Reusing old character

If a character was created years ago, used for a limited time and never seen again, is it okay for a writer to use it and assume the reader needs a back story, or is better to reward reader who their research. Example, Griz, a villain from very short series Slingers, made a reappearance in a Wolverine title. No back story, just a mutant that gets in Wolverines way. Wolverine does what he does best and Griz is left in a pile.

Is using a previous created charter better then making a new character just to be beheaded. Or should this character stay gone?

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Pact with the Devil

Watched Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance and in it Johnny Blaze made a deal with the Devil. Then later he meets a woman who also made a pact with the devil. Then later the movie changes Blackout's origin to make him another character to make a pact with the devil This got me wondering if there are any other Marvel character who made pacts with the Devil. If so have they ever all been brought together in a giant Devil Pact Party. Just putting it out there in the Universe.


Is there a comic you read when you feel sick?

Last night, I woke up feeling ill, and with out going into too much detail the bathroom was not in a pretty state when i awoke this morning. After cleaning up what I could I crashed on the couch and slowly tried to recuperate. Since I was off from work today before I went to bed the night before I had pulled out some comics I had not read in while. Feeling drained i decided to read some of those i selected the night before, First on the list Wolverine: The Best There Is. It seemed kinda fitting. If you haven't read the series, it a fun read if you are into Wolverine doing what he does best, then he runs into Contagion and his team of Unkillables. Contagion then goes about infecting Wolverine with each and every virus he can find to make Wolverine's healing factor go into overdrive, so he can cure his son, Flip . As the 12 issue mini series goes along things get weirder, when Monark Starstalker and Paradox show up, and Wolverine's mission go into outer space, and Wolverine has to face the mega virus The Scatter.

This morning, while reading this mini series, i remembered the last time i read these comics i was also feeling sick. So it made me wonder if maybe i subconsciously pulled these comics before i knew i would be receiving this stomach virus, or did these comic that were stored for months in a comic book box each one molly bagged get me sick...Hmm interesting.

This series seemed fitting for reading while I feel like have a mega virus flowing though my body at this moment. And this made me wonder is there a comic that you find yourself reading while you feel sick? Or is there a comic you equate with feeling under the weather?

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Why no #0?

Justice League International has been canceled after 12 issues and a Annual, but unlike the other titles that are ending this week it isn't getting a issue #0. Why not? Where is Booster Gold origin in the new 52? Or Godiva? Or Fire and Ice? I see Captain Atom and the other three titles are getting a issue zero but not an Annual, is this why we don't get to learn about the JLI past before joining up?

Let me know how you feel.


Black Lantern Corps Vs Marvel Zombies

Marvel Zombie Vs Black Lanterns 
Who is the better Undead comic team?

Marvel  Zombie

Black Lantern



Giant Man            Hulk

Spiderman           Dk Phoenix

Wolverine            Fire Lord

C. America           Gladiator

Iron Man              Thanos


Anyone who died in the DC Universe

Black Lantern Corps


Giant Man


Black Lantern Corps


A flash in the sky and a ripple through the clouds

The Black Hand’s suicide

Black Lantern Corps

Worst enemy

Each other

The White Lantern

Black Lantern Corps

How to destroy them…

Destroy the brain

(some times that doesn’t stop them)

Combing two or more of colors of the Light Spectrum

Marvel Zombie

Strongest Member


Martian Manhunter

Marvel Zombie

Greatest Kill


Hawk Man

Marvel Zombie

Creepiest Moment

Peter Parker eating Aunt Mae

Donna Troy being bitten by her own dead baby boy

Marvel Zombie

Defeated by…

Never truly defeated

The White Lantern Corps

Marvel Zombie

Coolest Ability

Power Cosmic

Seeing the emotions of their next victim

Marvel Zombie 

And the Winner is.... Marvel Zombies  
(This is my frist VS.  I hope I did it justice and I am alway open to suggestions for later.)  
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Wait, Indigo isn't dead!

I just finished reading Teen titans 98-100, there last books before the renumbering, and i was confused by the return of Indigo.  I thought she was dead.  So i did some research and yup she died in the Outsiders issue #25. 
In that issue it is revealed that Indigo is under Brainac's influence and in a moment of free will she begs Shift to kill her.  After soul searching he turns her human and she dies happy.
(thank you comicvine for making it easy to find this out)  
Then i did some more research and the time she appears she is working with Superboy Prime to kill the Teen Titans.   
How did she come back from the dead?  How she a robot once again?  Why is she evil?   
These are questions that probalbly will not be addressed after the renumbering.   
Thats okay that just mean we as fan can come up with our own back story...Indigo was the 13 person raised in Brightest Day. Done. 
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Why is there a purge button?

In FF #2 Reed Richards and family need to fix Dooms brain with a machine that Doom build.  The machine is build to pull Doom's memories and knowledge out of his back up brain.  At a critical point in the transfer Reed is tempted to push a button marked Purge but doesn't when he realizes he is being watched.  A hero's choose to not destory the man who is trusting him with his life.   
But is this brings up the question why is there a purge button.  Did Doom think hey maybe when I am rebooting my brain i might say nah, forget it i think i want to be a vegitable.  This purge button has come up other times in comics and movies in other shapes and forms.   
13 ghost, the devil has made a machine to raise hell on earth.  The machine requires 13 ghost to get started but if this one guy sacrifies himself it will stop.  Why would the devil want to stop his own machine. 
Why does the villian ever put a cancel button on there dooms day devices?  
Some machine should only have one button, Do. Don't give hero's an option.
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Re-reading Green Arrow

So i decided to re read Green Arrow Brightest day story arc.  And as i started i remember that this arc leaves so many loose ends.   
Who are the Merry Men?  As of issue 6 never answered.   
What ever happens to the mayor who okay the Royal Guard? Dissappears. 
Where the hell did those dogs come from?   Random pound that only handles large feral dogs?  

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