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The New Terror Titans

 In the aftermath of Terror Titans #6, Clock King is on the run and the remaining 3 (Dreadbolt, Persuader, and Copperhead) plan revenge against him....I think that there should be new members for this vendetta. And for this new mini-series...there should be New Terror Titans vs. the old Terror Titans.

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  • The Trident mantle has been used by 4 people, 2 of which are dead....a new person would make an interesting collection for the New Terror Titans. How about a younger brother of the Sammy Jaye, a Trident died in New Teen Titans Vol. 1 #33.

  • A major villain to Cassie/Wonder Girl, but lesser known in the super-villain team community. This Silver Swan needs to be with people of her own age.

  • I know that he's a hero, but it is revealed that he is a robot created by the original Toyman...thus making him a Trojan Horse in the superhero community and a threat.

  • His son, not the 'undead' one, might be a good asset to the team...but maybe too smart for this crowd.

  • The son of Dr. Sivana.

  • The daughter of Dr. Sivana.

  • The niece of Lex Luthor.

  • The daughter of Lex Luthor and Contessa Erica Del Portenza. She was given special abilities by Brainiac, and aged her into a young woman.

    Despite being an infant again, she could revisit her experience again. Another powerful candidate.

  • Despite his death, Inertia/Kid Zoom could be re-cloned (like how Conner/Superman and Bart/Flash from Titans Tomorrow were re-cloned by Tim/Batman). The Thawne legacy needs to live on and Super-speed is something the Terror Titans don't have.

  • The daughter of Madame Rouge, a shapeshifter for The Brotherhood of Evil (both the mother and daughter)...she could be the Beast Boy of the group.

  • Seven generations of the high priest of Trigon, and yet Brother Blood lives on. He's too powerful, but he can be the Raven of the group.

  • The 'son' of Amazo. Was destroyed....but maybe be rebuild. Also too powerful.

  • Their have been 4 people who took up the Red Panzer mantle. The third was killed by Damien Darhk and the fourth was a random guy named Justin from the HIVE. The last two were Titans foes....people should remember the Red Panzer.

  • Son of Yellow Wasp, an enemy of Wildcat and the JSA.

  • The daughter of the Dragon King.

  • The daughter of the second Dr. Polaris. She appears human, but I figure that a power-suit and a name would welcome her with open arms.

  • The sidekick to Catwoman and a member of the Falcone (crime) family.

  • The daughter of Mirror Master Evan McCuloch.

  • Despite this new one being an undercover HONG KONG policewoman, their needs to be a new villainess LYNX.

  • A clone of Supergirl gone wrong. Too powerful.

  • The son of The Silver Fog.

  • There's not much information about her, and I am not entirely sure if she is teenager or is related to the original Crazy Quilt (Paul Dekker). But she does the name to carry on.

  • The son of Toyman. (Wonder how Hiro Okamura will react.)

  • According to her history, she is the daughter of a mercenary named Wavelength. Now she calls herself Wavelength II (before/after killing her own father).

  • Ever since her appearance in Geoff Johns' Titans East story-arc, I had my doubts if she really was the daughter of one of Batman's greatest foe....THE RIDLLER, or some crazed fan (like Duela Dent/The "Joker's" Daughter, who was later revealed to be the daughter of an alternate and heroic version of the Joker.). But thanks to Batman #705, it has been acknowledge that she truly is Riddler's baby girl.