My Pull List (Currently Under Construction)

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  • I was hesitant to pick up this title two years ago when The New 52 launched. I wasn't a fan of taking Babs out of the wheelchair and back into the batsuit. I felt that she was doing a damn fine job as Oracle. The only reason I picked it up the first time was because of Gail Simone. So I gave it a shot. Out of all the New 52 that have been launched so far Batgirl has been my favorite. I don't see this lovely comic ever leaving my pull list.

    Highly Recommended!

  • Another series that I only picked up due to Gail Simone. So far I'm enjoying the run. The characters are refreshingly different which can be quite hard to find in the comic book world. Haven't fallen in love with any characters yet but I've only read up to issue 2 (need to hunt down the next two) so I really haven't had enough time with the characters yet. This run seems really promising and I can't wait to get to know these characters better.

    Highly Recommended! Comic beginner friendly!

  • Now this is a title I've been eyeing at for quite some time but never jumped on board until Gail Simone walked onto the scene. The reason I never picked up the series until now was mainly due to the fact that I would have to do some major catch up before I could start picking up the issues monthly. Major catch up equals a lot of comic book cash. So when Gail announced that she was writing Red Sonja starting from issue one...well who wouldn't jump on that? It's definitely interesting to see Gail at work in a non DC or Marvel story. After reading issue one I'm very interested to see what happens next, and I'm even more interested in learning more about Red Sonja!

    Highly Recommended! Comic beginner friendly! Blood and Gore Warning.