I'll admit I'm not great at judging acting, but I thought I'd give it a try.

If you can suggest anyone for me to add, leave a comment.

List items

  • Christian Kane of "Leverage" and "Angel" fame.

    I'm not saying Hugh Jackman doesn't do a good job (especially in "Days of Future Past") but I just think Kane fits the role better.

    As a "Leverage" fan, I know that his character Elliot was basically a non-mutant Wolverine. Hell, he's even the right height for the role!

  • Chris Evans.

    Having already voiced the character in the 2007 CGI movie, I think Evans would be great in the role. Goofy and sarcastic, but still a total badass. Even if the Fantastic 4 movies sucked, he really nailed Johnny Storm's character.

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar.

    Like Evans, she voiced the character in the 2007 movie. After playing Daphne in the Scooby-Doo movies, who better to play a classic cartoon character? Someone who looks innocent one minute but could still whup your ass.

  • Dakota Fanning.

    Sure, she's 20 now, but she could still pass for a teenager.

    Dakota is usually typecast as either the little girl who could outwit every adult in the room, or the troubled teenager that you just want to hug until she feels better. Depending on the era of comics, either one works for the Maid of Might.

    Also, they're both hot as hell. (Come on guys, it's ME you're talking to. You knew that was coming)

    EDIT: *sigh* fine, since everyone seems to hate this one so much, I'll add Isabel Lucas and Gabriella Wilde as alternatives. (Suggested by Primebonnick)

  • Lynda Carter.

    It's the same principle as making Leonard Nimoy (RIP) as Spock-Prime in Star Trek, Lou Ferrigno making a cameo in the 2008 Hulk movie, or Charlton Heston as an ape in Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes.

  • Ron Perlman.

    He's done an awesome job voicing the character in the past.

  • Andy Serkis.

    He's kinda the go-to guy for CGI characters. And he DOES have experience with playing gorillas.