Character Profile - Franklin Park

"If I can think of it, I can build it."

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Personal Details

Name: Franklin Park

Codename: Ananke(?); Hardware

Nicknames: Patsy, "Wide-Eyes"

Occupation: Currently on unemployment; Mercenary (aide)

Identity: Complicated

Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan or Gothic City

Origin: Mutant (X-gene)

Age: 23

Hair: Black

Eyes: Black

Gender: Male

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 135

Affiliates: Ananke


Franklin Park was born in Detroit, Michigan, or Gothic City. He lived back and forth between divorcees so many times by an age he could remember that neither parents in his dysfunctional family could agree on which. Because of this, as a child Franklin was never allowed to establish firm roots anywhere - not until his father died, after which he stayed in Gothic for most of the rest of his life. However not much is known - the constant moving and resulting "new kid syndrome" left him with a social anxiety and outright awkwardness, and school records even as far back as elementary are nonexistent; at least until he needs a normal job, after which he suddenly attended a college prep high school, graduated early into the Ivy League or some other college (prestigious, close to the heart of an employer, or both), and then graduated university with honors. Other records - medical, legal, or even occupational - may also be duplicitous.

Some time ago Franklin seems to have run into Ananke and the two are partners. It is unknown whether he has any personal details or not, though it seems he operates with the same functional knowledge as anyone else, slightly more. He acts in many cases as the mercenary's physical presence and, some believe, personal techie in exchange for a cut of the pay from clients. Why would she choose a socially awkward outsider with no real credentials? That's anybody's guess, but the system seems to work. Some who know of a connection say Franklin is Ananke, and that he plays up the "connection" for several reasons including power or personal mystique.

Powers + Abilities

Franklin is a mutant with an X-gene and an intuitive talent for electrical and mechanical devices, bolstered by the power to perceive electromechanical energy at work. With his power he can instinctively recognize functional and potential applications of any technological, mechanical and electrical devices in his visual range, as well as conceive of modifications to and countermeasures against such applications. His skills and abilities altogether allow him to design and build any device he can conceive, and to build, modify, operate, and disassemble any device he sees. It should be noted that Franklin cannot operate a device if he physically is not able (for example, a device which absolutely requires three arms to function, because he does not have three arms, or a suit of armor fitted for a particular size). However, he could conceive of a way to modify such a device so that he could physically operate it. In most simplest terms he would describe his power as such:

"If I can think of it, I can invent it."

This is not exactly true. Franklin still requires materials to work with and cannot create something from nothing. But when a man creates something, his mind works through principles, theory and various other logical steps. For a genius to build a working circuit board, he or she must understand how circuits work, properties of viable materials, the properties of those things to be used in conjunction with the circuit board, optimal environmental conditions, et cetera. Some details are worked out unconsciously, but others may need to be consciously accounted. Even creating something as simple as a lever requires some understanding of how physical objects interact. Franklin's intuition essentially allows him to "cheat" by working out all steps beyond conception, subconsciously.

This intuition and ability are beyond even his own understanding and intellect. For someone of his age and financial status with his resources, Franklin is reasonably gifted in matters of software and engineering. But it could be said, without absolute lie, that he isn't as smart as his ability. Because he doesn't consciously work out every step in the design and creation process, these post-conception steps "float below the radar" and elude his conscious understanding. Even in creating a device he might not be able to tell anyone exactly how it works the way it does, but asked to take it apart and put it back together so that it still worked, he could do so without a problem. His mental state in these times is often similar to a person sleepwalking or working at a tedious task for which they need not devote any significant mental resources. For the love of his ability, he prefers to deal in conception and let his mind take care of the rest.

Franklin's mutation also gifts him with a secondary ability. What it is, exactly, is anyone's guess. Most would assume technopathy. Franklin says of himself that he can "talk to" technology and "get it to do what [he wants]." This may or may not be true, but he has been known to literally talk to technology and receive positive outcomes, and never without talking. He has also never used his ability on any piece of technology outside of his vocal range. One theory is that he is a technopath and these facts are all coincidental due to focus; this is often combined with the theory that he's a schizophrenic, and the only way he focuses his mind enough to use his ability is to interact in this way. Ananke refers to it as a "technological empathy."

Franklin is not known to possess any exceptional (or even ordinary) martial arts skill or physical giftedness.

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