Comic Grading...Can It Survive The Digital Future

Comic Grading for the comic book reader and collector:

I mean you buy a 3.99 or more comic and then stick in plastic for almost 20 dollars. Well now you have almost 25 dollars or more in supposed value comic sitting in your collection.  
Or do you?  
An old adage 'Everything is Worth What a Purchaser Will Pay for It' is very true I have found in personal experience from buying and selling graded comics. Yet I can't help but feel that vanity has driven my own purchases and must drive other purchasers of graded comics. We must own that comic sitting in that plastic bloc, that one issue! We must have it, the feeling is immense and our lives feel incomplete without it.... 
I feel the people out there grading comics are doing the industry a favour on the whole keeping select issues and comics alive in history and giving people the chance to say 'I OWN THAT ISSUE' etc. etc.  
Yet now you can own that issue and your whole collection on your hard drive.
So will it and can grading comics survive in the digital future?