Ranking the Canon Order 66 Survivors

Most of the Jedi perished during the events of Order 66 yet the Jedi on this list were able to survive due to either skill or luck. This list will include most of the survivors of order 66 yet will exclude featless characters like Oppo Rancisis and Coleman Kcaj. This list will also be listing the characters at the height of their power not just after Order 66. With that said lets get down to the list.

List items

  • Not much needs to be said for Yoda. He was the Grand MAster of the JEdi order and for good reason Yoda was insanely skilled in lightsaber combat managing to overwhelm Count Dooku as well as hold his own against Darth Sidious. However, his force feats vastly outclass his skill in lightsaber combat. He could casually ragdoll force users like Asajj Ventress and could move a mountain sized creature in a moment of deep connection with the force. He was skilled in nearly every aspect of force use. His tutaminis could absorb and deflect lightning from foes such as Count Dooku and Darth Sidious. He had a very powerful force sense allowing him to feel individual Jedi from across the galaxy. And his gifted in foresight was possibly the strongest and most accurate in the entire JEdi Order.

  • Obi-Wan is one of the most skilled and accomplished Jedi in history. Obi-Wan's skill with a lightsaber cannot be overstated he managed to defeat Anakin Skywalker in one on one combat and has also overwhelmed the likes of Darth Maul and General Grievous on multiple occasions. His force abilities are also rather notable being able to stalemate a force push from Anakin Skywalker, as well as force push opponents in mid combat. His most notable ability however might be the Jedi Mind Trick of which he was known for using to resolve situations nonviolently.

    Additionally Kenobi grew stronger in his exile. He was able to finally defeat Maul for good as well as hold his own against Darth Vader.

  • Ahska is an insanely impressive character, from holding her own against General Grievous and overwhelming Pre-Vizla as a padawan to defeatimg two Inquisitors at once and being relative equals with Maul and Darth Vader in Rebels she has demonstrated herself an incredibly skilled duelist.

    Futhermore her force abilites are also on a similarly high level as shown when she temporarily held back an attack from Darth Sidious and even overpowered it with the help of Ezra. She is also skilled in mixing in force abilities with her lightsaber combat as shown against Grievous, the Inquisitors and even Darth Vader.

  • Eeth Koth was a former Jedi Council Member and Master before Order 66. However, after the fall of the Jedi Koth would go on to renounce his Jedi ways and become a priest. Yet, he was still massively skilled in lightsaber ombat able to effectively hold his own against Darth Vader in a duel and even landing a blow on the Sith. Koth was also able to fight General Grievous despite being previously injured forcing Grievous to utelize his magnagaurds in order to subdue the Jedi.

    He held skill in force abilities as well particularly telekinesis which he was able to use to subdue Grievous as well as destroy a stone wall while also hurling a droid at Vader.

  • Okay this placement might be a little controversial but let me explain. Kanan Jarrus is by no means a weak character in fact he is an insanely accomplished Jedi. Kanan lightsaber feats are rather remarkable for someone who hadn't finished his training. He was able to defeat Inquisitors, survive an encounter with Vader while Vader was noted to be aiming to kill him and he was able to defeat the Grand Inquisitor. While yes Kanan was "amped" during this circumstance it was an amp he would later learn to control and consciously access after his training with the Bendu.

    While his lightsaber feats are impressive what is more notable is his force abilities. Kanan has displayed high levels of skill in Mind Tricks, Animal Control and Force Sense however his greatest showings are in telekinesis. He was able to move asteroids the size of ships with his padawan Ezra, casually ragdoll opponents, manipulate multi ton structures and even stopped a cave in that was described as a mountain of stone. In his final moments he managed to tap into even more force power and held back the explosion of an entire Imperial fueling facility. As such Kanan deserve at least this spot on the list.

  • Cere displayed some impressive feats in the game. She is superior to Cal Kestis and had a fairly decent display of power in her fight with Vader she was able to temporarily catch him by surprise with her force powers and he even struggled somewhat to pierce her force barrier.

  • Luminara Unduli was a Jedi Master during the time of the clone wars and led many victorious battles during the era. Her most notable feat in canon is facing off against an early version of the dark side assassin Asajj Ventress in combat. She was able to duel Ventress relatively evenly though she was getting overwhelmed towards the end of the duel. She was also able to match Ventress in telekinesis on at least one occasion. While these feats should not be underestimated Unduli does have a lack of feats her accolades allow her to place quite high on this list but I cannot place her higher than this without more concrete feats.

  • Kirak Infil'a is entirely all hype when actually examined his feats pale in comparison to most of the other survivors. While he was able to defeat Darth Vader it should be noted that this was a Vader without a lightsaber, Vader wasn't yet used to the suit as it was only days after RotS and Vader was already damaged before their battle. Kirak also had some impressive telekinesis feats. He was able able to use force pushes in combat and could easily manipulate multiple objects at once. He was even able to resist a force choke from Darth Vader and in his most powerful display he temporarily held back a the waters from a destroyed dam.

    While he is seemingly rather powerful from these feats he was casually ragdolled by Vader in their second confrontation and he was defeated by an injured, inexperienced, and lightsaberless Vader.

  • Ferren Barr despite being only a padawan at the time of Order 66 is still displayed as rather powerful in his appearances in the Vader comic. He was skilled in the use of the force most notably with mind tricks which he used to manipulate his followers as well as a unit of Inquisitor Troopers. Like Jocasta Nu he was extremely intelligent, he was able to discern the identities of Darth Vader and the Inquisitors. He also had a keen tactical mind which was further enhanced by his affinity for foresight which allowed him to make elaborate plans one of which led to the deaths of two inquisitors.

    Lastly he was a skilled duelist able to engage Darth Vader in lightsaber combat albeit briefly.

  • To start this list we have the Jedi Librarian Jocasta Nu. While she isn't particularly known for her skill in combat she is still a pretty strong opponent. She was able to battle the skilled Jedi Hunter known as the Grand Inquisitor, though she did ultimately lose to him. She also displayed some skill in use of the force. She was able to casually fling clone troopers away with telekinesis and could manipulate her environment offensively such as when she tossed the books in the Jedi library at Vader and the Grand Inquisitor in order to attempt to incapacitate them. She was also able to use the jedi mind trick with some skill. Using it to sneak past clone troopers unnoticed.

    However, despite these skills she was easily overpowered by Darth Vader and as mentioned earlier defeated by the Grand Inquisitor. Her real skill lies in her intellect which makes her possibly one of the largest threats against the empire even if she isn't one of its most powerful enemies.