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"A dance with the devil might last you forever"

Man of Steel
Man of Steel

Real Name: Amin Karrit

Aliases: White Collar Cobra, Blue Gangster, Man of Steel

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 307 lbs

Age: 38

Hair Color: Raven

Eye Color: Ice Blue

Species: Human -- Mutant (Unknown to the general public)

Alignment: Morally Ambiguous

Orientation: Heterosexual

Birthplace: Baabda, Lebanon

Relationship Status: Single

Family: The Karrit Family, Satar (Twin Brother)

Occupation: Leader of La Société, Lebanese Mafioso

Affiliation: Ada Guillaume (Confidant & Partner), La Société, Lebanese Mafia

The Blue Gangster - Psychological Profile/Personality

While Amin often tailors his behavior and creates inauthentic personalities according to the personalities of others, his many different masks conceal the one true constant of his personality, something he exerts great effort in maintaining a secret; his psychopathy. Amin operates invisibly in society, looking and acting just as any ordinary person would. He confronts society with a convincing mask of empathy and normality. A mask whose outward features are intact and cannot be displaced nor penetrated by questions directed toward deeper personality levels. Under psychiatric investigation and in technical tests designed to extract evidence of derangement, Amin's thought processes appear normal. Deep examination of his mind reveals nothing but the solid and substantial structural image of an ordinary man's sane and rational personality.

"There is no good and evil. Only power"

All of the White Collar Cobra's judgments of value and emotional appraisals appear true and genuine. And yet, despite all of this, despite the normal emotional affirmations and rational processes, Amin is not normal. His truest personality suggests a subtly constructed reflex machine well adapted at mimicking the human personality to perfection. His mind is a smooth operating psychic apparatus that reproduces consistently not only specimens of good human reasoning, but also appropriate simulations of normal human emotion in response to nearly all the varied stimuli of life. Amin is so perfect in his mimicry of the human condition that even in a clinical setting, experts would be unable to point in scientific or objective terms why or how he is not real. And yet, at Amin's most fundamental level, he is wired differently. He has no conscience, no feelings of guilt or remorse no matter his actions. He has no limiting sense of concern for the well-being of strangers and friends/family alike. It is his opinion that moral responsibility is a burden others readily accept without question.

And it is his opinion that the world is gullible, because while he exerts great effort in keeping his psychological abnormalities a secret, he does not need to. Through mimicry and deception, his psychological makeup can be kept a secret because everyone automatically assumes that conscience is universal among humans. The ice water running through his veins is so bizarre and so far outside everyone's personal experience that they never wonder that he may be different. And it is Amin's inherent ability to mimic the behaviors of others that acts as a helping hand in his manipulation of people. With it, he can perfectly craft different personas and masks with which to deceive others.

The White Collar Cobra - Intellect & Skills

-Social Manipulator-

A born psychopath with the inherent ability to mimic the human condition, Amin relies on his mastery of imitation as a helping hand in manipulating others. With it, he is able to perfectly craft several different personas and psychological masks with which to deceive others. The concept of moral responsibility is unknown to him, except as a burden he feels others readily accept like gullible fools. Everyone automatically assumes that conscience is universal throughout mankind, Amin's psychopathy is therefore easy to conceal. He is not held back from any of his desires by guilt or shame and he is never confronted by others for his cold-blooded nature. That people are seldom able to guess at his condition, that they are met with mask after mask of artificially constructed personalities, makes manipulation that much easier a task for the White Collar Cobra. Completely free of internal restraints, he can do anything he pleases while wielding a strange psychological advantage over everyone else that is kept in line by their consciences.

With his powerful and secret advantage, and with the corresponding handicap of other people... there is nothing he cannot accomplish. Still, Amin understands that people, whether they have a conscience or not, are different. That some favor the ease of inertia while others are dreamers with wild ambitions. That some people are brilliant and talented, while others are dimwitted and dull. That some people are violent, others nonviolent. It is this understanding and his ability to read and observe an individual's behavioral tics and construct a psychological profile for them that allows him to manipulate them according to the vulnerabilities of their most prominent psychological tendencies. Violent individuals can be goaded, drawn in by the promise of carnage, provoked into recklessness. Geniuses with ambitious minds can be lured in and duped by promises of great opportunities for intellectual revolutions. And Amin has the talent to play on an individual's gullibility, to play on a person's moral obligations and inborn empathy. The talent to whip up other people's hatred and sense of deprivation.

To appeal to the masses, Amin projects self-confidence and a natural charisma. This quality radiates outward, permeating his gestures, casting his presence and making himself seem powerful and superior. He heightens his social charisma with a strong and piercing gaze, and a confident and fiery oratory enhanced by an air of mystery. He radiates a quiet intensity while retaining his composure.

Powers & Abilities - Unknown To General Public

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In order to best conceal his identity as Satar's twin brother, Amin wears what appears to be an ordinary Rolex Yacht-Master II watch that in truth contains a microcircuit which is itself a superconductor of sorts. The superconductor is apparently powered by scalar energies. The watch converts the high frequency of cosmic bio-energy and it's information into a field that accesses the subtle energy and quantum information carried by said cosmic bio-energy (that constantly surrounds us). The generated field offers something of a decoy atomic, molecular and overall genetic structure by using the accesses quantum information to deliberately present the atomic information of an ordinary human body. This is a bid done in an effort to counter the powerful senses of the world's ultrahumans. Furthermore, the watch's second means of protecting Amin's biological relation to the Baabda Beast is by emitting neutralizing frequencies that create a static sort of effect for those attempting to peer into his atomic structure in the event that the watch's first line of defense fails.