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Amazing Angel 0

Amazing Angel 0.

You know I've never tried my hand at telling my story, I was getting around to it I swear I just wanted to have a lot more to write about, more of a story to tell than an average guy with a so so life, A nine to five job with a disappointing and monotonous ending, I guess that's why I decided one night to change that.

"Hey" They see me, they need to know this sh** doesn't fly around here anymore, now that I'm here, "stop mugging that guy and prepare to feel the wrath of The Amazing….Man." That jump was longer than I expected,I'm pretty sure I tore something, the flare gun worked though, like you practised staff swipe the legs, yeah and combo strike to the eh *shlick Ow that hurt, really hurt, Shlick SHLICK SHLICK Etc., aahh tough to stand up, I smell copper and iron spilling out of me, F***, can't breath, I can't, "Help me, please", well I guess this is it, alone and dying oh yeah and peeing, turns out when you take thirty rapid knife wounds to the stomach you lose control of your bladder, to understand why I'm here dying in a pool of my own bodily fluids, everyone running from the 'hero' asking for a saviour, even the man he saved, you have to look back a while,

this is the story of my death and my rebirth.

Amazing Angel 0: Chapter 1 Family Ties

We start off with a guy, a handsome guy, dashingly debonair, with eyes that peer into the soul, built yeah, make that ripped but everywhere else he was wasted potential, he was just like every nineteen year old with teenage problems, He had girl troubles

"Hi you look really" TSSSST "Aaah my eyes, why, would you"

work trouble,

"This S*** doesn't fly anymore I won't let you talk to me that way anymore, I QUIT."



and family a little trouble

"They were tied up, stabbed repeatedly and the whole house was burnt to a crisp.",

"chief, the kid's walking up the drive way."

"Thank God I don't have the job of telling em."

Okay maybe little was an understatement.

Chapter 2 New York, New York baby

I had nothing else keeping me there, time to relocate. The big apple seemed like the perfect place for me to run to, the city that never sleeps huh, maybe it's the cure for my insomnia. Nothing survived the fire, the insurance and inheritance was no consolation, enough to buy me a plane ticket and half a year's rent. I needed something more, I needed to make a difference, I had a lot of money and free time and I had nothing to lose. Time to suit up.

White Wooden Bo Staff by G-Force: 70 dollars

Orion twelve gauge Flair Gun: 110 dollars

Powerlayer full body under armour X 2: 300 dollars

Mens black gotham superhero boots by pleaser: 70 dollars

Everlast MMA punching bag: 80 dollars

one month gym membership: 40 dollars

Nomex hard knuckle gloves: 50 dollars

Sewing machine by brother: 100 dollars

Band Aids for sewing machine accidents: 3 dollars

Rush shipping on all, Total cost= 730 dollars.

Cost of saving the world= Priceless

Time to kick some A**

SHLICK, SHLICK SHLICK SHLICK…..THUD, remember this, I do, the time I realised the body armour wasn't designed to take that many stabs from one of those infomercial kitchen knives that can split a hair in half.

Well this brings us back to where we started, where it ends, where I lay bloodied in a dank alley, where an attempted mugging turned into a stabbing, where I turned from the hero to the victim, where it all ends and it all begins.

"Am I dead"

"We may have use for you, your heroism is commendable, now you will prove yourself."

"Punch harder and faster, keep going laziness will get you nowhere"

"Faster, jump, jump, jump."

"Not every fight will be one on one, keep up your guard."

"Keep going!"

"Can I see them, are they there, beyond that door." "It is not meant for you to see right now my son."

"Aim higher, you're getting better. FIRE!"

"You need to keep your balance even when the world crumbles around you."

"Years of training has prepared you for this, you have proven yourself, serve me well, Angel."

I gasp as I feel air in my lungs, like it was the first time I'd breathed in a long time, was it the same night, did I die, my costumes different, I'm different, I can stand, I'm stronger, way stronger, theres blood on the floor but I'm not bleeding anymore, I need to check my watch, nine fifteen, it's only been five minutes, what happened.

I don't know whats going on, why I'm still here but I'm pretty sure theres a good reason.

everything has a reason. Time to find mine.

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