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When is the It: Chapter 2 release date?

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It’s been set in stone for a while now so don’t expect the It: Chapter 2 release date of September 6, 2019 to go anywhere. This might feel like a long time to wait but given that there was actually no confirmation that there was ever going to be a follow up until after the original movie’s successful release, this is pretty good going really. For the first film, Muschietti and his team were working on a script that had originally belonged to writer and director Cary Fukunaga, and adapted it in a way that meant we only saw the story of the kids. It Chapter Two watch online

This benefitted us as viewers as we got to enjoy a complete standalone tale, but also the film-making team as it meant that even if a sequel wasn’t given the go ahead, the first one could exist on its own bloodied feet without the, some would say necessary, sequel. Thankfully the It movie did so well, breaking records and kickstarting production on a slew of other great horror movies in Hollywood, that a sequel was greenlit. Thanks, It!

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The It: Chapter 2 trailer is a horrifying treat for King fans

Horror trailers are usually ten a penny(wise). Ominous music.... A jump scare or ten…. The odd terrified face speedily edited into a cocktail of terror to make sure you don’t know quite what’s going on. But then there’s the It: Chapter 2 trailer. Our first moving tease of the horror to come hones in on one scene and it’s not just simply scary but also serious fan service. I’m going to trust you’ve watched the trailer above. Put your face mask on. It’s time we dissected the action and I can’t promise there won’t be spray.

It: Chapter 2 release date, trailer, cast, and everything else you need to know

He’s baaa-aaack. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the circus (don't do that, it's never safe), Pennywise is returning this year to terrorise the Loser’s Club once again. Continuing the story from the first movie, It: Chapter 2 slickly moves the action 27 years on from the first It movie as the team battle the demons of the many-faced monster as adults. Original director Andy Muschietti is back at the helm and this time he’s joined by an impressive cast of Hollywood A-listers as the grown up Losers. Jessica Chastain is Beverley, damn it!

If you’ve experienced Stephen King’s tome, you know the drill here but here’s the Cliff’s Notes version if you haven’t already read. I know you’ll pick it up straight after this feature, it’s OK. The book isn’t split as cleanly as the movies but the story takes place over two time periods. One, with the Losers as children and the other with them returning to Derry as adults to find that they didn’t rid the town of the evil monster after all. Uh, and indeed, oh.

It: Chapter 2 is out September 6 so there’s still a bit to wait but thankfully there’s a veritable clown car’s worth of information out there. Below, I take a look at the changes from the book, break down that Hollywood cast, and take an in-depth look at *that* first trailer. Here’s everything you need to know about It: Chapter Two. And don’t let the horror stop there. Once you’re finished, feel free to head over to our upcoming horror movies to see other ways to be afraid (very afraid) this year.

Fast Facts:

It: Chapter 2 release date: September 6, 2019

It: Chapter 2 director: Andy Muschietti

It: Chapter 2 cast: Bill Skarsgard, Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard

It: Chapter 2 writer: Gary Dauberman

Beverley’s return home is a scene directly lifted from King’s book. The seemingly adorable little old lady, Mrs Kersch, lets her in for tea and *gulp* cookies before eventually revealing her true form as one of the many faces of It. The, errr, execution here though is perfectly excruciating. Muschietti’s inventive horror means we’re constantly on the back foot along with Jessica Chastain’s Beverley. The scratching record player, the suddenly twitching inhuman figure down the hall over Bev’s shoulder, even the idea of drinking liquid from this hot grimy room feels vile. The tension on show in a mere two minutes before the reveal of Pennywise in a mere picture frame is frankly devastating. It’s also lovely proof that something truly horrible is on the way in the full movie.

While the rest of the grown up Loser’s Club are relegated to the return to regular horror fare at the end of the trailer, it’s no less exciting to see them in adult form. We get a very quick glimpse of the team reuniting for the infamous book scene in the Chinese restaurant and there’s obviously going to be a return to the sewers to try and rid Derry of its evil forever. Even the shot of Pennywise floating overhead with Up-style balloons manages to be fan service. That’s no ordinary statue he’s passing by. It’s Paul Bunyan, the giant model that comes to life in the books, complete with enormous axe.

There’s even a glimpse of a tantalising funfair and what looks suspiciously like the room that Jessica Chastain said the following about on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon "There's a scene - and someone said on set that it's the most blood that's ever been in a horror film in a scene. I can tell you the next day I was pulling blood out of my eyeballs, like, fake blood." Yum? An especially creepy moment comes courtesy of James McAvoy as Bill staring into a sewer and seeing a faceless, yellow raincoat clad Georgie, reaching out, paper boat in hand. *shiver* September seems too far away.

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