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American Son Part 2 1

At a press conference, Harry confirms that he is coming to work with Norman Osborn and his Avengers, and is seen shaking hands with their black-suited Spider-Man (Venom). Peter is watching the replay of the conference and can't believe it, and expresses this disbelief to Harry. Harry can't bring himself to tell Peter just why he's taking the deal, which is to protect his unborn child with Lily. Harry tells Peter that he's a good friend, but that ultimately his family isn't any of his business. H...

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"New Ways to Die" Part 4: "Opposites Attack" 0

Anti-Venom continues to inadvertently drain Spidey of his powers, despite the wallcrawler's protestations to stop. Meanwhile, Menace is giving Osborn an ultimatum: leave town and stop interfering in the politics of New York... or else! Osborn radios the Thunderbolts, goading Menace to attack him. The new goblin accelerates his glider into Osborn lifting him off the ground. Osborn loses his radio; before he can give the code that will release Bullseye into the arena. Norman regards Menace with ...

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Part 3 of "Character Assassination" 1

The newscasters who have been following and reporting on the upcoming Mayoral Election break the story that Spider-Man has been arrested, and issue some commentary on how this will affect the polling for Hollister, as they expect a major upturn in support for the candidate as a result. Meanwhile, Spider-Man, in full restraints, is brought in to the 5th Precinct of the NYPD. Carlie continues her confrontation with Vin and his partner about their role in the Spider-Tracer conspiracy, as she le...

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Part 2 of "Unscheduled Stop" 0

At the F.E.A.S.T. Center, May Parker is disappointed that Peter is late arriving. She sees a report on the TV about the subway car accident, but disregards it upon finding out that it was a private car for the sequestered jurors in t he case against Giacomo. Meanwhile, Peter tries to quickly web up the ceiling as much as possible, but it's still not holding. Spider-Man tries to get Shocker to reveal how he got down to this level, so that they can all manage to escape with their lives. He threa...

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"Old Huntin' Buddies" 1

The Punisher crashes a mob meeting where a briefcase-exchange is taking place. After wiping out some criminals and blowing up a mansion, he takes off with one of the people who were meeting there. Elsewhere, Peter is trying out as a cabbie to make some extra cash. He's not doing too well – and he only really knows the city from above. Back on the street, who bumps into and recognises The Punisher. The Punisher obviously doesn't recognise him back. As Spidey, he follows him back to a warehouse ...

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"Character Assassination" Part 2: "Menace Over Manhattan" 0

As newscasters recap the most recent political events and commentary on the upcoming mayoral election of New York City, Harry Osborn and Lily Hollister are on the Statue of Liberty, discussing his proposal. The conversation doesn't go well, as Lily isn't sure if it's too soon, and if he's ready considering his track records in the past. He's put off, hurt, and when her father calls her, she quickly bails, leaving Harry in the shadow of his past as the Goblin, or is it something more... Meanwh...

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