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The Dogma Files: 001 The Boltzmann Blitz-- CV'22 History

September 7th 1945, Germany

The Boltzmann Blitz

In the world's history, nobody could have seen World War II coming until it was too late. It stands to reason this is an example that anything that can happen, will. It's not daydreaming. It's science. Imagine our surprise when we found out an omniscient mind came into consciousness in the Heart of the third Reich. It seemed across billions of years, atoms played in the cosmic web under the right circumstances for the right amount of time, and then came a new, infant god in the middle of Hitler's war. Intel suggested it could not be controlled but it could be...nudged. Persuaded to do things in exchange for knowledge. It's currency. It's one natural resource.

We believed this creature to be a Boltzmann Brain--a brain made entirely on it's own by random formation. One day it was not the next it simply was. Needless to say this spurred devotion in Adolf Hitler that was reserved for Messiahs by his chosen closest guard. They fought tooth and nail for weeks after the end of the war, using the Boltzmann Brain to create fantastical defensive devices that confused the mind and lacked then modern defintion.

Finally, either through fatigue or sheer boredom, the Boltzmann Blitz ended and the brain stopped offering AID to the krouts, Hitler ate a bullet, and we offered The entity more food than it would know in it's infinite wisdom to do with. The Brain, as it was so named, became an ally in the future of our country in ways the public world may never know. With it's help we were able to build it a facsimile to express itself physically. A hologram carried by a suit that we perfected with its help and the boys in R & D sometime around the late 80s. Robots were really big in the 80s.

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--End File

Log ID: Tom Newcastle

Division: The Black Hats