Titans of the Multiverse

Teen Titans #75
Teen Titans #75
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  Based on the idea of the Supermen of the Multiverse from Final Crisis, I created a list Teen Titans of the Mutiverse!

List items

  • They were created from Dr. Destiny in a fake multiverse. The Justice Titans consist of 7 members: Night Lantern, Donna Wonder, The Flash, Aquaborg, Star Canary, Hawkbest, and Terranado.

  • Dead Pretty Boy, Witchie-Poo, Prosthtic Lass, and Captain Thug.

  • If the Amalgram universe was finally acceptable, Spiderboy would be a great asset. (Spiderman & Superby)

  • Impulse & Quicksilver

  • Robin & Jubilee

  • The evil Robin from Earth-3, turned good by his girlfriend, Duela Dent/The Joker's Daughter.

  • The daughter of Earth-3 heroes The Jokester, Three-Face, and The Riddler. Dead since Countdown to Final Crisis #51.

  • From Earth-22, the KINGDOM COME world.

  • The Earth-22 version of Lian Harper, a.k.a The Red Hood.

  • The Earth-22 version, a.k.a. Darkstar.

  • From Earth-10, this Supergirl is a clone of Overman, the Nazi German version of Superman. I assume she's good. Dead since she passes the Bleed in Final Crisis #3.

  • The reverse gender of Supergirl.

  • Though they do not call themselves Titans, but they are a kid version of the Authority, like how the Teen Titans are a little league version of the Justice League.

  • From EARTH-31, along with Carrie/Cat-Girl and Lara/Supergirl.

  • Somewhere in an unidentified Earth where the world is full of of PULP characters (both derived from classic DC characters and also drawing on classic literary pulp characters as well), he would be an interesting Multiverse Titan (for being The Spirit's sidekick).