Characters Who Can Grow And/Or Shrink

Characters with the power to grow to enormous size, or shrink to microscopic proportions. Or both.

May contain spoilers.

List items

  • One of Wonder Woman's more iconic foes, Giganta grows to enormous size, with proportionate strength. She is supposedly almost as strong as Superman when fully grown.

  • Creator of the matter-altering Pym Particles, Hank Pym has been everything from Ant-Man to Giant-Man and quite a few in between. He can control both his size and mass, making him a powerful opponent. He supposedly cannot grow much larger than a few hundred feet, lest his bones get crushed by his own weight.

  • Elasti-Girl (also known as Elasti-Woman) can change her size from microscopic to towering. She can also shapeshift her body in various useful forms.

  • Donning Ray Palmer's belt and becoming the All-New Atom, Ryan Choi has all the abilities of Ray Palmer's Atom, able to shrink down to microscopic levels while still controlling his mass. He is a younger, inexperienced, and somewhat clumsy Atom, though is still highly resourceful.

  • Dwarfstar is just kind of a dick.

  • A super-powered, teenage stripper, Thumbelina shrinks with the help of a special serum she carries with her. She is unfortunately quite addicted to her serum, which causes her to become delusional and paranoid.

  • Engulfed, destroyed, and resurrected, Dr. Manhattan is the result of a science experiment gone wrong. He has unprecedented control over all matter, able to alter, destroy, and create most all things in the universe. With the figurative powers of a God, he eventually ends up leaving Earth to create his own world.

  • Apache Chief is a size-altering Native American superhero, and member of the Super Friends (analogous to the JLA or JSA. He has never actually appeared in any mainstream DC comics.

  • Jet Jaguar is a size-altering robot/kaiju, first appearing in the film Godzilla vs. Megalon. Created and controlled by inventor Goro Ibuki, he can grow to 50ft in size, and is mostly regarded as an ally to Godzilla.

  • The daughter of Ant-Man Scott Lang, Cassie Lang uses Pym Particles as the giant hero, Stature, a member of the Young Avengers. She can supposedly shrink, too, though rarely (if ever) does.

  • This young woman is a white supremacist and Neo-Nazi who was apart of team of evil doppelg√§ngers to the Young Avengers. Calling themselves superheroes, she was going to join the actual Young Avengers, until her ideologies, unsurprisingly, turned murderous.

  • The Cassie Lang of the Earth-1610 heads up this strike team made up of size-shifting giant women.

  • A 19-year-old girl who can alter matter to her will, sort of like a far less disciplined Dr. Manhattan.

  • For a time, Hawkeye used Pym Particles to grow to giant size as the superhero Goliath.

  • Robyn Hood is an experimental android, who can seemingly take all damage inflicted against her and channel it to grow several feet in size. Rejecting her mission briefing, she has become a sloppy, though ideologically optimistic, vigilante, bringing a unique brand of justice to the streets of Boston during the Occupy Wall Street movement.