Minor characters I'd like to see more of

The obscurest of the obscure. The one- or two-shot heroes and villains who quickly faded away.

Those who didn't have pages:

  • Negative Wonder Woman (Robot Chicken)
  • Lightwave (Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends)
  • The Fold (Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2)
  • Doctor Natas (SuperFriends)
  • Robert Hawkins a.k.a. Bob the goon (Tim Burton's "Batman")
  • Baby Doll (Batman: the Animated Series)
  • Jack McGee (from the Incredible Hulk TV series)
  • Swiss Miss (the Spider-Man musical)
  • Lord Dregg (TMNT)
  • Nattie the Piranha mutation (the Amazing Spider-Man game)
  • Farmer Enoch Brown (Batman: the Animated Series)

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