My Ideal Teen Titans

 Within all the Teen Titans...their are all lot members from the 1960's to our present. I my eyes...I think that their could be a new group of Titans made easy.

List items

  • She was originally from our time, but the Time Trapper brought her to an alternate future run by Hank Hall/Monarch and/or Robert Long/Lord Chaos. When she was in that future, she became a Team Titan....her leadership skill should be useful....if she could have her daughter in a safe-house or something.

  • The Robin from Earth-3....Owlman's sidekick (an evil Robin). He was the boyfriend of Duela Dent/Joker's Daughter, who somehow made him one of the good guys (and his unaware of her death). He might be chosen from Mirage's feelings for Dick Grayson from her future (Deathwing....who is still on the loose). Plus...a young detective from a parallel world might be useful.

  • From the animated 2003 Teen Titans cartoon show. He and his twin brother Menos need to make appearances.

  • He and his twin brother Más need to make more appearances from the 2003 Teen Titans cartoon.

  • Despite his one-shot appearance in Titans East Special....Lagoon Boy should be given another chance....but maybe he should change his to something like GILL.

  • Supergirl should be given another chance.