Favorite girls

We all have a crush on certain characters. Thought I'd make a list.

Unfortunately, neither actresses Dakota Fanning or Isabel Lucas, or Princess Teegra from the movie "Fire & Ice" have a page on this site.

List items

  • It boarders on unhealthy obsession sometimes.


    But she's beautiful, brainy, spunky... seriously she's the total package! I mean, normally I don't go for good girls, but she's the exception.

  • My very first comicbook crush. It really helps that she uses her sexiness to her advantage a lot.

  • How is it that in the world of anime, which is packed to the brim with smoking hot, scantily-clad girls, this one redhead still manages to top them all? Even I know that, and I've never seen the show once.

  • Read issue 18. If I knew a girl in real life who would do THAT with a dolphin, I'd freakin' marry her.

    Her little sister, Cinnamon, was pretty hot, too.

  • The one and only reason I'd ever even consider watching the "Kick-Ass" movies

  • Wait, she's got a page on this site? Does Teegra from "Fire and Ice" have one too? No? Damn.

  • Of corse, I mean specifically in the versions where she's aged-up to teenager.

  • Mmm, that royally curvaceous figure...

  • Catsuit. 'Nuff said.

  • Specifically the version from the 1987 cartoon. I mean, DAMN.

    The 2007 movie would be a close second, since she had Sarah Michelle Gellar's unbelievably sexy voice.

  • Ninja/librarian look for the win

  • Who wouldn't want this British bombshell?

  • If you seriously need me to explain this, you should have your head examined

  • She's...aggressive.

  • It would be worth the full body cast.

  • Her classic red spandex is literally THE sexiest costume ever

  • Kirsten Dunst ain't got S#!T on the real (so to speak) deal!

  • Nobody can wear a Batgirl costume quite like she can.

  • She's basically the blonde version of Jessica Rabbit, only there's actually a scene in her movie where she does the nasty.

  • Like Ivy, I liked her even before puberty.

  • As with Poison Ivy, I dig the "seductive bad girl" thing

  • It's almost disturbing how fast I was turned on by her strangling that Vietnamese guy with those sexy legs in "Days of Future Past".

    And let's face it: "Amazing Technicolor Population" (as TvTropes.org calls it) is a big turn-on for me.

  • See #10

  • As a geek, I'm naturally drawn to green-skinned alien babes.

  • See above

  • (As long as we're not talking New 52) I have a thing for clown girls. Yeah, I know it's weird.

  • Specifically from the X-Men animated series. (The 90's one)

  • I don't know if it's her amazing music or her punk-style wardrobe, but there's just something about her that makes me wanna drop, it's so ridiculous, I can barely stop, I can harldy breathe. ...Get it?

  • Crazy (and not in the hot way) or not, it's not hard to see why half of the Marvel Universe wants her (and had her).

  • Let's just say I'd love to "stake" this vampire-killing badass, if you catch my drift ;) Especially if she had the accent she used in "Van Helsing".

  • The only Robin who can make those panties work

  • Sexiest part of watching Young Justice

  • Do I even need to elaborate?

  • Obligatory.

  • (I'm actually the one that created her page on this site.)

    All the sexiness of Poison Ivy, with half the clothing? Hells yeah!

  • Yes, shockingly, there's something about a teenage "bad girl" running around in skintight pants that I find sexy

  • Sure, I find her constant self-righteousness a little annoying (or maybe it's just her disrespect of Deadpool) but you gotta admit she's pretty hot.

  • I'm normally not into goth girls, but despite being...well, Death, she's pretty upbeat. I like upbeat.

  • Name any girl from that universe. Any girl at all. They could make the list.