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Comic Grading...Can It Survive The Digital Future

Comic Grading for the comic book reader and collector:

I mean you buy a 3.99 or more comic and then stick in plastic for almost 20 dollars. Well now you have almost 25 dollars or more in supposed value comic sitting in your collection.  
Or do you?  
An old adage 'Everything is Worth What a Purchaser Will Pay for It' is very true I have found in personal experience from buying and selling graded comics. Yet I can't help but feel that vanity has driven my own purchases and must drive other purchasers of graded comics. We must own that comic sitting in that plastic bloc, that one issue! We must have it, the feeling is immense and our lives feel incomplete without it.... 
I feel the people out there grading comics are doing the industry a favour on the whole keeping select issues and comics alive in history and giving people the chance to say 'I OWN THAT ISSUE' etc. etc.  
Yet now you can own that issue and your whole collection on your hard drive.
So will it and can grading comics survive in the digital future?


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Even if comics go completely digital they will still grade existing comics. Like you said, as long as someone is buying. Although I have hundreds and hundreds of comics, I am more of a reader than a collector. I often don't care about how good of shape it's in, I just want to read them. I put effort into keeping my comics in good shape. Of course I'll try to get the nicer copies, but I'm not paying a fortune for something I'll be afraid to actually read. 

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Having a digital copy is a lot different to having the actual issue. 
Smae principle now with TPB's and originals. 
Collectors will still collect.

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Two great comments by Gylan Thomas and jloneblackheart in response to your Blog post and I agree with them both.   
Like jloneblackheart, condition isn't everything to me.  There are so many great comic back issues worth reading but are often hard to acquire because of price.  I wish that wasn't the case, a lot of comic book dealers and private collectors mark up the value to the Nth level.  I mention it because I can see where having a digital copy of back issues would be helpful in this area.  Also, you factor in the rarity of some issues esp. from the Golden Age, and having comics available digitally really makes sense for those who'd like to read them at least.  
I think that comics from the Golden Age and Silver Age are the ones that should be sought out by collectors for their values as "investments", as well for their stories.  Reason being there are fewer copies of comics from these time periods due to the paper rationing during WW II and the fact people didn't hold onto their comics back then.   I do collect comics from the Bronze Age but do it primarily for the wild stories and art, plenty of wacky stuff, but often I find the paper and printing are usually not the best.   
Current comics or even Modern Age comics, I really would NOT worry about collecting for investment purposes.   You'd be surprised, there are some affordable Golden Age and Silver Age comics worth seeking out and collecting if you're in it for the investment angle.   
Does make me wonder though, I think having issues available digitally will affect Modern Age and current comics more than the older ones!