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And at the End, There is a Beginning 11

  With the Crisis on Infinite Earths event, we were given an end of an era and the beginning of what we have now, the end of those many ages, and the beginning of the Modern Age.   The event itself left a defining impression on an age of comic readers, old and new and it’s in this event where we are able to trace the history of the new DC Universe.    By itself, Issue 6 of the crisis lacks any real standout moments.   There’s none of the tragic deaths we find in the later issues, there’s no batt...

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In Preperation of Bruce's Return 0

  With Bruce Wayne's imminent return next month, we are given one last look into the aftermath of his "death".  If you don't know already, Bruce was sent through time thanks to Darksied at the end of Final Crisis.  Now we know about the arc that occurred right after his death, Battle for the Cowl.  This isn't a look at that though.  This issue is simply a reaction of a few of the heroes closest to Bruce, and their reaction to his death.    Superman, Wonder Woman, Tim Drake, Dick Grayson, even Gr...

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This Comic Shows Us What Really Makes a Hero 7

  Captain Marvel has always been one of my personal favorite heroes and recently I don't think he's been getting the respect he deserves.  Captain Marvel is a hero, and he's a hero for a big reason but now-a-days I don't think we're being shown that.  Well Shazam!  The Power of Hope  brings back that fact to life.  Captain Marvel is a hero, a darn good one, and in this comic issue we see that perfectly.      This issue isn't all action, and it isn't beat 'em up.  It's has a little bit of that, ...

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