♚ Château Noir - CVnU Base of Operations/Location ♚

Le Manoir

Château de Karrit
Château de Karrit

An architectural gem that doubles as one of Don Karrit's homes and a base of operations for La Main Noir, Château Noir rises, brick and dressed stone, amid the breathtaking peaks of the French Alps. A towering retreat draped in understated luxury amid a velvet green sea of ancient oaks, sequoias, chestnuts and linden trees, Château Noir casts an air of space and serenity that hangs in stark contrast to the brutal fate awaiting those whose visits are unannounced and uninvited.

Come winter, skeletons trade soil for snow. And the French Alps, water for blood. Turrets, round towers, spires, wind vanes dominate Château Noir's aesthetic, as do arched windows, regal staircases, and towering doorways. With grounds of countless hectares, independent houses and other establishments lie hidden behind dense forestry and a mountain's shadow, with Château Noir revealing itself as the centerpiece of a private mafiosi-run mountain complex.

♕ Maison Karrit - Layout & Security

A home of contrasts, Château Noir bears a stunning and antique aesthetic, wrapping old and new in architectural harmony. It's exterior bears the stone and brickwork worthy of a retired chevalier, while it's interior is as much a stately world of white-washed walls, Spanish arches, exposed beams, and open fireplaces, as it is one of underfloor heating and indoor pools. With seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, indoor and outdoor pools, stables, wine cellars and so on, Château Noir is a favorite of Amin's among his many homes.


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Château Noir's interior is a well-furnished hub of luxuries and class. Touched by varying decor, period paintings and historical artifacts thought lost to time, it's interior is one of splendor and artistry. Beautiful stone double-flight staircases, ornate plaster-work, ceiling roses, architraves, cornices, wrought iron-work, parquet floors, marble fireplaces and more all make their presence known to those who walk Château Noir's halls. A spacious library of tall and dense bookcases is embellished with the stolen sarcophagi of forgotten kings, displays of weapons existing only in myth and folklore, busts of Roman greats, and skeletons of creatures long regarded as fables.

A room away, display cases bear macabre decorations - the polished skulls of trespassers, rivals, detectives and judges. Elsewhere, in less morbid parts of the château, ornately carved doors open to a tiled hallway leading to the dining space on the left, and room on the right, next to the kitchen. The living room looks out over the pool and gardens, and it's furnishing are of the highest standard, including flagstone tile flooring, exposed beams, and a large stone fireplace. Cowhide-covered armchairs and a rich, brown leather sofa ring a glass center table and an open fireplace. A second living area is accessed through the dining patio on the ground floor. It features large, overstuffed sofas in shades of heather, as well as wooden cabinets filled with books.

The château's primary dining area sits in an indoor Moroccan-style courtyard off the main hallway on the ground floor. It hosts two dining tables designed to be easily configured for larger groups. The courtyard itself features soft blue walls, oversized Moroccan floor lamps, and a glass ceiling panel, through which light streams into the room. The country-style kitchen across the hallway bears granite worktops, large fridges, an oven and induction hob etc. The château's sleeping quarters are plentiful and as follows:

  • Roi: Reserved for Le Commandant, Roi is a spacious, purple-hued master suite located on the top floor. A small living space gives way to the bedroom with a king-size bed, en-suite bathroom with a freestanding, roll-top bath and a Finnish sauna.
  • Reine: A room often used to slight visiting male guests (hence the suite's name, Reine or "Queen" in French) and remind them of their position below Amin in any social hierarchy, Reine is a large Moroccan-themed suite with a queen-sized bed and en-suite, marble bathroom with bath and spa shower. A small living space with a child's bed is flanked by windows which frame breathtaking mountain views.
  • Duke: A two-bedroom suite location on the ground floor, the decor is Andalusian-themed, ablaze with shades of red and orange. Both bedrooms offer a king-sized four-poster bed with ornate, Andaluz-carved wooden frames. The bathroom, which is shared between both bedrooms, features a Travertine knobbly marble single sink, soaking tub and shower.
  • Marquis: The second ground floor suite, Marquis is - like Duke - a two-bedroom suite. It's Andalusian-themed decor is drenched in creams and golds, and the first bedroom has a king-sized bed with an ornate, Andaluz-carved wood frame. The second bedroom offers a four-poster bed and embroidered lines.
  • Castellan: The final bedroom inside the château is found on the top floor. Furnished more simply than the other bedrooms, Castellan is often reserved for staff. It features a small blue shower space, equipped with a sink, all of which is located off the bedroom.

Outdoors & Defenses

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Cast over the grand area that Château Noir commands, there is a Roman wash-room, Roman well, greenhouses built in and under naturally formed rocks and stones, a park with centuries old trees, rows of olive trees, vineyards, fields, fruit orchids, a complex of houses wherein La Main Noir mafiosi reside, and even a church that serves as both a hub for meetings, and a place of worship for any religious mafiosi in Le Commandant's ranks. A large outdoor pool sits in view of greenery and mountains, and a rumored torture house where Amin's routinely drag trespassers etc. into, never to be seen again.

A tennis court sits near a manicured garden with an explosion of purple and yellow blooms. Helicopter landing pads along with garages and vehicle storage areas are kept away from general view, and somewhat obscured by the horse stables. What appears to be little more than a storage room features a hidden staircase that leads into a vast underground chamber teeming with a multitude of treasures and rare historical artifacts stolen and held by Amin's mafiosi throughout the years. A heavily guarded property, Château Noir is patrolled by a large number of well-armed Miracle-empowered mafiosi, and La Société agents who routinely move from the château to elsewhere via secret underground tunnels.

Many populate very small nearby towns and villages constructed by La Main Noir to mirror the function of watchtowers as well as be the first line of defense before Château Noir can be reached. Furthermore, machine gun turrets are in place to fire powerful vibranium rounds that store elastic potential energy to be released as deadly amounts of kinetic energy upon impact, imploding or otherwise destroying targets with lethal kinetic shock-waves.

Finally, the château is protected by Savant-X, an Omega-level psychic monstrosity whose allegiance is pledged to Don Karrit and whose powers stand ready to protect Château Noir by erecting telekinetic barriers or tearing enemies and trespassers asunder by the power of his terrifying psychic sorcery.


  1. Standard RPG rules apply e.g. no godmodding etc.
  2. If for whatever reason you want to swing by you can. Just have a good reason because you will be relentlessly attacked otherwise (do not control the NPCs). But if you're attempting to do some infiltration mission or whatever after investigating some leads to learn about the locale, we can have a little RP. If you want to do something you can think you might need my permission for, shoot me a PM (on this account or 8th Wonder/Thee Champion/Venenoso/Grimmwald).
  3. This is not La Main Noir's primary base of operations, it is one of many across the globe.
  4. Have fun with it. Or not.

♔ La Main Noir - CVnU Organized Crime Syndicate/Faction ♔

The Karrit Family

Les Mafieux
Les Mafieux

Founded and led by feared mutant mafioso, Amin Karrit, La Main Noir ("The Black Hand") is a transnational French-Lebanese Mafia-terrorist organized crime syndicate. Trafficking in mystery and operating from the shadows, La Main Noir moves invisibly in society, tightening its noose around the throats of Mediterranean Europe and Western Asia - France and Lebanon, in particular - and now, its expansions target Madripoor, Gothic City, Valor City and New York. Lawyers do not interfere with them, and no policeman dares cross them.

Empowered by the dangerous but powerful Miracle solution, La Main Noir consists of violent super-powered mafiosi, all of whom pledge undying loyalty to Amin, and all of whom partake in a litany of criminal activity ranging but not limited to racketeering, conspiracy, loan sharking, money laundering, murder, drug trafficking, extortion, illegal gambling, bookmaking, and corruption. Funded by Amin's billions and secretly supported by his espionage and assassination agency - La Société - La Main Noir is unrivaled in operation, and lethal in retaliation.

Urban myths often describe the syndicate's mafiosi as faceless shadows, obscured by the darkness and silent in activity, for they can be neither seen nor prepared for.

♛ La Famille - Organization

Overview & Hierarchy

Members of La Main Noir come from all walks of life, be they former prisoners, corrupt politicians and business leaders, people with ethnic ties to the syndicate's French-Lebanese core, or those with shared criminal experiences. Though most but not all of the syndicate's mafiosi are empowered by Amin's Miracle solution, all members are structured as "Les Cinq Doigts de La Main Noir" or "The Five Fingers of The Black Hand", with the hierarchy broken down as follows:

  • Le Commandant: The leader and head of La Main Noir, Le Commandant exercises considerable power within the organization. Fulfilled by Amin Karrit himself, Le Commandant selects the "sous-patron" or under-boss, promotes and demotes any of the syndicate's members, receives a cut from every operation undertaken by those under him, and otherwise enjoys irreproachable powers within the organization.
  • Sous-Patron: Reigning below Le Commandant is the sous-patron whose responsibilities are dominated by managing La Main Noir's day-to-day operations as well as the syndicate's most lucrative ventures. Whereas Le Commandant earns a cut from every operation, the sous-patron earns a percentage from Le Commandant's cuts. Additionally, in Le Commandant's absence, the sous-patron fulfills the role of La Main Noir's leader, and is often regarded as Le Commandant's future successor. This role is fulfilled by Karim Moine.
Les Grogenments
Les Grogenments
  • Consellier: Regarded as the final member of the syndicate to wield some form of administrative power, the consellier acts both as a mediator of disputes within La Main Noir, and as a representative of the crime syndicate in meetings with key business and political associates, as well as other criminal organizations. Furthermore, the consellier operates as an adviser for both Le Commandant and the sous-patron. The role is fulfilled by Michel Digne.
  • Grognement en Chef: A Grognement en Chef or G.C. for short, is responsible for leading a squad consisting of 20-30 members and additional associates. A G.C. is appointed either by Le Commandant himself or the sous-patron. A G.C. gives a percentage of his and his underlings' earnings to Le Commandant, and is responsible for the successful execution of any assigned tasks e.g. murder. In labor racketeering, it is a G.C.'s duty to manage the infiltration of union locals. All the G.C.s of La Main Noir report directly to the consellier, Michel Digne.
  • Grogenment: The working backbone of La Main Noir, grogenments are responsible for committing most of the syndicate's crimes ranging from assault, murder, extortion, intimidation and so on. In return for their obedience, they are awarded profitable rackets to run by the G.C.s they report directly to. Every grogenment is duty bound to kill when ordered to and is given access to La Main Noir's connections and financial resources.

Prior to initiation into La Main Noir, a potential initiate must be sponsored by an existing Cinq Doigt. Their name undergoes an extensive background check to ensure legitimacy, lack of conflict with any of the syndicate's associated criminal organizations, and zero ties with any law enforcement or government agency. Once someone is initiated, they are led into a room with Karim Moine and Michel Digne to read La Main Noir's sacred words and perform an undisclosed ceremony. The rules and guiding principles of La Main Noir are explained, and the new initiate's sponsor is tasked with mentoring them, and is held accountable should the initiate fail.

However, should the initiate meet or exceed all expectations, they undergo a final loyalty test, and upon passing, those willing are injected with the Miracle solution and given superhuman abilities. The primary goal of La Main Noir is to generate streams of income and consolidate power, political or otherwise. If money can be earned legally, then doing so is prioritized over illegal streams of income. More often than not however, upon expanding into a new territory for example, La Main Noir starts by generating illegal streams of income before investing it into legitimate sources. A grogenment, for example, may begin their career as a burglar or thief, taking any income earned from ill-gotten gains (sans a certain percentage that goes to their G.C. and those above them) to purchase real estate, a liquor store, bar or restaurant.

Income from gambling and extortion, as well as scams, are common, while burglary is often regarded as a lowly and less dignified source of illegal income. Membership in La Main Noir typically lasts a lifetime, although retirement is permitted should certain conditions be honored. A retired mafiosi is shelved from all crime-related activity, and has their memory of La Main Noir's inner workings selectively wiped. A zero tolerance policy is in place for those who violate the syndicate's rules. The explicit fate of those who violate La Main Noir's rules remains unknown, however, common occurrences are unexplained disappearances as well as the repossession of their assets.

Operations & Associations

As highlighted before, La Main Noir's primary goal is to create streams of income, and in doing so, the syndicate engages in a wide range of criminal activity. Although La Main Noir is involved in a variety of activities, their core business activities are drug trafficking, extortion, loan sharking, securities fraud, kickback schemes, white-collar crime, murder, union racketeering, fencing, illegal gambling, bookmaking, racketeering, arms trafficking, conspiracy, stock market manipulation, money laundering and others.

Though La Main Noir operates mainly in France and Lebanon, it has operations throughout Mediterranean Europe and Western Asia, and is currently expanding into the United States and Madripoor. La Main Noir often works with other organized crime and terrorist groups. Their primary partners are as follows:

  • Miscellaneous Biker Gangs: Their utility is in drug distribution and occasionally acting as enforcers, collecting debts and employing scare tactics against those who warrant warnings.
  • Mad Dog Gang: Remnants of the Brahma Brotherhood that survived the fall of Satar in Gothic City, the Mad Dog Gang consists of mutants with the power of both passive and active sonar. Their passive sonar is used to detect sound waves emitted in their environments, while their active sonar emits pulses and listens for echoes, enabling them to not only map out their environment but measure the echo properties of physical systems to detect structural weak points.

    They have since spread out, forming several different street gangs in Gothic City, Valor City, New York and other cities nearby. Their use is in blending in where La Main Noir would otherwise fail to. The majority of La Main Noir members are French-Lebanese, rendering them unable to move silently through neighborhoods where they are ethnically uncommon.
  • Miscellaneous Drug Cartels: La Main Noir often charges drug cartels money for any drugs that are brought into cities under heavy La Main Noir influence. In return, La Main Noir provides drug cartels protection from law enforcement and other criminal groups. Furthermore, the syndicate also purchases drugs from cartels, and the cartels themselves occasionally assist La Main Noir in its drug operations.
  • La Clique: A French-Canadian crime syndicate operating mainly in Canada, France, and the United States, La Clique operates in some of the same American and French territories that La Main Noir operate in, thus opening the door for business opportunities between them. As the larger organization, La Main Noir often charges La Clique gangsters a "street tax" for operating in their territory.
  • The 3rd World: An underground terrorist faction led by Amin's twin brother, Satar, the 3rd World is La Main Noir's main means of influencing Saharan Africa. Its main purpose however, is supplying La Main Noir with exotic firearms and weapons designed for chemical warfare.
  • La Société: A mysterious espionage and assassin agency founded by Amin. La Société provides both intelligence and assassination services to La Main Noir.

Other unspecified criminal groups are used as shields, to ward any attention from law enforcement away from La Main Noir. Maintaining a low profile and not attracting attention is key to La Main Noir's operations. By fielding other criminal groups in their stead, La Main Noir often forces law enforcement to fight multiple battles on different fronts, causing law enforcement agencies to overextend and exhaust themselves while simultaneously enabling La Main Noir to evade any culpability. In addition to the syndicate's named activities, La Main Noir controls French-based MMA promotion "Gaul FC", which was founded following the France's 2020 legalization of MMA.

A Hotel, La Main Noir-Owned
A Hotel, La Main Noir-Owned

With the intention of monopolizing France's untapped combat sports potential and toppling Cage Warriors as Europe's largest MMA, Gaul FC (Fighting Championships) enjoys three main sources of income; lucrative TV Contracts, ticket sales from live events, and La Main Noir. La Main Noir provides the funding for Gaul FC's overhead expenses, including fighter salaries, enabling La Main Noir to generate tremendous streams of income from gambling on the fights as well as from bookie fees. In both Lebanon and France, La Main Noir owns a string of waste management companies, forcing every town in specific geographical areas to allow those companies to manage all the waste that is produced, effectively monopolizing the area, eliminating any competitors, and allowing La Main Noir to raise prices.

Additionally, La Main Noir also manipulates the stock price of top-flight European football clubs on the stock exchange, particularly clubs from France's Ligue 1, Belgium's Jupiler Pro League, and Italy's Serie A. La Main Noir further extends its influence down to even the lower levels of football/soccer by interfering with youth football associations, sponsoring young players or buying struggling small clubs under the guise of saving them from financial difficulties. Money earned from the syndicate's illegal ventures are typically used to fund cleaner activities like hotels, tourist villages and even wind mills. To earn public favor in certain geographical areas, La Main Noir typically builds hospitals, schools, distributes free food and water in places devastated by natural disaster or otherwise suffering from poverty.

♛ Marchands de Mort - Assassins & Arms

Stealth Artists

For elite-grade assassinations with as little evidence and connection as possible, La Main Noir usually employs Amin's shadowy agency, La Société. However, the Cinq Doigts of La Main Noir still exhibit remarkable skill in the art of assassination and stealth. Trained by La Société in the nuances of stealth, many of La Main Noir's members are expert stealth artists who, no matter the terrain or conditions, understand that making sounds can and often will attract unwanted attention from anything and anyone that might compromise their position. When operating with stealth, its members remain conscious of where they are walking, how they're distributing their weight with each step, and any objects which might produce sound.


Furthermore, their composure rarely, if ever, breaks. They never behave suspiciously or out of character, or in any way that may attract unwanted attention. They use their environment to their advantage, be it a strong Sun, the shadows, large crowds, and so on. Additionally, they not only dress for their given environment, but tend to avoid points of interest like traffic lights, bus stops or areas that leave them too exposed e.g. an open field. To further fortify their stealth, La Main Noir mafiosi rely on exceptional disguises. Depending on the occasion, the disguise may be light, consisting only of wigs, fake facial hair, glasses and so on. But when faced with situations that demand more convincing disguises, Amin's mafiosi dip their hands in a versatile toolbox.

They use prosthesis to change their cheekbones, add a forehead, change the nose etc., as well as dental facades to change the shape of one's face, such as those that make the gums plumper or alter facial profiles. They use artificial pallets made from mouth impressions to change their enunciation or add a lisp. Typically, the disguises used by La Main Noir are designed to make Amin's mafiosi look elderly, as older men are universally considered less threatening than younger ones. The goal is not merely to conceal their identity, but to ensure that mafiosi engaging in stealth can present themselves as someone who will be instantly forgotten once they have left the scene.

They learn to change everything about themselves, from the way they eat, to how they stand, sit and even walk (accomplished via a physical apparatus like a pebble in the shoe to pinch the toes or a bandage around the knee to restrict the walk). To facilitate escape that is not immediately possible with vehicles such as cars, boats or helicopters, La Main Noir mafiosi use the art of moving efficiently through space - parkour - to scale walls, overcome obstacles and so on while using as little energy as possible.


Trained by ex-military operatives from Satar's 3rd World faction, nearly all La Main Noir mafiosi are highly skilled gunmen. Although superhumanly strong and durable, enough to toss cars and survive high-caliber gunfire, as well as being well-trained in unarmed combat, Amin's mafiosi - when armed - usually elect to avoid close quarters combat, instead pouring their energy into assuming long range vantage points that both conceal them from their targets and enables surveillance of the terrain to avoid counterfire. When forced into close quarters situations, the mafiosi may draw daggers or use handguns or light assault rifles, or otherwise rely on their brutal strength.


Still, many are snipers by choice, choosing their shooting positions carefully and always staying beyond their target's line of sight, rendering their own positions extremely difficult for a target to locate simply from the sound of gunfire. And as La Main Noir mainly operates in urban environments, the sound of their gunshots are often distorted by surrounding buildings, helping to further mislead the target. Amin's mafiosi also carry muzzle-flash suppressors to prevent targets and enemies from locating them from muzzle flashes. And like all skilled snipers do, they record every shot taken, including the weather conditions, state of the rifle, and the optics when the shot was taken.

They are trained and conditioned to account for crucial details, such as adjusting elevation for distance and major wind effects. At great distances, the mafiosi skillfully evaluate and adjust for minor wind effects, heat, humidity, light and shadows, ammunition characteristics, firing to a higher or lower level, and so on. Furthermore, they are experts on parallax and reticle adjustments, eye relief, fitting the rifle to the body, breath and trigger control, sling use, and more. As snipers, the mafiosi are prepared to wait long hours while remaining perfectly still to survey the scene and wait for the right moment to shoot. As a rule, Amin's mafiosi don't often use firearms with three round burst functions because with each recoil, the weapon moves, meaning the third shot is nowhere near where the first shot was.

If forced to do so, they often aim for the groin so that the first shot targets the groin, the second the chest, and the third near the head.


Standard arms and weapons used by La Main Loire are as follows:

  • Handguns (9x19mm Glock 18, MK25)
  • Shotguns (Benelli M4 Super 90, Mossberg 500, Saiga-12)
  • Rifles (M4 Carbine, CheyTac M200, M107, McMillan Tac-50, SA80, Dragunov, Tavor 21, FN F200, Steyr Aug, FN F2000)
  • Personal Defense Weapons/PDWs (FN P90, MP7A2)
  • SMGs (PP-19 Bizon 9mm, Uzi-Pro, Colt RO635)
  • Grenade Launchers (M203 Grenade Launcher, XM25 CDTE)
  • RPGs (RPG-30, RPG-7, RPO-A Shmel, RPG-32)
  • Smoke Grenades (M18, L83A1)
  • Flash Grenades (M84 Stun)
  • Fragmentation Grenades (M67)
  • Tear Gas Grenades (CS and CN)
  • Chemicals (Dimethylcadmium, 5-MeO-DMT, Delta-Atracotoxin, Tetrodotoxin, Strychnine, Polonium)

However, given Amin's funding and arms trading with the 3rd World, La Main Noir has come to enjoy a series of unique and exotic weaponry, which are as follows:

  • Vibranium Rounds: A very strong and durable metal, enough to penetrate most barriers, even those in a world dominated by metahumans, vibranium was quickly identified by Amin as a material of great potential use as ammunition. Though vibranium absorbs kinetic energy and vibrations, the mechanism by which standard firearms operate is an accumulation of pressure behind the projectile.

    Vibranium, therefore, does not detract from this, at least not to a degree that will significantly degrade a firearm's performance. Nanites in the vibranium rounds amplify the stored elastic potential energy to be released all at once upon impact as large amounts of kinetic energy. The results are vibranium rounds that implode most targets
  • Vibranium Bomb: A weapon not yet used by La Main Noir, the vibranium bomb is a means of rare devastation, the likes of which can annihilate even high-tier metahumans. The bomb itself is a combination of the two vibranium variants, the normal one which absorbs and stores energy, and the Antarctic variant which produces vibrations that liquify other metals. However, as anti-metal does not liquify vibranium, but makes it stronger, La Main Noir has weaponized the unique oscillation between the two isotopes.

    By blasting the two metals together, an exotic reaction is produced when their two atoms come into close, molecular proximity, one vibrating and the other storing until it breaks. However, at the onset of the reaction, of the bombardment of particles from two exotic isotopes of the same element, an explosion of catastrophic power is unleashed. La Main Noir possesses only one such vibranium bomb.
  • E.C. Rifle: A destructive, long-range rifle with a low rate of fire, the E.C. rifles uses electromagnetic coils (an asynchronous linear-induction motor) rather than chemical propellants as a source of kinetic energy. As a result, it shoots round with far greater speed and far greater force than any standard firearm.
  • 210-A Rounds: Used only by Amin (given his immunity to radiation) and mafiosi who are either sufficiently protected or have accepted suicidal roles, 210-A rounds are a form of ammunition La Main Noir developed to weaponize Polonium-210 powder. To ensure maximum lethality, on armored and unarmored targets, with collateral damage considered a highly desirable consequence, 210-A is a long-rod penetrator. It is based around a 5x~45mm uranium needle (so as to fit inside the 51mm length of the ammunition without fouling on the cartridge's base and primer) with a non-discarding finned jacket filled with 4 grams of Polonium-210 powder.

    In a functional sense, it is an armor-piercing composite rigid/high-velocity armor-piercing projectile. To achieve maximum muzzle velocity, the 7.51mm NATO brass is filled with an HNIW-based propellant. So as not to alert the target or targets of its extreme danger, 210-A is fired from a weapon strongly resembling an Mk 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle, the only difference being modifications for a significantly stronger barrel and to be smoothbore as long fin-stabilized ammunition is faster and deals greater damage when not spin-stabilized. The brass is loaded to the point where mechanical failure of the rifle is possible after a single magazine of 210-A rounds are fired, in order to achieve the maximum muzzle velocity.

    The cartridge is loaded to produce extremely high muzzle velocities, at the cost of effectively destroying the rifle within a single magazine-worth of shots. Another avenue of lethality is offered by a jacket filled with Polonium dust, one that will be stripped off the depleted-uranium penetrator on impact and will burst, filling the air around the victim(s) with several grams of Polonium-210 dust, which has an LD50 of 0.89 micrograms. The depleted uranium penetrator carries most of the kinetic energy on into the victim, passing through most barriers, and disintegrating to deliver the remainder of the kinetic energy to the victim's vulnerable organic vitals. Given the lethal dose of radiation from the Polonium-210, once it disperses widely enough and is breathed in, it kills all intended targets within days.

    The target need not be classically harmed by the 210-A round, they need only inhale the Polonum-210 dust. Once in the bloodstream, it burrows into the spleen, kidneys, liver, and bone marrow, causing liver and kidney damage, extreme nausea, severe headaches, vomiting, pain, loss of reflexes, muscle wasting, diarrhea, hair loss, heart failure and so on as it leads the victim to an excruciating death by radiation poisoning


  1. Standard RPG rules apply e.g. no godmodding the mafiosi or metagaming etc.
  2. If for whatever reason you want to join the faction, shoot me a PM (on this account or 8th Wonder/Thee Champion/Venenoso/Grimmwald).
  3. Although it does not have a page or blog, La Clique (mentioned in the "Operations & Associations" section) is a fictional crime syndicate created by me. If you have any idea regarding it or even want to run it, shoot me a PM.
  4. If you want to stop by and make a deal, plan a hit on someone etc. swing by.
  5. La Main Noire doesn't have one base of operations, it has several bases across the globe.
  6. Have fun with it. Or not! I will though.

♔ Miracle - P.E.S. (Performance Enhancing Solution) ♔

♛♛ Chemistry - Overview ♛♛

The Miracle Solution
The Miracle Solution

Inspired by the Konite epidemic that plagued Gothic City in recent years, Amin Karrit used his wealth to fund the development of a powerful performance enhancing solution with the purpose of empowering his chosen mafiosi to superhuman heights. Named "Miracle", the solution is no mere organic chemical substance, but a fluid-based life-form whose behavior mimics that of a retrovirus. When injected into the body, Miracle attaches itself to a host cell, dividing into multiple virus-sized molecular structures which then attach themselves to the host cell's membrane. And upon infecting the host cell, Miracle makes a DNA copy of the genome to then be used to produce RNA.

Viral Fluid
Viral Fluid

This RNA serves as a template for the production of more viral genomes and as mRNA to produce viral proteins. Furthermore, the viral cells grow in size and appear to attack white blood cells first, causing the host body to trigger an autoimmune response to the infection, leading to the release of white blood cells. Once the bloodstream has been flooded with white blood cells, the infected cells send out a signal to the other infected cells that are not producing viral cells which in turn grow in size, causing painful tissue swelling. In some cases, Miracle results in extremely painful convulsions due to disrupted neural pathways where the large size of predatory viral cells turn on the host's white blood cells and devours them. In most cases however, viral cells adapt and mutate for the betterment of the host.

There lies another factor in the mitosis of the viral cells, one that provides additional checks and balances on the creation of new material. On one hand, the genome is thoroughly checked for anomalies in the DNA and can more likely spare the expense ATP in these checks given the plethora of energy in a "pure" cell. On the other hand, the DNA readily accepts foreign DNA if it mutates a cell for the betterment of it's new host.

Physiological Transformation

The fluid-based life-form of which Miracle is composed, although acting like a retrovirus, exhibits semi-sentience which is responsible for the unique physiological changes exhibited in a host body. First and foremost, the heart and many of the host's major organs no longer need to pump fluids throughout the body as the fluid-base life-form can move on it's own accord. Although the host grows significantly more powerful than the ordinary human being, certain vulnerabilities arise. For one, the Miracle fluid-based life-form is extremely flammable due to the long chain of hydrocarbons that becomes part of the host's cellular protein synthesis.

Given the endothermic nature of the viral cells, the host's body temperature is below average. Ammonium nitrate becomes part of the host's cellular cycle. The Miracle fluid incorporates a thermodynamic chemical reaction that is endothermic, combining the ammonium nitrate with the host body's decreasing body temperature by using the reactant heat from cellular growth, enabling the host's body to undergo complex changes with an extremely short cellular half-life. The host cells bear significant differences to ordinary human ones. Host cell membranes consist of an organic-based membrane armored with titanium molecules for strength. Given titanium's high strength-to-weight ratio, the host exhibits extraordinary strength without experiencing a dramatic increase in weight.

Furthermore, the titanium doesn't reside only in the host's cell membrane, but in all other parts of the cell e.g. the nucleolus, mitochondria, ribosomes, and Golgi apparatus. Titanium found in the rough endoplasmic reticulum is linked to the extremely strong proteins synthesized by viral Miracle cells and is directly attributed to superhumanly strong muscles, faster protein synthesis due to conductivity within the cell and increased excitability in electron transport function, as well as energy released. The ribosomes in the endoplasmic reticulum produce the proteins, and as these modified proteins and other molecular byproducts of Miracle interact with the human cell in the smooth endoplasmic reticulum, strong steroids and lipids are produced. The host's ATP also bears significant differences from ordinary human ATP.

Under normal circumstances, mitochondria convert potential energy from sugars into ATP. The mitochondria of the Miracle fluid-based life-form are extremely dependent on finding new hosts and the average viral cell possesses ten times the mitochondria as a normal human cell. This leads to the higher amounts of energy production that the host is able to sustain, enabling feats of superhuman ability e.g. tossing cars and surviving high-caliber gunfire. An average human cell produces roughly 32 molecules of ATP per cycle of respiration. Ordinary humans use oxygen to bind and trap waste products during this cycle, creating carbon dioxide in anaerobic cycles. The host's cells however, create different waste products, either lactic acid or ethanol, which only produces 2 ATP molecules. The host's body uses a process that binds nitrogen to create an unstable reactant, highly flammable, but with a short half-life.

The reactants are of an alcohol and an aldehyde, with ammonium nitrate taking part in the process. In addition to superhuman strength, durability, stamina etc. the host benefits from heightened senses. Superhuman speed and strength are owed to the supercharged proteins synthesized by the viral cells and the titanium in the host's cellular composition, but their superhuman senses are owed to other physiological changes. Specifically, the host's sight improves. The amount of rods and cones in the host's eyes increases dramatically, leading to increased photo-sensitivity. Furthermore, the pigmented oils in the eyes increase, assisting the host in seeing a wider spectrum of color. The fovea changes shape as well, increasing the number of receptors.

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♚ La Société - Faction ♚

"You cannot prepare for what you were never aware of" - Amin Karrit

Unknown and operating in the shadows, there is no greater spy or assassin than a La Société agent. They cannot be seen nor prepared for. Their garments are not elaborate, instead they don civilian clothing and appear to be completely normal. They are able to mingle in large crowds of ordinary men and women as though they themselves were. They possesses Eidetic memories and an almost supernatural ability to mimic any personality they observe without flaw. The apparent source of their ability? Psychopathy. Every single Société agent is a clinical psychopath.


They do not have a conscience, no feelings of guilt or remorse no matter what they do, no limiting sense of concern for the well-being of strangers, friends and family alike. They view moral responsibility as a burden others readily accept without question. To them, the world is gullible. They are able to conceal their psychological makeup from others through mimicry, deception, and the simple reality that everyone simply assumes that conscience is universal among human beings. Hiding their lack of a conscience is nearly effortless. Because of this, La Société agents hold a distinct advantage over most people who are kept in line by their moral conscience.

The agents are calm and collected, never break character, and deceive without flaw. They are therefore able to slip into any role Amin require they play. Coupled with their great skill in the art of ninjutsu and assassination, they make for flawless assassins. Furthermore, they are also used as spies, slipping into locations to map out areas, observe events and collect information for La Société by posing as ordinary civilians or those cleared to enter restricted areas. They serve as Amin's voices. They are in meeting rooms, public spaces, watering holes, street corners, everywhere. In addition to their peak-human abilities, the agents possess a form of unorthodox sensory perception; sonar hearing that enables them to use sound propagation to navigate and detect objects within their vicinity.

With the power to use both passive sonar and active sonar, the agents use passive sonar to detect the sound waves emitted by that which is around them while using active sonar to emit pulses of sound and listening for echoes, allowing them to map out areas as well as using their sonar as a means of acoustic location and measuring the echo properties of physical systems to detect vulnerable points in physical structures. Through this ability, they are able to identify where to enter a building, it's least populated area, it's weak points etc. How Amin controls them is unknown. But they appear to be completely devoted to him. Though their attire depends on the occasion, they do carry certain gear such as gas masks and electric gauntlets if need be.

Their roles as assassins, spies etc. is taken so seriously that the agent often have replicated credentials in order to access certain restricted areas. Their origin remains unknown, but they appear to be funded by profits from Amin's twin brother Satar, namely, the Brahma Brotherhood and the 3rd World.

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