Andy's (Current) Top 5!

These are my current Top 5 favourite comic series. They're not "best," they're my personal favourites - the ones that speak to my particular interests and biases. So don't like complain cos Batman ain't in it or whatever.

List items

  • I've never been more compelled to read a series from start to finish before. The world crafted in Saga is a surreal, magical place; where homicidal robot kings with TVs for heads share panels with rocketship trees, dragons, and big-balled giants. And yet all the characters are really believable, likable, three-dimension people - a perfect sci-fi/fantasy.

  • Eric Powell's The Goon is as insane as it is somber, and starting with the stunning Chinatown arc, it's also one the best-looking painted comics in print. The Goon reminds me of the kind of comic I'd make, if only I was half as good an artist as Eric Powell - and a quarter as creative. Inspired stuff.

  • What to say about Chew. Um, it's really pretty, and staggeringly witty, and funny, and unique. And also it has great characters and compelling plots and did I mention how pretty it is? Chew. If you aren't an idiot you'd've read it by now.

  • The Marvel NOW! Hawkeye is probably the best thing Marvel has done, if not recently, but probably with the character ever since his inception... and that's saying a lot. This series is consistently more witty, charmingly, creative, ingenious, and downright intelligent than it has any right to be - and I love it for it. Also, Pizza Dog! Pizza Dog is a dog that likes pizza and solves crimes. TEN OUTTA TEN.

  • Judge Dredd meets biting, almost heavy-handed satire with the "thrill!" of robots and rayguns. It's a fun action series, but the wit and wry sense of humour the writers and artists of 2000AD infuse into it is what makes it the standout of the hallowed publication.

    i kind of just like it cos dredd punches people in the face though

    "i am the law" lol