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Left that open for anyone who wants to try and stop Amin's guy from getting that footage from the asylum.

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Seated in a hotel suite with little more in the air than the smell of melting candle wax, Amin kept his eyes on the balcony's glass doors. Staring at the city's dark skyline, Amin saw the silhouettes of pillars of smoke climbing high into the air. The city was burning. Ada's plan - be it a success or failure - would etch itself in the city's history forever. They will never forget what she did, even if they never know who that she is, Amin thought before his mind was serenaded by a familiar telepathic call.


It was Ada. His confidant. His partner. The Black Dahlia. There was no mistaking the velvety chord of her voice as it echoed in his mind.

"I have business at the local asylum. I would very much like it if you could get a member of your crew to obtain the Footage detailing the Criminal Lyna Nell's escape. Of course, now there is no way to view it. Or maybe there is..."

"You are needed"

Sweeping his eyes through the room till he pulled one of his cronies into his icy gaze, the Blue Gangster held the man with a scrutinizing gaze. I will send someone for you, Dahlia, he returned, his thoughts floating to Ada's mind. Dahlia. He was the only one who dared call her that. The only one she allowed to. On a different day, it would be easy for me to do this. I would walk in. They would give me what I want. Gunfire does not even tickle, he paused, his steely eyes never breaking their stare from the Société agent before him. The man was thin, his head bald, his face long and his eyes cold. A proper killer. If it is possible, let me know. I will get the footage.

Amin gestured, and the man stepped forward. "You are needed". His name was 'S'. And once briefed by Amin, he took his leave and marched into the chaos swarming through the city. He drove no car so as not to draw any attention. S simply walked. For two hours he walked before arriving at the Grimm City Asylum in the guise of a shadow. The city was burning, and the wailing of those caught in it's flames were loud and sharp in the air. No one would notice him when all everyone cared about was survival. So he slipped inside, moved in the shadows and kept his feet light. The walls were smeared with blood, the wounded were being tended to, and corpses were being covered with sheets. The warden had retained some level of control over the asylum. But S didn't care. He cared only about the footage of Lyna Nell's escape. All he'd need was a route to the security room.

And if he wasn't stopped, he'd slip in, slide the lone desktop system unit/computer chassis into his bag - then slip out.

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@rosso: @_dirge_: @ada_guillaume: @dominus_:

The air was still with silence, and filled with the strong scent of cigar smoke. Seated while candlelight flickered around him, Amin felt the whisper of a familiar voice on the doors to his mind - and smoked his cigar as Ada spoke. "No, I will stay", he answered, his voice as deep in his mind as it was in the air. "It is better for the plan. It will make things difficult for the enemy. Because they know you are working with someone, but they do not know who. They find you with no one, and they will not know who you are working with, and where your partner is". Sucking on the end of his cigar, Amin rose to his feet and walked towards the balcony's glass doors as he breathed out a cloud of smoke.

"You know this"

"If your things do not go well there, tell me and I will come for you. You know this". The Blue Gangster said nothing more, and instead passed his eyes over the city's black skyline. No electricity. Complete chaos. The headlights of rushing cars seemed like fireflies from where he stood. They might as well be insects, Amin thought, of the people driving their cars. For now, he simply stood, one hand in his pocket, the other holding one of Cuba's greatest exports. He didn't need to be anywhere, and no soul but Ada yet knew where he was. But elsewhere, his order of faceless killers kept Grimm City's borders under tight control, with the flash of a sword's glimmering steel, and the buzz of a fired round. But conflict was minimal, few dared cross the city's borders with the smell of blood hanging so thick in the air.

But heroes came in swarms, and Ada's attention had already been drawn. Perhaps soon he too will be drawn out to intervene on her behalf. After all, the League of Shadows now roam the dark streets of Grimm..

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@clockworkwraith: @_dirge_: @detective_whitaker: @alpha_dog: @hawkshade: @ada_guillaume: @dominus_:

Grimm City

Glimmering chandeliers, perfumed air, beige walls, and doors of freshly varnished wood. Amin's hotel suite embodied the finer things in life. A dark suit clung to his muscled frame, and the red velvet-covered chair caressed it's Ermenegildo Zegna fabric as he shifted in his seat. Like his twin brother, Amin was a great bear of a man. Drumming his fingers on the soft armrest of his chair, he gazed past the servants Ada used to speak to him. Her mind would reach out, pierce into theirs, and they would parrot her words. Quiet as his steely eyes stared at the glass doors of his balcony, Amin waited for the city lights to go black. He blinked his eyes, and the dark had come. Electricity was cut, no air conditioner, no light, only the night of a city at the mercy of metahuman terrorism. Terrorism was how his brother became the scourge of the world.

"Light the candles"

Satar was the terrorist, Amin the Lebanese mafioso. He controlled Grimm City's borders. "Light the candles", his voice pierced, deep like thunder, cold like ice. Like dogs, the servants did as they were told, disturbing the stillness of the air with the flick of a lighter and stroke of a match. Fires crackled into life, and Amin's face caught the warm glow of candlelight as he lit his cigar. Elsewhere, men and women roamed the city's borders, their frantic footsteps echoing in the night till gunshots rang in the dark like a cruel serenade. Bodies dropped and the irony scent of blood hung in the air. Members of Amin's assassins guild, La Société, moved in crowds disguised as civilians.

They looked like mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, sisters and brothers. Mothers and fathers who shot dead those who dared cross the city's border to flee. Their sonar senses, gifts from either X-Genes or Konite, caught the approach of those driving and running for the border in the dark - and greeted them with gunfire. Their role was simple. To shoot dead those who dared cross the city's borders.

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@hawkshade: @ada_guillaume:

It was strange how soft her fingers felt, how delicately they grazed his calloused ones as she handed him a martini glass. One would hardly think those fingers murderous. Fingers Amin had seen paint the pavement of streets with uneven strokes of blood. Ada was a woman like no other. "There is police in this city?", Amin asked, brow raised as he fought back a scoff for how poorly he regarded Grimm City. "I will do this. Take control of the borders", he said, not yet drinking the martini Ada'd given him. "No one will go out. But the capes will try to come in. They like to wipe the noses of weak willed people", Amin shrugged, a deep chuckle echoing low from his chest. "Let us go inside", he asserted, a hand on the small of her back as the earthy scent of rain filled the air. Striding back into the room like a soldier into battle, Amin turned round to face Ada with eyes said to be as cold as ice.

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"My people will be here", Amin paused, watching the martini swirl from the slow turns of his wrist, "They will come with disguises. No one will know who they are because no one knows who they are", he said, Lebanese accent rolling out thicker with every word. "They look like the brother and sister of everyone, the son, daughter, husband, wife, everything", Amin said, steely eyes never short on confidence. "This will do nothing", he dismissed, returning his martini glass to Ada, "With this I will feel nothing", it would neither get him drunk nor tipsy.

"I will have control of this city's borders tomorrow. Was there anything more you needed, Ada?", Amin asked, eyes locked on hers.

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@hawkshade: @ada_guillaume:

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Grimm City. A city the Blue Gangster regarded with contempt. Nothing but another Gothic, he often growled. The kind of city his vanished brother would claim as his own. And yet, it was Ada - his partner and confidant - who sought to claim it instead. Ada had chosen a beautiful hotel. Tall and clear windows, oil paintings hanging from the walls, and chandeliers glittering from the ceiling. Too beautiful for Grimm. Black suit clinging to his muscled frame, a dark blue tie hanging over his chest, Amin was a bear of a man, towering over everyone as he strode into the hotel. He greeted no one, and looked at no one. He simply looked on, pale eyes of ice raking over the called elevator. Rolling his neck and cracking his knuckles, the Blue Gangster stepped inside and a minute after, stepped out a hallway, took a left, and forced open the door to Ada's room as though the lock was never there.

He didn't glance at the bed nor the television. He simply marshaled his trademark steeliness and walked on to the balcony. "Ada", he greeted, his voice as deep as he was tall, eyes pulling her into his gaze. Stopping by her right with a hand on the balcony's railing, Amin turned to lock his eyes with hers, "You have been well?", he asked, Lebanese accent carrying his words to her ears.

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@ada_guillaume: @clara_mass: @feral_nova:

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Almost. The word echoed loud in his mind as he felt Clarice's head slip through his iron grip. Growling in frustration, the Blue Gangster sighed - then felt the air around him grow hot. So hot that the smell of burnt oxygen hung thick in the air. So hot that the air itself reddened in appeal to the storming heat wave roaring from Feral Nova's palm. Light flared bright across the street, and Amin was swallowed into the scorching depths of a fireball. His skin burned, his nerves cried out in pain, and he fell to a single knee like a knight bowing before his king - Feral Nova. But as the air cooled, and the fire died, Amin remained. Slowly rising to his feet and cracking his neck as he did, Amin was indignant.

Patches of burnt skin, and pain swarming violently through every inch of his body, he was beside himself with rage, and glaring the ice cold specter of death Nova's way. "Ah, I see", he began, coolly undoing his tie as his voice floated far too calmly for the quiet fury in his eyes. "I tried to be kind", he paused, his words menacing as he tossed his tie to the curb of the street. "To give you a quick death. Painless", he continued, removing his jacket as he strode forward, his hulking physique rippling under the shirt he then tore off. "But you refuse to cooperate", he growled, tearing the shirt off his mountainous torso, his chest heaving, his Lebanese accent adding something ominous to his words. "Okay", he simply said, bringing his hands together with the utmost force to unleash a thunderclap unlike any other.

The glass on buildings and car windows shattered, their sharps shards clattering on the ground as decibels upon decibels of audible power rippled about wildly, threatening to rupture eardrums and lead the shock-wave on a rampage that'd pulverize the internal organs of Nova and Clarice alike, and see the intense rise of heat and pressure'd blast them into the distance like dust in wind. But in the wake of Amin's hypersonic eruption, Clarice was gone, leaving behind a taste of her telepathic sorcery that bound the rattled minds of his men to his and saw them unload round after round in a hailstorm of gunfire. It was horrible. The minds of his men, how incoherent their thoughts were, how loudly they echoed, nay, shouted in his mind. It was disorienting, it was horrifying. And as Amin clutched the sides of his head in desperation - it was disabling, but slowly his adaptive genetic component came alive.

Superheated rounds tore through his flesh and spilled his blood, lacerating his torso like the butchered remains of slaughterhouse meat. "ENOUGH", he roared, his mental fortitude and adaptive component barely winning out, "Of this foolishness", incinerating every round and turned henchman in a sea of heavy energetic interactions - a violent burst of gamma radiation courtesy of the gamma effect in his blood. The same power shared by his twin brother, Satar. Vaulting high into the air, a small crater left in his wake, the Blue Gangster smashed through a window and landed inside the meeting room of Liafador International with a thud. Bleeding violently from every cut and gunshot wound, his body crackling with energy, with the cruelest of ionizing radiation, he shot a glare Clarice's way. A glare that cast non-visible streams of gamma rays her way. Gamma rays that'd penetrate her flesh, mangle her DNA, and kill her cells.

Gamma rays that'd leave her weakened, light headed, poisoned and terminal. If she did not collapse now, she would die later. But with this much blood gushing out his wounds, so would he. Making his way to the helipad, Amin's eyes fell upon Ada, his confidant and partner, and met her request that an extract chopper come their way - with an alternative. "There is no time". With the gamma effect faded, his body too injured to maintain it, he'd scoop the Black Dahlia into his arms if she didn't protest, and leap from the building to the wilderness, then leap again and again until they'd reached the mountains where the extraction chopper waited for them. And once there, the missile launch was green-lit. The other choppers, high from their vantage point in the open sky, unleashed hell on Earth with missiles tearing the asunder, threatening to raze the city without mercy.

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@ada_guillaume: @arquitenens: @ali_sani_bashir: @feral_nova: @lethal_weapon_x: @clara_mass: @warrior_angel:

Camp Hayden

From above, Amin's attack chopper fired a hailstorm of gunfire, threatening to raze any and every enemy roaming below, save for Ali the Warden of the False Bay. Instead, the chopper missed, it's rounds tearing the air and ground asunder but nothing more. Ah but the Blue Gangster's forces were clever, his La Société agents were quick in tweaking their approach, the knowledge that their foes could not be harmed by conventional gunfire burning deep in their minds. And so, as they lurked behind the trunks of trees and the hearts of bushes, they traded high caliber bullets and rocket launchers for weapons of super-terrorism. Moving seamlessly through the city's rural outskirts, the Société agents set their eyes on Nova, the Fire Goddess, and Warrior Angel.

Stepping around twigs and skirting just beyond the enemy line of sight, Amin's forces seized positions with good cover, firing stability, and a clear and crisp view of Nova and Warrior Angel. Regardless of their durability, the heroes' knees and hips were put under immense mechanical pressure whenever they were active, whenever they moved. Armed with battle rifles that borrowed from the 3rd World's railgun technology, Amin's La Société agents took aim at the knees and hips of Feral Nova and Warrior Angel - and fired. Their weapons, magazine-fed firearms, used magnetic fields to hyper-accelerates metal projectiles to outrageous velocities. Superheated by their velocities and elongated into metal spikes along their flight path, the projectiles tore through the air, intent on completely shredding through the heroes' knees and hips at 76.2 miles per second at 430 RPM.

Camp Falcon (Center of Town)

Soon the dirt roads of the rural townships gave way to smooth concrete as Amin made his return to the heart of Graaff-Reinet. From the backseat of his Mercedes-Benz W108, the Man of Steel cracked his knuckles, his hardened gaze betraying no emotion as he rolled his neck. Sooner or later, someone, a hero or otherwise - would attack Ada. And while the Société agents in his company felt their hearts clamor with adrenaline in their chest... Amin was cold, as though ice water coursed through his veins instead of blood. Gazing out his window, Amin's eyes fell upon one sight and one sight only, the one skyscraper climbing into the clouds of Graaff-Reinet; Liafador International.

No Caption Provided

'Ada is moving quickly', he thought, feeling his car and men slow to a steady halt. His door opened, and the Man of Steel stepped out his car a bear in a suit. 6'6" and muscled like an ox, Amin - much like Liafador International in this town - towered over everyone. Striding forward, his eyes catching sight of Ada, her attendant, and Clarice Pierce, Amin held a hand in the air. 'Stop', it told his men as he marched his way to Ada's side, taciturn as the silhouettes of armed men and classic cars hung behind him. With little more than a glance the Black Dahlia's way, Amin reached forward, intent on plucking Clarice by the head, "Does this girl have value?", he'd asked. Yes? He'd relinquish his hold. Ah but should Ada say no... his hand'd threaten to crush Clarice's skull with a monstrous squeeze that'd reduce her skull to bone ash, blood, and butchered brain.

Withdrawing his hand after diplomacy, murder, or failure, the Blue Gangster'd glance Ada's way, "Has everything gone according to plan?".

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Okay I lied, I wasn't going to post as soon as I thought but I'm working on a post now.