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Civil War Review 0

The Story - 10/10 Not only do we get beautiful draw hero-against-hero action, we also have some altering drama. The Fantastic 4 split up, with Reed  supporting the Act, Sue  against it and Johnny and Ben stuck in the middle. Captain America and Iron Man, who were once the best of friends, nearly killing each other and the numerous deaths of heroes and villains. The Artwork- 9/10 The artwork is top notch, jumping between realistic and comic book but not going too far on either side. The battle sc...

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House Of M Review 0

I think that the House M is the greatest epic I have came across. This shocker cancels out the 'Xorn is Magneto' storyline by a long shot! Wanda going insane, massive white explosion and then suddenly everybody, powers or no powers, mutant or human, seem to be getting their dreams coming true! This story is one for the X-Fans out there, full of twist and turn and it really keeps you on your feet....

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