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My fave of the new 52 so far 1

I was rather upset that the whole storyline about Selena's baby adoption was essentially wiped away because that story from the previous CATWOMAN volume brought me to tears more than once. Nonetheless, I had to accept that DC's reboot (whatever you call it properly) didn't mean someone couldn't still enjoy those good old stories for their own merit even if they were no longer the new timeline.March's artwork feels like he's trying too hard to be J.H. Williams III. March's layouts are so much cle...

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Great blend of pulp & modern magic 0

I loved volume 1 of MYSTERIUS because Jeff Parker took this forgotten character and brought him into the modern timeline while still developing Mysterius as a "man of mystery."  Excerpt from my Dynamic Forces review:  The parodies and homages to popular stage magicians and illusionists brings a comforting feeling to the story. You may not feel like taking a risk on a character like Mysterious but an analog of David Blaine or David Copperfield would pique your interest. Unfortunately there’s no ...

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Best of the Green Hornets 0

Matt Wagner has continued to take the classic persona of the Green Hornet and his partner Kato around the world through the late 1930s. Part of the appeal of this Year One book that makes it stand above the other Green Hornet titles (aren't there 12 by now?) is that Wagner truly captures the essence of pulp noir. He has thus far contained the crime fighting to real street level gang warfare without distractions of super powers and fantastical environments. The Green Hornet and Kato move fro...

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Real devils? Hmmm. 1

Ok, so maybe the one head of the Hand is tripping on some bad roofies or something but the demons inside the pages show how incredible the art is.    ...

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Good action 0

The story is fun, I'll give it that, but the artwork really threw me off this time.     ...

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Holy smokes! 1

I'm kicking myself for not checking out this title sooner. I have heard great reviews for a long time but I never found DD that interesting as a character. Truthfully, I never gave him a chance. I based my opinion solely on the short appearances he'd make in the various Spider-man cartoons. This book is amazing!   ...

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Young story but still best of the year 2

Only at issue #2 and I can;t imagine any other superhero story topping this.   Just as a fair warning, Blackest Night: Batman #1 and Green Lantern Corps #39. ...

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I actually didn't hate it! 1

It's true. After #1, I wasn't expecting much from #2, but the characters are tying in together nicely.    ...

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Not bad but not for me 0

This video includes Batman and Robin #1 and Batman 687.   ...

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Maybe it's a girl thing but emotions are good 0

This video includes Batman 687 and the new Batman & Robin #1.   ...

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Still loving this series 0

Even though Dorothy and the Lion are driven into uncontrollable slumber by the field of poppies, readers will not find any part of issue #3 snooze-inducing. This issue shows the friends facing uncertain doom over and over again keeping interest of readers of all ages. By this point it should become evident that the characteristics the individuals believe they are lacking are actually part of them already; but that isn't something they'll notice for a while and so they continue onward to see t...

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Definitely a high recommendation 1

Marvel knocks another All Ages book out of the park with Pet Avengers. Like the other reviewers have said, it's not just for kids because it's lacking in voilence, sex, and harsh language. The "kids" books can be very entertaining.   ...

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Super Science 0

I did a quickie review on youtube for this preview. It's basically not my kind of thing and I think it will appeal to a specific and small audience. If you liked the show Buck Rogers, for example. If you like the original Star Trek, or any of the pulp serials and you just love space adventures, this is one you'll want to add.   ...

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Great story 0

Beneath the veil of unnecessary adult language and potty humor, there is a truly awesome story by Warren Ellis accompanied by fantastic artwork of airships and the space port.   ...

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Satisfying story and decent art 0

I read the book yesterday and I think it's a fine book except for the one typo inside the cover where they spelled Jarrett's name incorrectly; first it's shown as "Jarrett" and then as "Jerrett." Overall, I enjoyed the story and thought the artwork was quite nice with clean lines; the colors threw me off a bit but I believe those panels were going for an "emergency light" glow in a laboratory. All the violence is "non-lethal" which fans say was vital to Jarrett's character. As for his look, I l...

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Action-packed fun 1

In a shameless attempt to boost my subscribers, I decided to stay in costume while doing this week's comic book review so here you have Wonder Woman talking about Terminator: Revolution issues 1 & 2:   ...

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Intriguing & mindbending 2

Classic Gaiman -- not enough writers have this particular grasp of drawing in characters, locations, objects from previous issues and Gaiman is a true master.   ...

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Good start, very intriguing 0

I've really gotten into the genre of Westerns lately and I'm loving the supernatural ones. I actually wasn't very impressed with Dark Tower except for the artwork; here in Dead Iron, the story is stronger than the art but it's got a dark and creepy horror vibe all throughout. If you like the 30 Days of Night style with Vincent Price story, this is for you:   ...

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Dini pwns Morrison 2

While this isn't a groundbreaking story by any means, it's more enjoyable than any issue of Batman that I've read for the past several months. Dini seems like a writer of legend to me already and he's not anywhere near retirement age. I would choose his work over Morrison's any day! As inferiorego stated, Hush has become a more appreciable character since RIP but even there Bats was up against Hush and the Black Glove and the Joker still running loose. This story has more focus than RIP or The B...

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What the.... 0

Yep, that was my reaction panel after panel, page after page, "What the....!"Nice way to say that you made a huge mistake with your universe is to just have a time continuum alteration of the entire universe. Of course just about everyone is either brought back to life or "returned to their prior selves" in this tail end of After The Fall; everyone except my fave Wesley (Grrr Argh, indeed). This "reboot/retcon/whoops" is how Aftermath will launch. Does that mean you shouldn't read it? No. As a f...

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Read the hardcover and loved it 1

Although the story doesn't end with the four issues included in the hardcover collection, it's a must read for fans of Alice, fantasy and steampunk.    ...

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More mind-blowing questions 1

Since I have yet to read anything written by Grant Morrison that is what is seems, I simply am stuck in that pathetic "Denial" stage of the five stages of bereavement. I refuse to acknowledge that Batman and Bruce Wayne are dead. This is the ending of the Batman RIP storyline (naturally DC pissed off a lot of people by having the ending in a crossover book, not Batman) so I am supposed to accept it at face value. It ends tragically with Superman holding the rather "melted" looking corpse of Batm...

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Continuing down the Yellow Brick Road 2

Skottie Young's art is really the driving force behind Marvel's Wizard of Oz. I'm enjoying the story for the first time! I never wanted to read it before because I hated the movie so much. However, I've tried very hard to get over my Oz fear. I've watched "Tin Man" which was beautiful to look at it but barely mediocre in all other aspects; I read Image Comics version of the legendary tale and there were so many grammatical errors that I couldn't enjoy it. Marvel did the right thing and got a tal...

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Amazing 3

Whether or not you agree with the Black Terror's politics, this issue shows how passionate he is about America; in reality it's nothing but Alex Ross' personal battle zone against Pres. Bush, but it comes out in a phenomenal issue.   ...

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Fun issue + for charity 0

This is a really fun issue with absolutely nothing serious whatsoever. It's for pure animated enjoyment. It's pretty much a one-shot so if you feel like you'd be lost this far into the series, don't worry; this issue basically stands on its own as the majority of it is set in a dream sequence.   ...

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Nice and fresh new book 0

Ok, so my title makes it sound like the latest salad dressing, but seriously, this Supergirl is filling a void in the kids' comics shelf. Not to get all gender-specific but there is some truth to fact that people like to read/watch characters to which they can relate. Marvel Adventures has tons of kids comics but Power Pack and Franklin Richards are the only non-teen characters that I've seen in the superhero genre. DC launched Tiny Titans which is the best kids' comic of all time; DC also has T...

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Loved it 2

This Marvel version is definitely better than the Image Comics version from 2006.   ...

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There's no flipping ending! 3

That's right I said it. The supposed "conclusion" of RIP is nothing but a cliffhanger. My husband speculates that the Batman in Final Crisis is Nightwing in the batsuit but I haven't read that yet. So as far as Nightwing picking up the cowl at the end of this issue, I'm not sure what to make of it just yet.   ...

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Strong start, let's hope it continues this way 1

I agree with G-Man that there's some stuff that comes out regarding the Joker that might leave some fans cringing while others would might say, "It's about time!"     ...

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Decent lead in for the movie 0

This book is comprised of 4 stories and readers get a good introduction to the characters that will be major players in the new movie coming out in about a month. What's interesting is the choice DC made with the Octopus story. You have to accept that this was from 1949. It's VERY politically INcorrect. Ebony is a black kid from the city who is drawn with such exaggerated features that he looks ridiculous; his speech might actually be accurate for how people spoke but I wasn't around in those da...

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Always a pleasure to read this title 0

Ok, so I'm 36 and don't have kids but Tiny Titans is one of my guilty pleasures. I love this book! I wasn't sure what all the hype was when DC announced its launched but then I read a few issues and fell in love with it. The kids get into some wholesome trouble and have to learn their lessons.In this issue Supergirl and Batgirl only care about finding the best place to have their tea party. They get disturbed by "Killer" Kroc (not quite killer yet) and Bizarro. It's a while later when they reali...

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Dini nails it 3

There's something about the name of the title alone, "Detective Comics" that brings out a gumshow noir sensation. Paul Dini is the best on the market today for this type of book. He's taking a little break while Denny O'Neil pens an issue but Dini will return.In this conclusion of Heart of Hush, we see more of the spiraling breakdown of Hush/Dr. Thomas Elliot. Yet, this is happening while the very battered Bruce/Batman gathers his last bit of energy and wits through drug-induced hazes to rise to...

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Duke Of Death indeed! 0

Morrison brings us the super creepy evil genius version of the Joker that we long for! This is not your Saturday morning cartoon version of the Clown Prince of Crime. No, sir. ***********SPOILERS********* This RIP story arc has done well in bringing campy goodness back to the rogue’s gallery. The fact that there is a huge man who disguises himself as a hunchback, is only part of it; one of the worst is El Sombrero, the masked Mexican wrestler with a sombrero; he’s like a D-level version of Bane ...

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Simply didn't do anything for me 0

There's nothing specifically tied into the Batman RIP storyline despite the fact that this is considered one of the crossover issues. I vented about it on my show this morning. Nightwing is a fine book; I'm not really excited about the artwork in this issue. If you like to see Nightwing bleed a lot, then by all means, spend your money on it because there's much blood spilled. He spends the issue trying to recover from bullet injuries while trying to keep Carol (Harvey Two-Face's ex) safe. The en...

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Best art I've seen in while 2

Next to Alex Ross & team's job on Project Superpowers, this has got to be some of the best comic book artwork on shelves today. I don't regularly read X-Men because there too damn many to keep up with but every once in a while I like to see what's going on. I first chose this book because it's a Warren Ellis run and I was too curious to see how he handles mainstream work which isn't just panels of splattered blood and trashy conversation worse than a Tarantino movie. Don't get me wrong - I'm...

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Under the radar 0

Not a lot of people are talking about GA/BC but it really deserves more attention. Mike Norton's artwork is fun and vibrant; I'm a big fan of the Cliff Chiang covers - but you may have read my past reviews where I go on about that stuff.As for the story, that's the real "meat & potatoes" of this title. We saw Connor get shot and in a coma then the poor guy gets his lifeless body kidnapped. Plastic Man is discovered to be cryogenically frozen and is thankfully restored to full functionality. ...

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At least it's over... 0

Yes, this story arc is over but I'm dreading the next one even more. I still don't understand why everyone (including myself) thought Gail Simone could save the Wonder Woman series. She's an improvement but it's still not something I would ever read and love; I do it because I have a strange almost childish attachment to this character. She's the first female superhero I ever knew and I admit I preferred Firestar to Wonder Woman. There's also the magical elements of the WW mythos that I find app...

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another great issue 0

Issue #5 is quite illuminating! Karic & Pilot have arrived at the Great Ash Tree through the use of questionable dark magicks by Pilot. Karic now believes himself to be a real Templar Mouse since Pilot knighted him as such in issue #4. Karic's entire belief system is turned upside down when the Readers of Wheat reveal all of Pilot's manipulations and treachery. Karic is broken hearted yet again. He is dealing with personal injury, his loved ones being captured and now his only friend and tru...

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Conclusion - thumbs up 0

Part 3 of 3 of Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four is probably the best of the short miniseries because it's mainly told from the point of view of the clever Franklin Richards, everyone's favorite young super genius. Mom & Dad Fantastic have been separated from the family by the Skrull's tricks. Lyja, Johnny's old flame and also a skrull, made a come back in Part 2; she's here again to explain that sending Johnny, Ben, Val & Frankie to the Negative Zone was the only way she could think of to...

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Bittersweet 0

Here's a wonderful rendition of the David and Goliath tale. Tomasi took the wee Bzzd, the tiniest of Green Lanterns and pitted him against Mongul who is practically immortal. The story was so well done and a great conclusion. Though it is sad, there are moments of relief as the Sinestro Corps villains get torn apart, blasted, and devoured by a living planet. The Mercy has a change of heart and a there's a new beginning for her. One of the highlights is the double page spread where the Green Lant...

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