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Brilliant Setup 0

Brilliant setup for the mystery of the Orphans of X. Taylor really shows his attention to detail, particularly in the opening pages, which lifts design and dialogue right from issue 40 of Way's Wolverine run, while the twist at the end promises a significant impact on Laura to come. The art is gorgeous, with Cabal's pencils and colors that pop. ANW continues to be the best title in the X-Men line, and one of the best Marvel is putting out period....

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Epic Fail 0

I have to say that as much as I've loved and enjoyed this series, the ending has soured me on the whole thing. This issue was severely rushed, and was reliant entirely on the entire cast making the absolute stupidest mistakes possible in order for Mystique's final plan to work. X-23 completely forgets she knows how to tell when someone is Mystique in disguise (which she revealed in the same series, no less), the only people who bother fighting Siphon are the ones with active healing factors (whi...

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Poolverine! 0

I thought this was a great issue. The cover is hilarious, and Wade's antics were amusing, especially Jen's growing annoyance. The homage to The Incredible Hulk #181 was brilliantly done, especially the subtle change in color palette to mimic the 70s-style coloring in those panels. There's also a healthy dose of meta (it's Deadpool, what do you expect?) with Wade being shot down by the X-Men, Avengers, SHIELD, and Alpha Flight. This issue directly addresses the fan speculation on a potential batt...

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