Anthony Stark was presumed missing, and subsequently, pronounced dead by the world when Quintus Knightfall took credit for his demise during the epic battle between Quintus and Anthony which left the White House almost destroyed. In truth, Stark had forged his own death and used Mercy to facilitate such an act.

The Voyager
The Voyager

Moments prior to Mercy telekinetically dismantling the technological titan, his body was transferred via instant teleportation to a space ship dubbed "The Voyager", roughly thirteen miles outside of planet earth's outer atmosphere, upon this newfound freedom, the Mechanical Maestro set his sights far away from earth and left it all behind. His life. His legacy. Three children and every friend and enemy which he had even known, and set forth into the wide, expensive universe. Alone, but never forgotten.

For Stark, planet Earth, the world which he had once called home, had become uninhabitable.

It wasn't long before the past president came into contact with a new species and learnt their ways, their science, culture and even history, discovered which couldn't be discovered on earth, and then onto the next. And the next, and the next. World after world was visited by the technological titan, exploring the expanse of the universe and apparently cherishing each and every moment and living many a scientists utmost dream.

But it wasn't truly fulfilling.

Not for Stark. It never was. He was cursed with a single curse, an inability to be contented, with himself, his technology - His life.

But that all changed for Stark the day set foot upon an old, seemingly abandoned ship which had been emitting a distress call for the last three thousand years. Whispers from local colonies on a nearby moon had never been able to visit the vessel. But their primitive radio-receivers had been picking up signals for millenniums. Stark, of course, was too curious to resist.

Quickly docking and recklessly forgoing from any security checks nor scans for life, the past president embarked upon the ship and wandered around, the technology at first sight was... Average. Nothing more than higher than earth tech, barely able to keep up with his. Upon scans, Start's equipment found not a single trace of organic life, no fingerprints, alien or otherwise, no thermal signatures or even disturbed dust where old inhabitants may have resided, it was all but empty.

That all changed... When the Anthony stumbled upon a metal.... A metal, which would change his life and understanding of technology forever...

....Virillium, the symbiotic metal

Virillium (Black) engulfing radioactive (purple) signatures like an immune system in self defense.
Virillium (Black) engulfing radioactive (purple) signatures like an immune system in self defense.

Virillium, more than a metal, really. Human understanding makes most comprehend things as either living, dead, inanimate, sentient, etc, all single, defined words which clearly state what something is without much freedom. Virillium is neither a metal, nor a object, it is a living organism, a sentient metal which can turn itself somehow inanimate upon a whim, without any discernible way.

Upon initial study, Stark found that the metal reacted to stimuli, too much heat and the metal moved away (but was seemingly unaffected) and exposure to certain radioactive and electromagnetic probing caused it's structure to shift and even, after damage, self-repair, and adapt (and learn) to defend against said exposure in different ways.

Virillium having now adapted, and being totally unaffected by the same radioactive elements.
Virillium having now adapted, and being totally unaffected by the same radioactive elements.

This led to the curious conundrum... Was the so called metal instinctively adapting, or somehow... Thinking, like a sentient being, and adapting to threats? Stark set up a test, a modified version of the "Turning Test" which was usually used to test of a machine's ability to exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human.

After the tests had been concluded, Stark stumbled upon an extraordinary conclusion. The metal, was able to think, and feel, and the adapting seen previously hadn't been via instinct, like a jellyfish for example, but it was a conscious, sentient decision.

But Stark had been deceived, over the weeks, Stark hadn't been studying Virillium, for it, had been studying him. Utilizing it's foreign intelligence and analyzing his mechanical suit, it decided to make contact... By unexpectedly latching upon his suit one day, and taking over the systems. The results were unbelievable. The metal acted like a symbiotic organism upon Stark, firstly, stripping away the metal of his past suit, and reforming itself into a new and improved suit of armor for Anthony, forming not only a nervous, but a mental connection to his mind. In effect, his mind had become one with the metal.... Or organism. The Virillium had been stuck on the ship for the past 3000 years, like a parasite, unable to do anything without a sentient host. So, the metal had turned itself inanimate like a type of stasis mode to survive for a longer period. Now it had Stark, the Virillium could finally escape the clutches of the stranded ship.

Properties: for all intense and purposes, Virillium is the closest thing to a living metal, it is as sentient as man, and as responsive too. Able to form itself into any desired shape or take on any form, it can think, and move it's way out of harms way, adapt and overcome previous injury to make itself impervious to fresh damage sustained from a repetitive attack, and heal itself like human flesh. Due to it's lifeform type state, Virillium produces it's own energy, meaning Stark has to no longer find a power source for his suit, as the suit powers itself.

This means the metal is impervious to electromagnetic pulses as it isn't actually powered by conventional electricity, the true fashion of it's working are even mysterious to Stark. It is far more durable than most metals found upon Earth and can take damage from any caliber gunshot without injury. Marginally weaker than adamantium and vibranium, for example, but far, far stronger than any other natural which precedes them. It is not magnetic, and is resistant to most heat but it is completely immune to the effects of the cold, being able to turn into absolute zero at a whim to conserve energy and sustain longevity of life.

In human terms, the metal would be considered a genius, able to think of solutions to problems (in it's own way) very quickly and adapt almost insensitively.

Horizon, artificial intelligence

Inside Horizon's virtual
Inside Horizon's virtual "mind"

Masterfully engineered by Anthony Stark, Horizon is Anthony's personal artificial intelligence units which is crafted, and once was, solely tailored for warfare and tactical planning -- Made to process all incoming information and interpret it mid-battle, and give real-time, strategies and tactics for Stark. The AI is capable of adapting to new threats, and understands rhythms and patterns which an enemy may showcase to exploit their habits during combat. Unbeknownst to most, Horizon was originally conceptualized by Anthony Stark to be the worlds next step in computer-based warfare, able to assess and create countermeasures and contingencies against the entire world based upon global patterns, and predict what countries actions will be on a militaristic and even, an economical level.

In trailed assessments and virtual reality simulations Horizon was able to accurately predict the movements of the virtual AI to a degree of 98.8%, meaning it was correct nearly every single time, correct, about nearly every single countries activities during wartime and peacetime.

The plans for the government “Horizon-System” were scrapped, however, Stark deemed the technology significantly too advanced for humanity and thought it would give the user an almost unlimited amount of power within the world, and ultimately lead to the world’s destruction. Instead he turned Horizon into his own personal AI, using it to combat threats and opponents who pose a threat to him, and threats, who may pose a threat to him in the future. Sadly, the AI has also become the only person Anthony communicates with these days, and due to this, he has even created a type of uncanny rapport with the intelligence. Horizon and the Virillium apparently ignore each other, due to being rivaling intelligence's, they almost want to work better to seek Stark's approval and favoritism. This leads to friendly competition.

The artificial intelligence is a constantly evolving, and ever adapting computer-based system of ridiculous and immense intelligence. It was originally crafted for combat, but can now serve roles for financial, social, and almost any other thing needed. It can think an almost immeasurable amount of thoughts at the same time, and can solve any problem, riddle, or equation nigh-instantly. It helped Anthony Stark turn his business into a world super-power via spotting market trends and global patterns, it can self-program and respond in turn against other computer-based attackers, and uses one of the worlds most advanced, and vaunted quantum computers which is light-years beyond even the most advanced military one.

In a world of super-powered scientists and quantum geniuses, Horizon has tailored itself into a more defensive unit, rather than offensive, constantly working to defend and protect Anthony from any external threats. It may not be able to target and destroy all rival intelligence systems, but it can certainly defend against them.

The Annihilator Suit

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Anthony Stark's current suit, dubbed, the Annihilator Suit, which was previously comprised of ultra-small Stark Bots within the hollows of his bones is now fully composed of Virillium, rendering it far more deadly in every way imaginable. The Virillium which constitutes of his suit now resides within his bones instead of his Stark-bots, and seep through the pours of his skin when required, this is an instant transformation. The suit has two layers of normal protection, external particle shielding and the Virillium exoskeleton (with shock absorption capabilities). The suit does not rely on gears or any type of servos for mobility and movement, instead, the armor perfectly acts as a second layer of artificial, synthetic muscle which accentuates Stark's already enhanced strength levels. With a strict limit, Stark can exert round 100 tons of metric force.

As Virillium is sentient, and living, it doesn't like being harmed. Scanning Stark's armor and acquiring all of it's intelligence, the Virillium (and thus the suit) is coated within the superbly adaptable, rendering it very useful in continual defense.

Repulsor boot technology means the suit can safely reach hyper-velocity without harm, propelling itself to speeds of that which reach kilometers per second, this is particularly effective in space exploration and crossing the globe. There are exactly two repulsion units on his feet, two on his palms, one upon his chest, two (hidden) upon both elbows (for both guidance, evasion, and to help elbow an opponent with additional force) and two placed just below his shoulder-blades to enable Stark to rocket forward, and deliver power punches to devastate an opponent.

It boasts multiple weapons (repulsion technology, rockets, rail-gun, mini-guns, anti-metal claws etc, and more) which can be crafted on the fly by the Virillium and a mere thought by Stark, and boasts an extensive, helpful array of standard and extrasensory perception. A full range of electromagnetic spectrum feeds into the visual area of the brain and into the eyes, enabling the user to see almost anything in day, night, underwater, in space, through fog, etc. It also has highly advanced echolocation technology which gives the user almost unparalleled sonar and radar capabilities, and can tap into satellite imagery for aerial surveillance.


Boasting an almost innumerable amount of weaponry, for Virillium can shift itself into any form, however, these are the standard weapon systems available.

  • Repulsion beam technology: Laser-guided particle beam emission units mounted upon his palms, legs, chest, elbows, and under his shoulder blades, these are both offensive, defensive, for maneuverability and to assist flight. They are capable of destroying virtually anything given enough power. They are particularly useful against organic matter and structures, but less effective against metals. Sub-weaponry; Unibeam: Multi-band light and force beam emitter. Can be adjusted for a variety of effects such as searchlight, heat ray, tractor beam, laser, image inducer and broad-spectrum (UV to Infra-red) light beam. This is an enhanced repulsion beam upon his chest, and is vastly more powerful than his other repulsor units, capable of blasting through even the toughest structure.
  • Shoulder mounted mini-gun: A six-barreled mini-gun which can be constructed by the Virillium which fires over 8,000 rpm (rounds per minute). The gun takes around 0.4 seconds to reach maximum firing rate, and can be sustained until the ammunition is depleted without overheating. It uses an electronic firing system and fires case-less ammunition. It can be loaded with a wide array of various bullet types (which will be detailed later on). Default load out is 16000 rounds of depleted uranium bullets which are fired electrically, minimizing moving parts.
  • Micro-Rocket pack (Shoulder Mounted): Holds a variety of deadly rockets and can fire up to around 25 every 30 seconds, a reload time of fifteen seconds regardless of the rockets fired. The rockets are fired at speeds reaching hyper-sonic and can reach close targets almost instantly due to the speed, even if the explosive (or desired effect of the rocket) does not harm, the sheer kinetic force of the missile can decimate most targets. This rocket pack (on both shoulders) is mainly used to track targets via Stark's on-board computer, and can be controlled by Horizon to defend against surprise attacks which Stark hadn't seen himself. In all, this is sometimes less an offensive, but a defensive weapon. But it can do both very easily and effectively.
  • Forearm missile: Stark has missiles stored within a cylinder-like device in this forearm, capable of firing miniaturized military grade missiles, they store a larger explosive charge than his shoulder mounted rockets.
  • Kinetic beams and plasma bolts: Located and fired via his palm repulsion units (or his feet, or chest) these fire a pulse of pure kinetic energy which picks up speed the further it is fired, as it travels through the air, it absorbs ambient energy and amplifies itself. In effect, the further the enemy, the more potent the attack will eventually become. These can also be adjusted to fire a plasma bolt, used as a lethal piece of weaponry to burn even the toughest opponent where they stand.
  • High-Intensity laser: Stored upon both of his wrist's and two index fingers, Stark has a highly powered laser which can be adjusted to fire different outputs, it fires an infrared beam which can be tuned to a very high output to destroy the target or low output to warn or cripple the sensors of a designated target. Among the advantages of this device versus projectile weapons is the low energy cost per shot, as each firing of the weapon requires only the minimal cost of generating the energetic pulse; by contrast ordnance for projectile weapons takes up far more energy in creation, and then discharge. This is also more accurate and deadly, given a direct shot to a specific area, and subtle. This weapon is so precise, it is able to be scaled to allow it to be used on low-power to dazzle a person's eye to non-lethally make them turn away from a threatening posture, and increase to 30 thousand watts (30 kW) to fry sensors, burn out motors, and detonate explosive materials. If required, the laser can be adjusted to fire an output and intensity of that comparable to direct exposure to the sun, this can cut through virtually any matter, metal, wood, flesh, armor etc... However, this could also ignite the oxygen in the air, so it must be used sparingly.
  • Cryogenic beam: Using an unspecified method, Anthony Stark is able to discharge a beam which upon contact with most surfaces, has the desired effect of encasing the opponent in an isolation field which engulfs the opponents in an unnamed substance, which instantly beings to cause rapid deceleration of it's molecular/atomic structure, causing a rapid cooling and freezing effect. This is done to freeze an opponent or surface to a near absolute zero temperatures, instantly. It even freezes the air around an opponent if required.
  • Forearm canons: A double-barreled machine-gun stored upon both of Stark's wrists and pops out, which can be constructed by the Virillium which fires over 8,000 rpm (rounds per minute). The gun takes around 0.1 seconds to reach maximum firing rate, and can be sustained until the ammunition is depleted without overheating. It uses an electronic firing system and fires case-less ammunition. It can be loaded with a wide array of various bullet types (which will be detailed later on). Default load out is 10000 rounds of depleted uranium bullets which are fired electrically, minimizing moving parts. It takes advantage of Stark's automatic locking and tracking system, as do all of his weapons.
  • Magnetic ferrofluid-disruption device: An ingenious piece of weaponry to both disrupt and potentially devastate an opponent, stored (or synthesized) by the Virillium, a copious amount of ferrofluid (fluid in which fine particles of iron, magnetite or cobalt are suspended (although in this case, magnetized trion alloy, typically in an oil, or more commonly known as, magnetic liquid metal) which are fired from under-the wrist canon's at extreme velocities. Resembling a high-pressured water canon, the propelled ferrofluid slices through nearly any physical material, whilst dousing them with the potentially disrupting metal, impairing movement, vision, makes the entire surface slippery, and due to the oil component, it can be set alight, with the metallic components within the fluid burning the victim horribly along with the pure flames.
  • Sonic pulse: Emitting an immense burst of sound, Stark can fire a wave/pulse of pure sonic energy that is strong enough to physically push people away, burst eardrums, or disorientate them. It is both a lethal and non-lethal countermeasure.
  • Tranquilizers and other: Storing an array of tranquilizers (the likes of which to knock out even the most formidable metahuman), Stark habitually uses these if he seeks to subdue someone. They are fired in place of live bullets and be shot in rapid succession, barraging an opponent and making it very hard to avoid. Stark also employs poisons, nothing personally made but simply more potent versions of any which exist on planet earth.
  • S.P.I.N darts: Superpower inhibiting nanobots, derived from Peak Bots, however more specialized, these are used to generally strip a mutant of their powers temporarily or dampen them, or even, give somebody temporary powers. This is achieved by violently attacking the targets X-gene, using the largest known strain of the mutant X-Gene strain as a template, it does not work 100% of the time, as not all mutants have the same genetic code, however, through analysis, it has taken the biggest percentage and works on a majority of mutants, although this is not to be relied upon as it isn't tailored for a specific person, merely general.


All bullets come in a variety of different calibers for different purposes, possessing everything which the military has, these are some specific items which Stark also has, for more arduous situations;

  • Trion coated carbonadium armor piercing rounds: Coated in the metallic substance called trion, as strong as adamantium and capable of cutting through nigh anything, these carbonadium rounds are coated with trion to punch through an enemies armor and deliver the true blow; carbonadium, once carbonadium enters the body it can cause a variety of damaging and potential lethal effects, it is highly radioactive and objects composed of it have proven to slow accelerated healing, and even stunt them completely. It can cause rapid radiation sickness and shut down organs, resulting in death. These rounds are not to be taken lightly, once embedded into a target, they cause constant damage unless extracted.
  • Carbonadium hollow-point rounds: These hollow-point bullets are designed to increase in diameter once they hit the target, thus maximizing tissue damage and blood loss or shock, and to remain inside the target, thereby transferring all of the kinetic energy to the target (whereas some fraction would remain in the bullet if it passed through instead). Both of these goals are meant to maximize stopping power. Once the bullets have fired and entered the target, they scatter deadly carbonadium shrapnel into the target and shred their internal organs, carbonadium is not only stronger than steel and other metals (save for adamantium and vibranium) but it has the radioactive power to annihilate most. Combined with the hollow-point rounds effects, these bullets are lethal.
  • Atmospheric spacial isolation rounds: Bullets, derived from technology made by Andres Knightfall after Stark came into contact with the man's personal notebook (stolen from Antonia, but later returned). These bullets rapidly envelop the target in a specialized, spacial isolating field, specifically separating the enveloped target from the Earth's atmospheric pressure. As a result, the liquid that consists of seventy percent of the contents in the human body fails to remain in its liquid state, causing exponential expansion until the formation of water vapor. This violently causing severe internal swelling throughout the body, painfully swelling said target to approximately twice their body size. The swelling however, is insufficient to burst the skin. The absence of the Earth's pressure in this specific field possesses additional effects. The lack of pressure causes the oxygen in the bloodstream to reverse-dissolve and escape from the blood causing hypoxia, rendering the cardiovascular system useless, and no oxygen would be delivered to the muscles and vital organs. Difficulty in maintaining blood pressure would be an existent dilemma as well. The final effect due to the lowered pressure is the lowering of the boiling point for bodily fluids because the lower the pressure in an environment, the lower the boiling point will be for any liquid in said environment. The nonexistent pressure enables easier movement for molecules, requiring less thermal energy to transform the molecules of a liquid into a less dense gas. Due the complete absence of pressure within the momentarily materialized field, theoretically the boiling point for of a target's own blood would drop to the same as the standard human body temperature causing fluids to boil.
  • Thermally super-charged rounds: These thermally super-charged bullets are able to fly through the air while their atomic structure frantically vibrates causing a rapid heating of the metal to degrees which is capable of burning through virtually any material on the earth. The thermal potency of these bullets is boosted by trion's energy absorption-amplification capabilities meaning they can absorb the kinetic energy during flight, amplify it, and covert the energy into heat, rendering them thermally supercharged and extremely deadly. They are often used to burn holes through heavily armored opponents (and equipment/vehicles) with little to no effort whatsoever. They have even been known to burn through thinner layers of adamantium. They are fully made from trion, hence the intense heat generated, this also lends to them being highly penetrative.
  • Weaponized phosphorus: As an incendiary weapon, white phosphorus burns fiercely and can set cloth, fuel, ammunition and other combustibles on fire, and cause serious burns or death due to burning enemies to the bone, Stark uses a particularly fierce substance which can burn through steel. However, phosphorus is extra deadly because the particles continue to burn unless deprived of atmospheric oxygen, water and other traditional methods of putting out fires does not work.
  • Source Particle imbued rounds: Simply, Source Particle imbued rounds are capable of travelling intangible and becoming tangible once contact with an opponent has been made, bypassing armor and shields, additionally, they are able to enlarge/shrink an opponent at an atomic level.


Possessing a variety of defensive measures against all kinds of attack, Anthony Stark is a very hard and elusive man to harm in combat, doing so, even a superficial wound, is a very enviable achievement. Some are;

  • Virillium armor: Able to withstand considerable damage. Virillium also adapts to threats.
  • Forcefield: The armor is fully covered by a forcefield, although this can be breached.
  • Force Shield: A focused photon emitter on the back of his left wrist that shapes into a shield.
  • Electromagnetic Pulse: knocks out electrical systems within range.
  • Gas filters: Can filter out any gas that is intended to harm.
  • Foot stabilizers: If a high wind or current attempts to-pick himself up, He can magnetize his feet to the ground, or spikes come out and implant them-self into the floor.
  • Short-Range Projections: Able to make a 3D realistic hologram to distract enemies or for other fun uses.
  • Flares: Against missiles , Stored in his arms, and legs.
  • Self Destruct: As a last resort, if activated the core in the suit will create a nuclear blast.
  • Magnetic Force-Field: The suit creates a force-field which can be modified at will by its user. It can be so powerful to destroy bullets or repel people.
  • Defensive modes: Camouflage mode allowed Peak to blend into his surroundings while a stealth mode rendered him invisible to others’ sensors.
  • Teleportation: Able to teleport anywhere within the world.

Technology, personality traits etc -- All being updated

Peak Bots

Through intricate technological advancements, Stark crafted miniture bots known as Peak Bots, named after his industry but not being publicly attainable at all, only matching his specific bio-genetic code. Without his "DNA" they simply cannot work, and are smaller than traditional nanobots. These Peak-Bots are the size of sub-atomic particles individually, a single bot is mostly useless, barely existing in the physical realms due to its quantum scale being so negligible, after enough of these Peak-Bots are merged to one another they can create a single sized atom, yet having an atomic "memory" within the atomic upon a command to break up forming back into sub-atomic particles again on a whim. Once combined they can form virtually any atomic structure in existence, thus allowing Stark a form of technological healing, capable of repairing damaged flesh, bones, and other items (even non-organic etc). There is, however, a limit to how many he can use, and his stores can and will get depleted over time.

The Peak Serum

Utilizing his keen understanding of biology and chemistry, Anthony invented the formula known as the Peak Serum to help boost even the most insignificant or weak individual into somewhat of a super soldier with a mere injection. After the serum is administered via an injection directly into the bloodstream it almost instantly enhances the recipient in multiple ways, their neurological response times are sped up to a degree which allows them to think around ten times faster than most humans. The serum enhances the muscular motor unit recruitment patterns within the body to a degree which in turn gifts the recipient super human strength and speed. Motor unit recruitment is the activation of a muscle by repetitive recruitment of motor units to activate muscle fibers when required to move an object or exert physical force. When a motor neuron is activated, all of the muscle fibers triggered by the motor neuron are stimulated and contract, lifting a dumbbell for example would require a specific amount of muscle fibers to be recruited to lift the item. The activation of one motor neuron will result in a weak muscle contraction whereas the activation of multiple motor neurons will result in more muscle fibers being activated and creating a stronger muscle contraction.

Most people only recruit around 30% of their muscle fibers when contraction takes place, even the strongest weightlifter does not recruit anywhere near all of them. Stark is able to recruit 100% of his muscle fibers 100% of the time, meaning his muscular endurance and strength is exponentially heightened in effectiveness. This lends to him being able to perform feats which would make the strongest and most skilled Olympic power-lifter look like a baby in comparison. Stark's muscles work in a way which allows him to sprint at speeds coming close to 100MPH boosted by acrobatic abilities which allow him to sustain Hand-to-Hand fights with most of the meta-human community. The Serum, at his peak, allows Stark to lift around five, to ten tons -Their bone density is increased, allowing them to take more impact which would kill normal humans. A regenerative boost for injuries is also gifted, meaning Stark (who has been exposed to the Serum) can heal from wounds far faster than normal, all normal senses are also heightened. The serum also allows the body to sustain relentless combat for an elongated period of time without tiring like a normal human would.

Source Particles

Source particles are a unique, innovative piece of subatomic weaponry which are able to interact with the physical at a level which could easily, by some, be confused for magic. These particles are able to instantly alter the size of an objects physical mass thus, they can exponentially be used to increase or decrease an objects physical mass to scale without any adverse consequences. They have also been known to interact with their surroundings and flawlessly mimic the effects of intangibility, or even disrupt an opponents intangibility. The also have the capacity to disrupt most fields of energy and have even been known to infect an organic host and cripple their biological systems, ones used by the Gothic Knight, Kurt Pendragon, to disable a mutants X-Gene.

Anti-Metal Claws

Stark's Anti-Metal Claws are able to (in theory) cut through any metallic substance with ease whilst either rendering the material into a liquid state, or, sometimes, completely destroying the substance if it is a normal metal.

Miniature particle accelerator

As backup, Stark has within his chest a miniature particle accelerator, this reactor acts like a small version of a large particle accelerator, propelling particles at the speed of light into a perpetual circle loop, once this is achieved, Stark siphons the energy created and has a type of infinite energy as long as the loop never ends.