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Perfect! 0

I missed having a Batwoman series while it was away, but with this? It was very definitely worth the wait. I love that Julia Pennyworth is back from her Batman Eternal appearances (she's such a good character). This first storyline goes into Kate's (Batwoman's) lost year, after she left the military. I've been reading Marguerite Bennett's DC Bombshell series (which you should also read, absolutely!), so I was expecting great things already, but, if anything, this was better than my expectations....

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Read it! 0

Raven's an awesome character, and I really like the character development that's in this story. From her aunt's family, to a circle of friends she gathers around her while going to school, to going into her beliefs and how those interact with her aunt's strong belief in God. Really looking forward to the new 12-issue follow up series. Hope it's popular enough that it gets turned into an ongoing (send DC fan mail asking for that please)....

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