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Favorite Young Teams

 A list of superhero/supervillain teams with teens.

List items

  • DC's best teenage super-team in the world! Originally the sidekicks of the greatest heroes of the DC it extends for other young heroes.

  • Best original team by Marvel with different abilities, chemistry, struggles and friendships.

  • A childhood classic. The comics were kinda off base with the show... just not well detailed for the monsters. The first like 6 seasons featured teenagers, then somehow they showed young adults in the their early 20's (except for Dino Thunder and Mystic Force). After 17 years on television, I will always remember them, and the collectibles that I have (toys, videos, trading cards, and some comics I have left).

  • Despite their different mothers, their father was the late Dynamo 5...and his widow put together the team to replace him. They also start to get alone with one another.

  • A team made of young villains with legacies based on DC Supervillains: Clock King, Bolt, Persuader, Copperhead, and Disruptor. They have good potential....if not being bounty hunters for the Dark Side Club. (Should I ever get the chance to become a comic book writer and work for DC Comics....I'm making some major changes to make them the vicious team the Teen Titans have ever encountered).

  • Astro City's team of outcast heroes from the 70s to the 90's/present. They look interesting.

  • Marvel's version of the Teen Titans. The beginning was great...but it somehow off road.

  • To me, this is almost like Teen Titans of World War II. The team also reminds me of Young Avengers as well.

  • The children of the Avengers (CA,BW,GM,W,BP,S,T,S,H,M)....they almost pass for being Young Avengers.

  • They are kinda like the Terror Titans...but funded by Norman Osborn/Iron Patriot and his Dark Avengers!

  • WildStorm's ideal version of the Teen Titans from a parallel world. Seems interesting, and they reflect from The Authority.

  • My all-time favorite pirate crew from One Piece. They are all young, talented and most important...dreamers.

  • Another childhood team I grew-up with when 3 kids love a certain comic book series, go inside a haunted mansion, and free a phastam and become their favorite superheroes as they fight against the same comic book villains that were accidentally freed by the same phastam.

  • They're kinda interesting group (having America superhero ideas mixed with Japanese pop-culture)...and they are the 5th World version of the Forever People.

  • Another blast from my past (they were created when before my oldest sister was born). I liked the 2003 show....but it opened my eyes to see that it almost reflected everything from the original comics. I also loved 'Turtles Forever'.

  • For some strange reason, they almost look like the X-Men/New Mutants to me.

  • The first GOLDEN AGE young heroes.

  • Even though this team was created in 2009, I wished that this was the GOLDEN AGE sidekick team back in the 1940's.

  • They got the name from the Fearsome Five.

  • I'd prefer the Lee/Kirby classic team AND the X-Men: EVOLUTION series.

  • The first SILVER AGE team of young superheroes.

  • Believe it or not they are like the Legion of the 20th/21st century.

  • They're kinda like a young version of Ghostbusters...only they catch monsters from their world.

  • I think that this is where Sean McKeever got to be the inspiration team for Terror Titans (along with Clockwatchers).

  • I think that this is where Sean McKeever got to be the inspiration team for Terror Titans (along with New Hybrid).

  • Another GOLDEN AGE of young heroes (mostly heroes), but they are fighting for our country against the Axis Forces. NOW, McKeever has revived the name to a new generation of young superheroes.

  • They kind of remind me of the Morlocks from the X-Men comics.

  • McKeever's newest supervillain prodigy team. Has little potential...but I think that the title a bit offensive. I think that they should join the Young Masters.

  • I can never imagine Archie and his friends as superheroes...then again, the only reasons Archie and his friends made their appearances was that they were in a superhero comic book. So in a way it's like reinventing the gang from the beginning.

  • When my sisters were growing up in the 90's they liked the Backstreet Boys, and once they played their songs I started to like it.

  • There are a couple things that made me interested in this new group:

    1.) Named after Rose & Grant Wilson's alias (the children of Deathstroke the Terminator), 2.) Catlin Fairchild from Gen-13 is in the group, 3.) A few familiar faces return (but a few new changes: A red Beast Boy, a "new" Terra as well as Thunder & Lightning...all of which used to be Teen Titans before the new 52.)