La Société - Faction

"You cannot prepare for what you were never aware of" - Amin Karrit

Unknown and operating in the shadows, there is no greater spy or assassin than a Société agent. They cannot be seen nor prepared for. Their garments are not elaborate, instead they don civilian clothing and appear to be completely normal. They are able to mingle in large crowds of ordinary men and women as though they themselves were. They possesses Eidetic memories and an almost supernatural ability to mimic any personality they observe without flaw. The apparent source of their ability? Psychopathy. Every single Société agent is a clinical psychopath.


They do not have a conscience, no feelings of guilt or remorse no matter what they do, no limiting sense of concern for the well-being of strangers, friends and family alike. They view moral responsibility as a burden others readily accept without question. To them, the world is gullible. They are able to conceal their psychological makeup from others through mimicry, deception, and the simple reality that everyone simply assumes that conscience is universal among human beings. Hiding their lack of a conscience is nearly effortless. According to Amin himself, "The ice water in their veins is so bizarre, so far outside the personal experience of everyone else, that they hardly ever wonder... are they different?". Because of this, Société agents hold a distinct advantage over most people who are kept in line by their moral conscience.

The agents are calm and collected, never break character, and deceive without flaw. They are therefore able to slip into any role Amin require they play. Coupled with their great skill in the art of ninjutsu and assassination, they make for flawless assassins. Furthermore, they are also used as spies, slipping into locations to map out areas, observe events and collect information for La Société by posing as ordinary civilians or those cleared to enter restricted areas. They serve as Amin's voices. They are in meeting rooms, public spaces, watering holes, street corners, everywhere. In addition to their peak-human abilities, the agents possess a form of unorthodox sensory perception; sonar hearing that enables them to use sound propagation to navigate and detect objects within their vicinity.

With the power to use both passive sonar and active sonar, the agents use passive sonar to detect the sound waves emitted by that which is around them while using active sonar to emit pulses of sound and listening for echoes, allowing them to map out areas as well as using their sonar as a means of acoustic location and measuring the echo properties of physical systems to detect vulnerable points in physical structures. Through this ability, they are able to identify where to enter a building, it's least populated area, it's weak points etc. How Amin controls them is unknown. But they appear to be completely devoted to him. Though their attire depends on the occasion, they do carry certain gear such as gas masks and electric gauntlets if need be.

Their roles as assassins, spies etc. is taken so seriously that the agent often have replicated credentials in order to access certain restricted areas. Their origin remains unknown, but they appear to be funded by profits from Amin's twin brother Satar, namely, the Brahma Brotherhood and the 3rd World.