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♔♚ King Karrit ♚♔

Le Commandant
Le Commandant

Real Name: Amin Karrit

Aliases: Le Commandant, Don Karrit, King Karrit, Le Grand Patron, Lebanese Viper, Black Don, Blue Blooded Beast, Billion Dollar Boss/Beast, Man of Steel, Natural Born Don, Noir Gangster

Height: 6'9" (Variable)

Weight: 443 lbs (Variable)

Age: 42

Hair Color: Raven

Eye Color: Ice Blue

Species: Mutant

Alignment: Irredeemable Villain

Orientation: Heterosexual

Birthplace: Baabda, Lebanon

Base of Operations: Château Noir

Relationship Status: Single

Family: The Karrit Family (Adoptive Family), Satar (Twin Brother)

Occupation: Le Commandant/Leader of La Main Noir, Leader of La Société, French-Lebanese Mafioso

Affiliation: Ada Guillaume (Confidant & Partner), La Main Noire, La Société, Savant-X, Lebanese Mafia

♛ Don Karrit - Origin/Background

From the depths of Lebanese obscurity, a mutant and his twin brother were born. Given away by a mother either unable or unwilling to care for them, one was adopted by a French-Lebanese family - the Karrits - and given the name "Amin". And the other - Satar - butchered his way to the peak of metahuman terrorism. Yet even in the glimmer of Parisian life, a thirst for power and control never strayed far from Amin's mind. With the sharp edge of his intellect and the brute force of his X-Gene, he bent powerful European families to his will and claimed their old money by right of power.

They could not stop him. They dared not even try. And with power in one hand and wealth in the other, Amin seized the world of organized crime by the throat, assuming control of French-based Lebanese crime syndicates, and finding a confidant and likeminded partner in University professor and fellow mutant, Ada Guillaume. Together, the two embarked on a campaign that would promise them the world and it's leaders at their feet.

♛ The Man of Steel - Psychological Profile/Personality

Shrewd and callous, domineering and ruthless, Amin takes great pleasure in outwitting, in outmaneuvering, and in vengeance. However, it is neither sadism nor cruelty operating behind his actions. Le Commandant derives no pleasure in inflicting pain, physical or otherwise. The soulless disregard he exhibits for the suffering of others is just that - he simply doesn't care. For those around him, he feels nothing, operating by the will of supernaturally cold pragmatism. Instead, the positive emotions Amin experiences - pride, happiness - are reserved for himself, and those he reserves for others - rage, destructive rage - are negative, are sand storms that threaten to peel flesh from bone. Although Le Commandant's composure, his calmness, is often ironclad, his anger arises whenever he is slighted, disrespected or challenged. He tolerates little, and takes pride in the brutal murder of not only those who dare cross or speak ill of him, but their entire family lines. Don Karrit demands - and even expects - respect and obedience. Those around him are given but a single choice; to do as they are told. Those who question him are put in their place. Those below him should be silent and obey.

And those who rebel are bulldozed, tortured, humiliated and broken. The pain of others is of little concern to Amin, only power, dominance, and prestige are given credence. Those who stand in his way are met with disproportionate violence, as in standing against him, they stand against the standards he insists on. It is no surprise then, that the mafiosi of La Main Noir are regarded only as tools and symbols. There are no individual members of his crime syndicate, only a means to an end. So, while he might exact great vengeance on those who capture or wrong his underlings, he does so only because he cares about his mafiosi in terms of how they reflect on him. Le Commandant knows no fear, accepts little in the way of compromise, and does not tolerate failure. And yet, Amin is not so domineering that he does not recognize that forcefulness and fear are not the only means of reigning people in. The Black Don exhibits a dangerous manipulative streak, deceiving and even fabricating entire events to lure others into his control. He will meticulously fake betrayals by those closest to his target, he'll engineer social situations that work to his advantage, and even design entire scenarios to confirm a lie he needs a target to regard as true. For at the heart of Don Karrit's psyche, is an obsession with power.

And few things exhibit greater power than dictating and even controlling the perceptions of others. Amin has long held that power is not derived from telling others that one has it, but from showing it. And it is a standard that comes naturally to him, from his voice to his body language, Amin radiates power.

♛ The Lebanese Viper - Intellect & Skills ♛


A man of sharp intellect, Amin possesses the mental capacity to face and solve problems of great complexity with relative ease. He exhibits the traditional hallmarks of a great mind. He articulates his thoughts through speech with perfect clarity, displays near-flawless information retention and recall, and supernatural self-control. Even when confronted by problems of exceeding complexity, the Blue Blooded Beast consistently conceives of the most efficient and less time and resource consuming solutions. His icy composure is owed, in part, to his ability to balance between persisting on longterm goals while simultaneously adapting to the always changing conditions of a chaotic world. This ability to balance contradictory elements stems from Amin's many years of dealing with the ruthless politics of the organized crime world.


Additionally, as a fast and critical thinker, Amin possesses great skill in analysis and pattern recognition. He, for example, not only engages in thought experiments, but when in any given location, often studies the terrain, time, climate, and every possible physical condition that could either be of use to him or pose a potential problem. By constantly accounting for random variables, Le Commandant has conditioned himself to make quick but crucial adjustments. A man well versed in countless fields, Amin holds a deep reservoir of knowledge on subjects including but not limited to economics, psychology, history, political science, military science, mathematics, literature, art, espionage, language, philosophy and law.

Psychological Manipulation

The Black Don is a highly skilled manipulator, one whose knowledge base includes the mere-exposure effect, reciprocal liking, persuasion, social power dynamics, the weaponization of emotional abuse, and how to harness all their effects for his own needs. And as the root of manipulation is in calibration, Amin has mastered the art of cold reading. Although he is fully capable of tailoring his manipulations to draw out a multitude of emotions and reactions, Le Commandant's primary concern is to establish power and dominance over others. In crowded situations where one might struggle to be heard, Amin's voice thunders. From silence, he raises his voice to startle those around him into silence, seizing attention with a boom before retaining his composure once all attention is drawn to him. It is a frightening social tool, used to lull others into a sense of unease as one never knows when Amin will shift from calming lake to roaring volcano. Furthermore, Amin often uses commanding silence against those who speak up against him.

It allows those who protest a few seconds to reconsider, and even regret, their decision to stand against one who is as likely to extinguish an entire family line as he is to breathe air. It allows the fear of what Don Karrit might do in retaliation to creep up their spine. He holds their eyes in a stare of quiet intensity till one flinches and breaks eye contact. This psychological warfare owes it's roots to the evolutionary truth that an animal that does not flinch in the face of danger, gives off the impression that it possesses some dangerous advantage. Additionally, Le Commandant's speech patterns only fortify the power he radiates. He does not make requests, he does not ask people what to do nor does he make threats. He tells people what they are going to do, making liberal use of the word "will", with the utmost certainty that he will be listened to, adding to the sense that he should be listened to. Amin signals through sub-communications that he has power, often causing others to assume he ought to have power, therefore leading them to respond accordingly, which only leads to more sub-communications of power. His inflection at the end of sentences for example, are downwards, emphasizing that it is neither a question or up for debate.

His intonation is flipped downwards. Amin manipulates situations to pull people out of a confident state. He often makes them wait before speaking to them, not only signaling that any conversation will be had on his terms, but that he himself is more important than the person with whom he's conversing. He typically does so to force businessmen, politicians or other criminal leaders into agreeing to one-sided deals that are beneficial to him but poor to them. Furthermore, Don Karrit makes liberal use of his large frame to stand over people, signaling to them that he is literally looking down on them. He tends to invade people's personal space at the exact moment he's making a big point, rendering them more likely to react to his commands instead of resisting them. Amin has also been noted for creating situations where he gets the last word, ending the conversation on his terms.

He does so either by commanding others to leave once he's made his point or by leaving the room as soon as he's made his point, leaving no time or space for an argument, and directing the thoughts of others once he's left. Often, his movements are slow and languid, communicating that he's never in a rush, like a predator in the wild whose movements are slow and relaxed, whereas prey movements are quick and jerky. Predators have no reason to be constantly fearful, but prey do. Amin, therefore, moves at a self-determined pace, as opposed to an environmentally determined one. He is also fond of turning his back on people during conversation, a clear indication of how nonthreatening they are, and/or unimportant.

Fighting System

While more concerned with the pursuit of sociopolitical dominance, power and control, the Black Don has done well to realize the physical boons of his X-Gene by forging himself into a brutal and fierce fighter. And he did so by abandoning a fundamental that is given great credence by all skilled fighters; the stance. The stance is the foundation upon which a fighter's skills are built. And few other things receive the kind of time and energy from fighters that stances do. Many work tirelessly to perfect their stance, to hold their power hand back and pour every drop of energy into resetting their stance when out of position. But Amin subscribes to a different approach. He is never out of position because he is so comfortable on his feet that he never needs to reset his stance, because he fights without one. A powerful mutant with seismic power in every limb, Amin is a vicious and aggressive counter-striker who pressures the opponent and cuts off their angles of escape.

The Blue Blooded Beast stalks, feints and grazes the opponent with lightning-fast jabs meant to draw them into responding with an attack of their own. An attack that Amin intends to counter. Given his unorthodox view on stances, orthodox and southpaw mechanics hold little importance to Amin. Instead, he is more concerned with sticking to the opponent, just close enough to answer fire with thunder. By taking a wide open stance, Amin appears vulnerable, doing so to draw the opponent into an overeager attempt at pouncing on his "mistake". The Black Don however, makes no mistakes. Instead, he takes a calculated risk by feigning vulnerability only to then punish an overzealous foe who is tricked into coming out of position to attack bait Le Commandant disguises as errors. Amin's willingness to shift his feet allows him to not only draw the opponent into a battle firmly in his favor, but enables him to throw punches, elbows, knees and kicks from unorthodox angles at unpredictable ranges. There is no stance, so instead, his feet move to wherever he needs to be to avoid attacks and land counters. However, despite Amin's unpredictable movement, he is just as dangerous, and perhaps more-so, when not moving his feet.

Most opponents, metahumans included, are often killed by Amin's blows. Those who survive are disoriented and rocked, alive only to inevitably be butchered by a storm of power strikes. He attacks from southpaw, orthodox or no stance at all, twisting his upper-body like a whirlwind and staying in position to throw strikes seemingly into every angle of escape the opponent thinks to take. Furthermore, the Blue Blooded Beast uses his non-punching hand to keep the opponent at range, in sight, and break their posture. It is a favored tool of measurement, one he uses to keep a hurt and dazed opponent trapped while he demolishes them with his punching hand. In doing so, Amin can afford to miss a punch as he simply keeps his non-punching hand touching the opponent - often on the back of their head and neck as they duck - making it easier for follow-up punches to land while he switches from side to side to stay at lethal range to land killing blows.

Despite primarily fighting as a striker, Amin is a vicious grappler and in-fighter whose combination of wrist-grips, elbows, uppercuts, hooks and knees make him a brutal opponent in the clinch. On the ground he throws knees to the groin from half-guard, headbutts, 12-6 elbows to the back of the head from back mount and so on. None are spared from the fusion of savagery and skill that Le Commandant uses to batter and murder.

♛ The Blue Blooded Beast - Powers & Abilities

Superhuman Physical Attributes

Like his twin brother Satar, Amin is a mutant whose genetic structure is specifically geared towards extremely high performance - even by metahuman standards - in all of his bodily systems. For example, the telomeres responsible for cell age in his body do not shorten after cell division, thereby causing Amin's physical prime a permanent state. Furthermore, the Black Don bears no disease-causing genes, retroviruses or genetic errors. He is immune to virtually all known toxins and diseases, and is in possession of a hyper-efficient healing factor that can replace organs and regrow limbs in a matter of months. Because his genes are designed for peak performance in the higher-tiers of the metahuman range, Amin's powerful brain is an information-processing unit of superhuman efficiency and speed, rendering him spectacularly intelligent and capable of operations beyond the limits of the human brain. His bones are far thicker and stronger, with an incomparable wealth of minerals and vitamins.


Similarly, his tissues are thicker, stronger and denser bundles, with his muscle structure producing far more of the actin and myosin proteins than a human one. Additionally, his muscle structure is comprised of pink muscle fibers, a rare and efficient fusion of steady-state energy slow-twitch muscle fibers and ATP (adenosine triphosphate)-creatine metabolic fast-twitch muscle fibers, granting him overwhelming endurance and abnormal superhuman explosiveness. When combined with his extreme high-performance genes, the Black Don's muscle and bone structures render him a hyper-herculean physical specimen. His superhuman strength has no known limit and is believed to exist at the upper-tier of metahuman power, allowing him to, for example, leap into orbit or topple skyscrapers. His durability and toughness are of such magnitude that high caliber bullets bounce off his skin, explosions deal him no damage, extreme temperatures do not hinder him, and his bones are nearly unbreakable. Amin however, is also phenomenally powerful, able to - because of his pink muscle fibers - pour a destructive amount of superhuman force into a physical movement under minimum time. The ability to generate maximum superhuman force under minimum time is part of what renders Amin a deadly combatant.

And not only is he highly explosive, but his endurance and stamina enable him to exert maximum physical effort for an indefinite period of time. And like his brother, Satar, it allows him to withstand a tremendous amount of punishment and still continue. In addition to his superhuman explosiveness, the Blue Blooded Beast's ability to generate enormous superhuman force is also at the root of his great superhuman speed, enough speed that the g-forces he experiences would be fatal to an ordinary human. The bio-electrically sped up neural synapses of his nervous system likewise lead to superhuman reaction times and reflexes. And like Satar, Amin's body possesses a secondary nervous system which uses a unique neuroconductive fluid. It serves as a backup in the event that his primary nervous system suffers critical damage. An additional boon of this backup nervous system is an extreme resistance to physical paralysis. Finally, as with every aspect of his body, Amin exhibits an extremely powerful adaptive component, one which allows his body to quickly adapt to extremely harsh phenomena, and gradually develop a resistance to anything that previously harmed him.

Gamma Effect

A rarely used power of his, Amin's blood is essentially a gamma effect generator, an effect that finds it's spark at the quantum scale. At the quantum scale, empty space is not truly empty but instead boiling over with quantum particles popping up, colliding, and disappearing every nanosecond. Amin's gamma effect can trigger inter-atmospheric instability, causing these quantum particles to pop up far more energetically so that all organic matter caught within the blast range of these heavy energetic interactions would be immediately destroyed. However, Amin does not simply trigger this "blast" for the sake of mere destruction, for when the field of his gamma effect interacts with the energized field of his "blast", his body generates additional quantum particles modeled after the unstable cells in his body, resulting in a powerful transformation.

A transformation that grants the Black Don a massive and supercharged physique that leads to a monstrous increase in strength and durability, and the ability to generate gamma radiation liberally. However, taking on this supercharged form is extremely taxing, even for Amin, and is limited to a 10 minute window. And once his exhaustion reaches it's breaking point, the gamma effect ceases and his nervous system reverses the transformation, allowing quantum particles to collide and cancel each other out until Amin's ordinary form emerges once more. Given this ability, it is no surprise that Amin exhibits extreme resistance to the harmful effects of radiation.

♛ The Billion Dollar Boss - Paraphernalia


As with any leading figure in organized crime, Amin exhibits a suave sense of style. Often seen wearing suits of the utmost quality with razor sharp silhouettes and understated yet classic elegance, the Black Don's suits are made from a custom fabric consisting of a strong and regenerative nanomaterial, making his suits capable of withstanding the tremendous forces he subjects them to, as well as repairing any minor tears sustained by the fabric.

Raymond Weil
Raymond Weil

From a stylistic standpoint, some of his suits are two-piece and single-breasted, while others are three-piece and double-breasted. Coming in varying shades of color from black to steel grey or wine red to navy blue, his suits range from Armani, Ermenegildo Zegna, and Burberry - to Brioni, Dolce & Gabbana, Saunt Laurent, and Givenchy. Furthermore, his suits are complemented by the Italian leather on his feet, be the shoes Bruno Magli, Santoni or Ermenegildo Zegna.

The final staple of Le Commandant's wardrobe are his high-end watches. Gold or silver, Rolex, Raymond Weil or Tudor, his watches carry the glimmer of sophistication and flair.


The owner of a large collection of designer glasses ranging from Tom Ford and Alexander McQueen to Saint Laurent and Oliver Peoples, Amin is in possession of eyeglasses and sunglasses that double as technological wonders. Featuring nanites that filter non-EM energies (magical energies, psychic energies etc.) flowing into his body, these glasses afford him a great deal of resistance to threats of magical and psychokinetic nature. These nanites accomplish this by emitting neutralizing and balancing frequencies to ward off these non-EM energies. Additionally, Amin's glasses use an algorithm that allow them to incorporate vibrations to read passive sounds through video to analyze the imperceptible vibrations made by sound waves on surfaces.

Featuring a wireless connection to a nano-earpiece he usually wears, his glasses use this algorithm to make these imperceptible vibrations audible, allowing the lenses to recover, for example, the intelligible speech of an arguing group of people being recorded some forty meters away behind soundproof glass. And because the best results need the video's frames per second to be higher than the frequency of the audio signal, the lenses of Amin's glasses also work as nano-high-speed cameras. So with a mere gaze at a wall from a considerable distance, he can record everything happening inside.

Mont Blanc Pens (Meisterstück Moon Pearl LeGrand Fountain Pens)

A custom Mont Blanc fountain pen, the Meisterstück Moon Pearl bears a design inspired by the iridescent luster of a pearl reflected in moonlight. Sleek and coated in platinum, Amin's fountain pen is, like many of his belongings, custom-made. Specifically, it is a weapon disguised as a pen, capable of shooting fin-stabilized hyper-sonic darts. Darts that on their own deal significant damage. But darts that contain nanites that block the Protein Kinase C zeta/PKM-zeta enzyme and PRKCZ gene of the target, both of which are responsible for maintaining memories in the brain. With these nanites, Amin wields the ability to rob a foe of any information they may have learned, allowing him to not only mind-wipe them, but even strip certain types of memories associated with emotions and motor skills.

The second of Amin's pens, also a Mont Blanc pen, works as a freeze-ray that shoots precision lasers whose photons knock electrons out of their orbits. And when an atom loses electrons, it loses energy and therefore, heat. With this pen, Amin can blast away the warmth of an enemy target at the atomic level, instantly freezing them.