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This is a list of characters who are known to crack jokes or possess an uncanny sense of humor of any kind: dry, ironic, annoying, lame, sadistic etc... and like to play pranks and annoy people

List items

  • He's the Joker, his name says it all...He sees everything as a joke and he never takes anything seriously. He even once made Batman the Dark Knight (who hardly smiles at all) laugh.

  • He's the merc-with-a-mouth, he just keeps talking and talking and talking...driving his opponents insane. His mouth was stated to be one of DP's offensive weapons in battle.

  • Spidey talks a lot, which is one of the many reasons his enemies hate him so much. His famous for craking jokes in battle, often annoying both allies and ennmies.

  • He's the comic relief of the Fantastic Four.

  • He's also a comic relief of the Fantastic Four, and he can also be pretty funny in solo action

  • He has a joking personality and he is sometimes the comic relief of the Justic League and Teen Titans.

  • Comic Relief of the Teen Titans. He uses a sense of humor to cover his anger.

  • He often cracks "dry" jokes concerning Batman and Bruce Wayne's double personality.

  • She had been the Joker's girlfriend/henchman for years so she should have a twisted sense of humour like her pudin'.

  • Creeper is a phsychotic hero with a double personality whose laugh can hurt people so i guess he makes this list.

  • The Mask is the combination of Creeper and Joker. He likes to play pranks and give wedgies. He's a moving cartoon.

  • They are the Jokerz!

  • He can tell a few jokes. In the Iron Man movies he was pretty funny.

  • She inherited her daddy's sense of humour.

  • An old sidekick of the Joker, he's a clown.

  • He cracks jokes during fights

  • A female version of Deadpool with all of DP's traits including humour

  • Tito is a kid version of Deadpool with all DP's traits.

  • Another alternate version of deadpool, this one is a zombie head that keeps on talking