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Videogame ideas

I'll add any other ideas I come up with

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  • This idea was from my buddy Steph. Basically you can travel across the Nine Realms, each one being an expansive and activity-filled hub world.

  • Just think of all the different ways they could utilize the physics of size-shifting in a game about these two.

  • A "Mortal Kombat" style game where two universes collide! Choose either side to play through the story as.

  • The main idea of this game would be that you're able to switch between various specialty armors: Stealth, Space, Hydro, etc. Each with their own unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

  • Assassin's Creed meets SSX. Play as the Heroes in a Half-Shell and run, jump, or skateboard all over New York fighting Foot Ninjas or Dimension X invaders!

  • I'm not sure just how they could make his Radar Sense play different from your standard 'Detective Mode' in videogames, but I'm sure they could somehow.

  • Using the Hall of Doom as a hub, take control of some of the world's deadliest supervillains and fulfill their goal of world domination!

  • Play as the world's greatest monster-hunter and track down some of history's most famous horrors. Count Dracula, Mr. Hyde, the Frankenstein Monster, witches, even the Mummy!