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no such thing as love intro

[ this is part 1 of a real life story with the names changed so as to not anger to folks involved ]

Mike smiled to himself as he lay still in his soft bed with the cover wrapped around his warm body with the door laying wide open .

He slowly awakened and turned his head but his light blue eyes widened with shock as he looked at the empty space in his bed .

" Mar-y? " he asked himself as he stared at the space were his love should have been but was not and instead was replaced with a dark emptiness .

He slowly stepped out of bed and walked in to the living room and turned to the sofa that sat at the end of the room .

He slowly moved his hand along the sofa and his hands hit off a lump of cloves and he moves his left hand inside the pile .

He picked up the cell phone that lay inside and his eyes filled with tears as he read the texts it held inside .

" Oh god no " Mike wipers as his eyes widen and he fills with anger and pain .

" Shes been cheating " he said to himself with a grim voice that was filled with pain .


thanks to willdvine

I am here today to thank a close friend of mine and that friend is .

She has stood with me in my good and bad days and helped me find hope in my writing.

Her fics are amazing and she is one of the nicest girls i have ever met .

So think you missvine and i hope to help you out one day too :).

To wildvine ...

Thank you my dear friend, i love you and wish you the best in life :) * hug*



A man sits in a small dark room humming to himself with a frown across his face .

the door that lays before him opens and a man step out .

the man lets out a light smile before he sits on the other side of the 1st man .

" well well Mr Merkel " the man says with a grin " my name is Jim Corrigan and it so nice to meet you in the flesh " .

" i know who you are" Merkel says " your that tec with the rich bitch for a girl " he giggles.

Corrigan ignores the insult " so you have quite the job don't you , i didn't think that you would ever be took down but here you are " he says.

" yeah and i wouldn't have been if it weren't for that fucker in the gas-mask " Merkel says .

Corrigan bursts in to laughter " haha you mean you expect me to believe that the sandman came for you "

" oh i wouldn't be saying that if i were you " Merkel says " hes very real and he has eyes as black as the night sky " .

" yeah right " Corrigan says dusting down his short black hair " oh yeah and next you will be telling me that a guy will dress up as a bat 25 years from now"

" oh fu-" Merkel is cut off as two men drag him to his cell " you and Swift should start a club " Corrigan yells .

Corrigan smiles and picks up his phone and dills the number of his best friend and childhood crush Dinah Drake.

" hello ? " Dinah asks " is this Jim ?" she asks nicely with a slight Irish hint to her voice .

" yup that's me " Corrigan says " i was going to ask if you would like to come with me and the wife to the boxing match tonight "

" sure i would love to " , " we could ask Wesley to come too " she says.

" that would be nice " Corrigan says " the three of us were so close in high school ".

" yup i allways found it cute that both of you had a thing for me" she giggles.

" anyway i got to go bye " Corrigan says kindly with a blush on his face .

" bye " Dinah says then she makes a kissing sound and hangs up.

meanwhile ...

a thug runs down into the dark city with sweat running down his face .

but he looks up to see a man in a gasmask and hat stares down at him from the roof top above .

" oh go-" he says as a gas ball hits the floor and blows up .

the man in the mask picks up the body and ties it up for the cops .

" happy dreaming " he says to the body .

he runs home and unmasks .

He puts on his casual cloves and runs to the boxing match that he was invited to .

[ At the boxing match ]

The three long time friends standout out side the boxing ring as they look out for Wesley Dodds .

Once Wesley gets to them they all sit down and watch as the main event steps on the ring .

" Ted's is the master at this " one man says .

" Yeah he could kick anyones ass " a woman says .

As the four watch Ted grant fight his way to the top Dinah moves her head in to Wesley 's chest and smiles.


In a dark room a man looks at the screen that lays before him and smiles .

" When the sky turns purple " he says to himself " when the sky turns purple"

He says as the screen shows four men that have been chosen for his plans.


Joygirl intrview

andrewtheking: Welcome boys and girls I'm here with the lovely Joygirl to do a interview

andrewtheking : so Joygirl , how are you today ?

joygirl: I'm alright, a little bit sleepy, still have this damnable song stuck in my head. Yourself?

andrewtheking: i'm very good thanks . so lets get down to the interview

andrewtheking : what made you want to write fanfics ?

joygirl : Harley Quinn, primarily. Anyone who pays half a speck of attention to my activities on the site knows I'm among her biggest fans -- the time came that I finally decided she needed some consistent writing that showed off her character and ability. Gotham Hearts was that story, and it extended into Secret Six which is still ongoing and being written with Irishlad.

After that I decided it was good, fun practice for my more serious writing, so I'm still at it with a few other stories as well. I just wanted to do great characters justice... I'm looking at you, Adam Glass.

andrewtheking: mine is sonic , that guy needs to be done well.

so what is your advice to new writers ?

joygirl : Be very careful to avoid what I call "shopping list description" -- laying out a list of physical description in a run-on sentence. It's boring and screams "amateur". A good way to avoid that is to include description into action, fitting traits into actual events, e.g. "He closed his eyes, running his fingers through his straight, dark locks", etc.

andrewtheking : yes i agree

so who are your comic book crushes ?

joygirl: Harley Quinn, obviously. Batwoman, Bleez. Nightcrawler to a lesser extent. Shifter and Downpour at the same time. Starfire. Quicksilver's cute but I wouldn't call him a crush. Too many really.

andrewtheking: cool .

What is the one battle you would love to see ?

joygirl: A lot. I'd love to see Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy go to all-out war against each other. I've got a ton of threads on the battles forum (the majority of which can be found here) and I'd just love to see almost all of them.

andrewtheking: nice, lots of cool ideas .

what are some of the things that you love about comicbooks ?

joygirl: They are quiet and yet still have pictures. :P Also, I can stare at pretty pictures for as long as I like without the story moving forward, like in movies. Mostly I just love superheroes regardless of medium, but comics can be a lot of fun.

andrewtheking: wise words .

fave users on this site ?

joygirl: SC, BumpyBoo, Ravager4, Lykopis. ^_^

andrewtheking: good folks .

who the folks you would like to thank for getting you to this point ?

joygirl: My mom. She's the only person who's really, truly, strongly supported my writing since a young age.


cute :).

so i am doing a very long sonic fanfic , any advice on how to get people to read it and how to make it good ?

joygirl:No clue honestly, besides "do a good job with it, keeps your theirs apart from your theres and dot your I's and cross your T's and whatnot. I don't really know anything about Sonic.

andrewtheking: OK thanks :)

would you like to say anything to your fans ?

joygirl : yes.

You guys rock, and you really need to leave more comments. :P

Also, if you wanna learn to write, don't study writing -- read books, and practice.


Good advice

so that's all guys .

i would like to thank Joygirl for letting me interview her :) and i would like to thank you guys for letting both me and her have a chance to shine :)

say bye joy joy :)

joygirl:Tidings. *bows deeply*


Marvel Re-imagined : nextwave isuse 1 [of ten]

a group of men run like the wind as a massive beast runs after the group .

the beast roars and shakes the ground and lots of the men fall in to a hole .

the beast was a giant green dog with the head of brain blessed .

inside the beasts head is a huge lab fulled with men and woman in white coats .


the voice came from a man who strikes fear in to every one he meets , a man who is said to have had fist fights with the devil every Monday for five years .

a man known as ARMLESS TIGER MAN

" the power in this town shall be mine " he said as he jumped about in his highly advanced ddr pad .

" sir,sir " a young redheaded woman yelled, ARMLESS TIGER MAN turned and looked at her " what , what is it? he asked

"that " the woman pointed to a massive ship flying at the beast [ he fell off his highly advanced ddr pad in shock ]

[inside the ship]

A group of monkeys in lap coats ran about as the commander yells at them .

" We have to get to that power before that mother ☠☠☠☠ ARMLESS TIGER MAN gets to it"

One of the monkeys turns to him and says " but mister anger that would be highly highly illogical for the so called power may not even be real , and a army is in our way "

" I don't care if we have to take part in a mother☠☠☠☠ gang-bang with a group of Nazis , we will get that bloody power or i will eat a baby without any milk " dirk anger yells .

" Well we could find a group to do it for you , perhaps some lades and gents who owe you" the monkey says .

" Ah a good old game of super team , i think i could find some subjects in time " dirk smiles and turns to a screen behind him .

"Bring me up the owe me folder " dirk says and the screen brings up four people

" I think i have found our team " dirk says to himself.


jla the animated series season 1

episode 1- origin part 1

the episode begins with green lantern [ Hal ] flying about in space , he hears a strange sound and turns to see a black hole, A eye begins to form inside the black hole. Back on earth we see super man saving a bunch of kids , but a white being attacks him he fights with the beast as more come at him . Hal comes to earth and helps him fight the beasts he tells super man about the eye and the black hole and the two go to space but more and more white beings attack the two . the beasts group together and the eye looks over the earth . so wonder woman, Aquaman , and the Flash come to save the day .

episode 2 - origin part 2

the episode begins with the hero's standing up to the beasts , and the eye shapes in to a giant star fish . [meanwhile in the batcave ] Bruce Wayne looks at the fight and Alfred says to him " they are hero's like you you know " , Bruce puts on the bat-suit and drives to the city .

he gets there and finds wonder woman, Aquaman , and the Flash fighting the beasts as super man and Hal fight starro .

the martian man-hunter lands on earth and tells the group about the white martians and starro .

the tean use team work.

the team take out the white martians and starro . and form a team .

in a dark lab Lex Luther sits with a shadowed man , " he failed " lex says . "No we won " the man says.

more coming soon

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