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A plot so forgettable, even the characters forgot about it 8

Unlike most super-hero teams, the Justice League's origin story has varied widely through various retellings, reboots, and alternate continuities over the decades. But one consistent detail that I've noticed is that it always seems to involve an alien antagonist. This appears to be the first version of the JLA's origin to use the White Martians, which, thanks to the DCAU and Grant Morrison's JLA run, is the version that I grew up with. Specifically, the obscure character Commander Blanx (who, de...

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It's all been leading up to this... "this" being nothing 0

So funny story: I can't find the hardcover collection of this series that I bought back in middle school, so for issues 5 and 6 I've been using an online comic reading site to review the comics. And this one begins with a "got milk?" ad which also promotes the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine. And I have to admit, the contrast really makes me appreciate the sophisticated plot and attention to character accuracy of that movie. (Looking at you, Emma Frost ...and not for the usual reasons)We open on ...

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Clearing the lowered bar 0

Hey folks. Long, looong time, no see. I know it's been a few years since the last part, although as a friend of mine pointed out to me, for this comic it's actually kind of appropriate XDSo we open on Logan standing naked in a field, where he's joined by a talking panda bear who claims to be his spirit animal. There's not really any point to this sequence. There's also no real reason for Logan to start a bloody fistfight with the panda, other than the fact that he's just a jerk. (Remember folks,...

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Rogue One review 2

WARNING: SPOILERSOne thing that I've always loved about the Star Wars universe is that just about every background character and offhand mention has its own story. If you don't believe me, just go find one of the "visual dictionary" books and look through it. This movie in particular tells the story of how the Rebel Alliance first got their hands on the Death Star schematics.Perhaps one of the most noticeable aspect of this film is that, after all these years, they've finally provided a decent a...

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The REAL war: great new heroes VS an extremely poor villain 35

I'm just going to come right out and say it: I went into this movie looking for something wrong with it. I admit it. But isn't that really the entire point of critic reviewing? I'm not saying I didn't enjoy parts of it. I'm not saying that at all. Hell, the airport fight alone was worth the ticket price. Particularly two of Scott Lang's moments. Namely, the recreation of an iconic cover......But also when he went into Giant-Man mode! Especially when he went up against our favorite web-swinger! A...

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House Party at Arkham Asylum! 11

I feel like I've been focusing too much on topical controversies and such lately. So, to get back on track, I thought I'd review a comic mini-series that I recently re-read.The story begins with a millionaire named Warren White, who's on trial for the biggest financial scam in American history. He goes to Gotham for the trial, since he knows that in Gotham the jury would be crooked enough for him to bribe into giving him the insanity plea. What he doesn't know is that in Gotham, you'd be better ...

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Now cometh the She-Hulk (literally) 4

So we open on Betty in bed with some rebound-guy. Probably some other rich actor douchebag like the kind that she left Bruce for when he needed her most. Because we all know if anything bad happens in a relationship, it's the man's fault, the man's responsibility to fix, and the woman should just kick him to the curb, right? RIGHT!?Anyway, the guy wants to cuddle but Betty doesn't want to. ...Wow. Right after I rant about a gender double standard, the comic goes and flips a male stereotype aroun...

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Stop sitting on the rewind button! 3

If you haven't noticed what a mess the timeline is with all the skipping around and forth by now, trust me, you will. The narration actually apologies for it on the first page, telling us to cut Logan a break what with his memory issues....Well I'm not going to.So after one clusterf*ck of a recap, Logan (who I just now noticed has blue eyes, even though in the last issue they were clearly brown; I then went back to the first issue and they were blue, which raises the question of why this series ...

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Prologue 2: Electric Boogaloo 6

It seems that everyone in the Ultimate Universe is some kind of sociopathic killer. Wasn't the point of the Hulk that he's more like an angry and confused child who just wants to be left alone? Doesn't it kinda kill the entire point of his character if he really is every bit the monster people think he is? What's more, everyone's making a big deal about all the "innocent civilians" Hulk keeps killing. Except this is the Marvel Universe. 95% of all the "innocent civilians" on Earth are mutant-hat...

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One big prologue 5

It seems like the storyline that Wolverine first appeared in can never be updated today in a way that doesn't suck. And those were all without being set in the Ultimate Universe. This one, unfortunately, is.But let's just take this one issue at a time, shall we? We open on Wolverine waking up in the snow, finding that his lower half has been torn off and thrown 4 miles up a mountain. Now you're probably thinking this is the aftermath of an epic smackdown between Logan and the Hulk that you'll g...

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Going back to the roots 2

With all the recent, and rather disappointing, news of the Ant-Man movie, it seems to become clearer and clearer that nobody at Hollywood will ever give Hank Pym a portrayal that respects his classic Silver Age adventures. This book, on the other hand, does.I've always thought that Henry Pym was an incredibly underrated superhero. When most people hear his name, do they think of the fact that the Avengers remaining a team after their first adventure was his idea? Or how he used to punch out comm...

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Review: FusionFall Worlds Collide 0

(I haven't actually played FusionFall, though I'd like to)So, first, let me say that the concept of Cartoon Network's finest teaming up against a global threat is awesome. The best part was seeing them all in their new anime-style looks. There were also some unexpected things. (For example, Dee Dee, Mac, and Bloo are surprisingly good in a fight)I also think the book does an good job of showing how the characters would interact with each other. Dexter and the Professor combine their brain power,...

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For the Man Who Has Everything: comparing Superman & Wonder Woman 0

I first read this story on my 15th birthday, when I got "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow", which had a reprinted version of this issue in it. For starters, the story is great, (you would expect any less from the great Alan Moore?) Mongul gets to shine as a villain, we get to see Superman's greatest desire brought to life before his own very eyes, there's the awesome Superman vs Mongul fight scene complete with the "burn" moment, etc.One thing I like about this story that few people seem...

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