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Back in her own series 0

Cassandra Cain is back as Batgirl and this issue is the the first in her 6 part series back to redemption. The plot is simple Cass is back in Gotham with Batman and Robin but she has done some evil things in the past and Nightwing doesn't trust her. Nor should he, as it is revealed that Cass is still on a mission to kill.Adam Beechen's writing is alright, and uses most of the issue to recap what has happened over the past few years in the life of Cass. Its a good recap, but nothing new to re...

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Makes me want more 0

This is the first issue from the creative team of Brian Russell and Paul Stankavage, and their company Squish Lantis. The cover says issue #555 but the other 554 issues don't seem to exist, yet. This is one of the few comics i read lately that wasn't published by the big three and i loved it.Brian and Paul start the story right off and don't waste time introducing you the characters and setting which makes the fast pace story seem faster. There are several flashbacks to previous issues, whic...

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Start if Obsidian Age 0

This is the first part of the story Arc Obsidian Age, although some of the effects were seen in issue JLA #65. The story arc was one of my personal favorites, and one of the first I remember reading when i started getting heavy into comics. Looking back this issue was a nice kick off to the Obsidian Age, and one of the less confusing parts of the Arc.The Story is easy to fallow if you remember a few things. Aquaman and Atlantis were seemingly destroyed by Imperiex, during Our Worlds At War. ...

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Confused, you know I am 0

I read this issue, scanned though it, then reread it again and I am still confused what happened to who and why. I then looked up different Wiki links to hopefully finds some explainations, and that helped a bit, but Gregg Hurwitz still had me scrathing my head wondering why did Batman do that, or who is that or why is the Mad Hatter so... and then it hit me like a crowbar to the head. Gregg is writing this arc Mad Hatter style. The story bounds all over the place (Bruce as a child), charact...

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Better then the cover suggests 0

I will be honest I have been avoiding reading this comic for no other reason then the cover looked horrible, but once it came to the top of my read list for the second or third time i sucked it up and dove in. And it wasn't terrible.I was a little lost and had to use Comicvine to learn a bit about Kobra, both the organization and the character. Once i understood the background i could enjoy the story.The art was a little funky at times. There is a bit of violence at the end that appears to have ...

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If only it was the Last Issue 0

Touted as the "Final Issue", (even though there is an ad in the back for Matt Fraction and Michael "Mike" Allred's FF coming out in November) this issue seems to wrap up the Future Foundation that I come to love over the the last 23 issues, (Not counting the several crossover stories with Fantastic Four).If this is/was truly the last Issue of FF, well they did it right. Jonathan Hickman tied up most if not all the loose ends and with a bit of, "we changed the future" put the sandbox back just th...

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If you find it cheap 0

I went out and picked up this series as a set on the $3 bin of my local comic book Con and it sat on the back burning for a while, but I finally got around to reading it and I am pleasantly surprised.To give you some quick back ground, this series takes place after Infinity Crisis and is one of the titles used to round out the Brave New World event. The first issue starts out with a very quick recap of what happened to Brother EYE during I.C. but all you really need to know right now is Brother ...

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Bland 0

StoryJamie and the Scarab are forced to leave El Paso and look for help from other Super Heroes. They end up in New York City cause, well there has to be a ton of Super Heroes in New York City. While there Jamie and the Scarab continue to argue over who is truly in charge of their symbiotic relationship. The pair find another Meta but things go from bad to worse quickly and Jamie is left wondering if New York City is the safest place for a boy and his weapon of mass destruction.GoodGood recap- T...

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Speechless (in a bad way) 1

I have read and every issue of X23 since she got her own series while Wolverine was in hell and this final issue fell flat on it’s face. It might be a nice filler but is lacked at being an end to a 20 plus run. No questions were answered but no new ones were really posed. I felt like Marvel had this story lying around and went hey let’s use it now.The art work was alright, but seemed like they just wanted an excuse to show X23 naked. Some points were overly confusing and too quickly paced for wh...

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Good Sub for EW 1

Red Lanterns #1 makes sense as a first issue, and seems like a good sub for Emerald Warrior.1-It gives you a quick recap of how the Red lantern Corps started, and it stays pretty close to what has already been asstablished in previous books.2-It gives a quick recap of the end of The War of the green lanterns. This is benifical to anyone who was confused by what happened.3-It starts setting the stage for down the road. Who will be the leader? What is the true mission of the Red Lanterns? Who is t...

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