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Personal Details

Full Name: Unknown

Alias: Ananke

Species/Power Origin: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Hair: Unknown

Eyes: Unknown

Identity: Secret

Occupation: Information broker, mercenary

Relationship status: Unknown, probably single

Affiliations (Flexible): Clients, The Lux Cabal, Satar & The Brahma Brotherhood


(Purposefully synoptic, to be updated)

Known as Ananke in her professional circle, her true identity is unknown as are most details about her history and person. This is because, where she operates, she does so primarily from a distance. Her modus operandi is a habit of operating through avatars of various types. The most notable of these avatars is a translucent blue feminine form which leads most to conclude the same of the operator's gender.

Powers + Abilities

Natural-born powers, if she has any, are unknown. But, to say Ananke operates from a distance may be an understatement. She does not use firearms or even herself appear on the field of battle. Rather, she is physically absent. Instead, Ananke connects herself to happenings almost entirely via electronic means. She's a skilled hacker likely backed by impressive technology, able to remotely breach secure systems from cameras in the public space to private databases, or even personal devices such as phones.

Her skills include electrical and mechanical engineering capabilities, and some would speculate on a military background due to the fact that she can operate drones and military craft as one might a car. In carrying out her work, she may be likely to use a drone strike as well as to sabotage a target's brakes.

"Notable Suspects"

Franklin Park

Lazuli Sarisang